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Summary of mass voter fraud in Georgia

Summary slide outlining Powell voter fraud allegations

Doug Ross has assembled a straightforward series of infographics clearly summarizing the allegations of voter fraud in Georgia that are described in the 104 page lawsuit [pdf] filed yesterday by Sidney Powell.

The allegations are well summarized by the slide to the right. Make sure you review the rest of his slides at the link (which provide details for each bullet point). Even more important, read the whole filing at the second link. I have. The allegations are extensive, well documented, consistently favor Biden, and justify entirely a careful, detailed hand recount (not the fake recount the state did last week). If this is not done, then the state legislature will be justified in refusing to certify the election for president, denying any candidate its electors.

Make sure you take a look. Whether you are a Trump or Biden supporter, these allegations must be dealt with and either dis-proven or fixed, before any vote in Georgia can be certified.

Any objections to a full review by anyone, especially partisan Democrats, will prove a disgusting hostility to the most basic premise of democracy, a fair and legal vote.

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  • Chris

    Hi Bob

    From the text:
    “The allegations are extensive, well documented, consistently favor Biden, ….”

    Is this correct? I am writing before reading the 104 pages …etc

  • cavehobbit

    Should we really be calling this Voter Fraud?

    Wouldn’t Ballot Fraud be more accurate? After all, few if any actual voters committed the fraud, it was a very few people injecting masses of fraudulent ballots that is the problem.

  • wayne

    The Gangs of New York
    election day clip

    “…the first rule of politics, the ballots don’t make the results, the counters make the results. The counters, keep counting….”

  • janyuary

    Mr. Zimmerman, please delete the goofed-code comment above if you will be so kind, thank you!

    cavehobbit, you are so right to notice and comment:

    “Should we really be calling this Voter Fraud?

    Wouldn’t Ballot Fraud be more accurate?”

    That is so wise, thanks for illuminating it … because language is purely powerful. In a free nation, knowing how to foil media designed to mislead, starts with respecting the power of language and watching their language as well as one’s own.

    Another one is “the media,” very bad language choice that misleads across political aisles. It is like blaming “the food” for obesity. As well blaming “the media” for America’s ills, in a free market, is like blaming a gun for a shooting. Consumers are responsible for how they consume a product in a free market. We had better KEEP it that way if we want to maintain our liberty.

  • Cotour

    Who is telling the truth on this subject? Not the majority of American media, that is for 100 percent certain.

    Who is telling the truth?

    Our friends at Sky News, Australia:

    The freedom of the world is under attack by these massive media and internet interests in support of the Democrat party and the Socialist / Globalist agenda. Period!

  • janyuary: I have deleted your previous comment, as you requested, since it was essentially a first draft of the one above.

  • janyuary

    Thank you, Robert — not so much a draft but the comment sans reference and italics awry …. I messed up the italic coding and it deleted cave’s quote. Ooops … thanks again

  • janyuary

    Coutour — well said: “The freedom of the world is under attack by these massive media and internet interests in support of the Democrat party and the Socialist / Globalist agenda.”

    Massive media and internet interests are doing their best to dominate and stifle other media. The supposed “free market” has been corrupted badly. Government interferes in some mediums, such as radio, with “Ad Council” propaganda, backed by both Republican and Democrat parties, propaganda in support of the Socialist Globalist agenda. I say that as a Republican of 40 years standing, from 1976 to 2016. Both parties, I am very sorry to say.

    Although “the media” has a stranglehold on popular culture in concert with a propagandized public school system, we still know the truth, and in growing numbers. Truth remains something that must be sought. Media are only a variety of forums for communication.

  • Cotour


    For everyone who thinks that Sidney Powell is a “Crazy Lady”, and I have had two people that I personally know parrot this media coined description. And Rudy is, “Nuts”, and past his prime, and all of the other FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTORS that stand with them, they I assure you are not either nuts or crazy.

    For ANY former Federal prosecutor, still current officers of the court, to promote in such an overt and direct manner the thinking that the election was fixed and fraudulent, without solid proof, and then file law suits on what they allege is the evidence that demonstrates it, and it was a fraud. Now that would in a word be crazy and prosecutable suicide. Disbarment and jail would without doubt follow.

    And then to get 4 or 5 of them, all former Federal prosecutors and high level practicing lawyers that have argued before the Supreme Court to get on board and promote this fraud would be a rare event to say the least. (Not without rock solid evidence and proof that is.) Now THAT would be crazy and suicidal. That being said and clarified we move on to the evidence that continues to pile up.

    See: Patrick Byrne, founder of Over stock .com, computer scientist / computer security expert:

    Political warfare is but an extension of more formal full contact warfare and we have many enemies in the world that would seek to control or influence the one thing that stands many times in their way to promote their interpretation of what the world should look like and who dominates it, OUR ELECTION SYSTEM and how strong the leaders in our country are.

    Fact: Donald J. Trump being the president of the United States is a big problem for many Socialist and Communist governments of the world and while they are ill advised to face off with us in a hot full contact war, they certainly are willing to spend time and money on the more subversive forms of a cold type warfare and attack our election systems and choose for themselves who best fits their needs. Our system being an open type system we in many ways invite them in to do so.

    I hope everyone is paying attention to what is ongoing in revealing the corruption and perversion that is Washington D.C., and those entrenched political players that neither want nor can afford a Trump presidency to continue.

    KNOW THE GAME, PLAY THE GAME, WIN THE GAME. Those are the rules.

    Lets play the game, but we must play to win.

  • Cotour


    “Pennsylvania Judge Patricia A. McCullough Rules, Election Likely Unconstitutional – Trump Case “Likelihood to Succeed” – Gives State Legislators Power to Choose Electors”

  • Questioner


    Thank you for the good information and links. Trump has to turn the tide because the globalists and socialists must not triumph. So much depends on Trump staying president, also for Europe.

  • Cotour

    What do you see just before you die, and you never saw it coming?

    The eye of the tiger.

    Either way, win or lose, it will be Trumpian in the era of Trump.

  • Cotour

    And PS: The corporate Main Stream Media is for the most part reporting NONE of it.

    No one who I talk to or who askes me questions about what is going on know nothing of any of what in truth is going on.

  • janyuary

    Cotour, you sure are spot on IMO: “The corporate Main Stream Media is for the most part reporting NONE of it.”

    In a free market, it’s their right. It’s the editor’s right to cut the most salient part of a reporter’s story, that if included would change the tone and probable conclusion drawn by the reader, of the article. That they choose to do that is lousy and wrong, however it would be more wrong to seek authority to punish or control them in doing anything except knowingly reporting blatantly false information — to call that news is false advertising; there are laws against that, just and fair. But news organizations can report as selectively as they please in a free market, where they would fail against news organizations that served their consumers better. In a free market, consumers call the shots.

    I’m often told that “People don’t read anymore.”

    True, shallow and dim people don’t read any more or less than they used to, and picture book media passing as “serious news” has adults devolved to the expectations of school children.
    Smart people, however, still read as much as they ever have.

  • janyuary

    Cotour: “No one who I talk to or who askes me questions about what is going on know nothing of any of what in truth is going on.”

    That frustration is the same as what many Republicans felt surrounding the so-called “conservative media” during the 2016 presidential primary and nomination. I say this so you might understand their lack of confidence now in Trump.

  • Cotour

    The Republicans / RINO’s proper have no use for Trump, he is a problem for them, as he is a problem for the Democrat party leadership and their adherents. Trump is a political anomaly that must be paid attention to because he is is not a stereo typical politician. Trump is truly of the people and refuses to become one of them. And the general public recognizes that and will support him as long as he remains genuine.

    Its Trumps ability to connect to and inspire at least a solid half of the voting population in America and turn people out at rallies in the tens of thousands and at the voting booth in the millions that forces the Republican party to pay attention to Trump and “respect” him.

    “Confidence” in Trump?

    I think that is not the proper word that might be used.

    Keep watching, one way or another, win or lose, IT WILL BE TRUMPIAN.

  • janyuary

    Actually, the only other word than “confidence” would be “faith,” as I see blind faith in the man when the man himself has a track record of being rather a bad risk, as had those before him in Romney and McCain, laughable candidates foisted by those very Republicans Trump is supposed to be a thorn in the side of. I am no longer a Republican, by the way, after being one for 40 years. What you say he is a thorn in the side of, I perceive as being his natural habitat, he is one of them, playing by the Democrat playbook just like everyone else.

    Most of all, if a guy has to cheat and strong-arm his way to win … then he’s probably a bad risk. Voting for an orange juice can rather than a Democrat means voting for an equally ridiculous solution.

    There is no party nor movement that represents what I judge is a large plurality of disillusioned Americans from both parties, those who seek limited government and live-and-let-live government. Separate of church and state the Founders took care of … the only solution is separation of science and medicine from state as well if we want to go into the second phase of American greatness.

  • Cotour

    Trump is not one of them by a long shot, and that is why he must go. And that is exactly why he must stay.

    Trump is the closest thing to what you have been searching for in a politician all your life. You just have a problem with his packaging, how he communicates and his style, he is just different. Trump has equaled or even surpassed the likes of a Reagan, and if he does indeed prevail in this election and has another 4 years he will objectively put all but Washington himself to shame. There is no other modern president that can hold a candle to him.

    I have no idea of what a “Proper” Republican or Conservative politician would look like in your estimation?

    Trump has developed a massive base that will support him without question, the Trumpublican party is just around the corner. How do you think he accomplished that? By being a phony politician? No, he is genuine and is a true leader that moves into the future.

    Trump has all potentials at his finger tips and why is that? Again, because he is a true leader and not a politician. There is a very big difference.

    With either the Democrat or the Republican party without strong leadership with ability and a clear vision the both party’s are left to their own self interests. And they fulfill those self interests with abandon, and then you get the culture of corruption and dependency that we all see before us and that sickens us all. And it is not until there is true and strong leadership that the country can make real progress and not the faux political progress where a lot of money is spent and you make 3 steps back ward for every step forward.

    No, you are incorrect, Trump is it, Trump is the solution and not the problem. Like it or not. The best you are going to find in America at this moment in time, its his destiny, he has Founder level status potential. And I have been very consistent on this point and I have not changed my mind about it over these now 5 years. You can go look back to 2015 on BTB and see it all for yourself if you like.

    And then there will be I think the next best choice for president in 2024, another true leader of men and nations, Allen West, American patriot.

  • Cotour


    Once again, where do we look for the news report that you should be seeing in America but you are absolutely not seeing in media or Social Media? (Understand, you are actually being censored and not allowed to see, know or share any of this. Your First Amendment Right is rendered null and void)

    We go to Sky News, Australia: 12 min. All you are seeing in most every news report in America says the following:

    “Trump continues his embarrassing challenge to the most secure election in history”.
    “Trump refuses to concede what some consider to be the most secure election in American history”.
    “Trump threatens the security of the United States Of America by not conceding that he lost the election”.
    “Another Trump law suit dismissed by the court”.

    All false narratives or half truths. The purpose of the omission of actual facts in a news story by those who report such things? To effectively mislead and essentially lie to the people of America, plain and simple. MSNBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and now FOX, they are all purposefully misleading, or more properly, not fully reporting what in fact is going on. Manipulating you, how do you feel about that as an American?

    And when you actually see evidence of what in fact is underway you understand just how fraudulent and fixed this election in fact has been.

    If you have been watching most any MSN report in America you pretty much know none of what is actually underway and what has been uncovered, and it is being done purposefully and with great force by the media corporations and their talking heads who are in league with the Democrat party and those forces in the world who have an interest in Trump not having another 4 years in office. (And that is exactly why he needs to remain in place)

    Who in the future will have any confidence in their vote? With all of these revelations and actual evidence of fraud and manipulations in our election system being revealed I know that I will never have any confidence in any election in the future. And I will assume that there have been manipulations in the past and many who should have been politically empowered to represent those who voted for them have also been cheated.

    Politics: The dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt game that human beings play. There are few absolute statements, this one however is absolutely so.

  • Andrew_W

    Cotour, Sidney Powell is arguing that reasonable people would not have believed her allegations against Dominion. SMH.

  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    That is her lawyers defense strategy, the requirements for Dominion to prove malice and intent will be very high. Do you think Powell or Woods thought they were not stating facts? (Do you really believe that the 2020 presidential election like the media and the Democrat politicos claim was “The most honest election ever in American history”. Do you believe that? I do not.

    And I am looking forward to the discovery that Dominion will have to provide in the case and them being confronted with what has already been seen in the public realm regarding their systems in their own videos and how they operate.

    I think Dominion had to go ahead with filing these suits, IMO (and I am not a lawyer) this gets worse for Dominion than those who reasonably believed they had and have real information that indicates that Dominion and its systems are not as secure as advertised.

    Dominion would I believe have to prove that what was said was done maliciously and was fabricated to harm them. I do not believe that will be or can be proven.

    How do they operate without going ahead with at least some appearance of denial? I do not think they could.


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