Summit between leaders of North and South Korea began today

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The first summit in more than a decade between the leaders of North and South Korea began today.

The two leaders are meeting at Peace House, south of the demarcation line in the border truce village of Panmunjom.

Kim is the first North Korean leader to step foot in South Korea since the 1950-53 Korean War, and the two leaders are expected to discuss issues relating to peace and denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

The two leaders smiled and shook hands after which Kim gestured to Moon to cross over to North Korea briefly, which they did for a few steps, then returned to the South, holding hands.

Though no one should trust much of what Kim says or does, this summit is certainly a testament to the foreign policy of Donald Trump. During the Obama administration, all we had from North Korea were nuclear tests and threats of war, with the U.S. weakly responding with typically empty diplomatic statements of “serious concern.”

Now Kim is signing the guest register in South Korea like so: “New history starts now; age of peace, from the starting point of history.” Trump forced his allies, most specifically China, to put pressure on him, and it has apparently had a positive effect.



  • Localfluff

    Kim goes to Moon, and Moon comes to Kim!

  • Localfluff

    The Korean march music of the event was interesting. I suppose it’s medieval in European time terms. Already back then Samsung produced sonic weapons!

  • Cotour

    Now you do understand that the media will have its problems assigning proper accreditation to this truly historical event. I might write a sarcastic piece with a not so short title like:


    (Keeping in mind that I could make strong arguments to indict and convict all four for their combined anti American actions and agendas that have severely threatened Americas Constitution and our sovereignty and standing in the world.)

    How will this one of the many to come historic accomplishments be dealt with in the now even more terrified of Trump Left leaning media? Stay tuned for the spin and / or some new avenue of attack to try to diminish a true American leader and president.

    How do we understand that Trump is making real progress in Americas interests? The Left makes louder and more unreasonable noise. Its going to get very noisy but fear not not its the sign of progress. Will there be a Nobel Peace prize awaiting Trump? Don’t be silly.

    LETS FACE IT, THE DEMOCRATS ARE TRULY TERRIFIED OF PRESIDENT TRUMP. (And for good reason, he is a proven actual existential threat to their existence like no other in American history)

  • Cotour: Please stop with the all CAPS. It makes it appear that you are yelling at us, and is very poor net etiquette.

  • Cotour

    Not at all yelling, just a news headline.

    I was not going for proper net etiquette.

    Why not comment on my comment instead of nit picking?

  • Cotour: This is my website, not yours. You are very welcome to comment here, but what I decide to write about is my decision, not yours. And the etiquette required shall follow my rules, not yours.

    If you want people to respond to your comments, you need to follow proper etiquette. As I’ve mentioned to you numerous times in the past, you have a tendency to be very condescending to those you converse with, which might explain why people don’t wish to converse with you. Putting large blocks of text in CAPS is as off-putting.

  • Cotour

    I will have to interpret this story about the Russian lawyer who met with Don Jr. as one of a many in an attempt to counter the positive news about the North Korean / South Korean progress towards peace. The North Korea progress can not just sit out there without a counter to it that implicates Trump in some way in order to diminish him.

    She seems to be upset and insisting that she be considered an essential part of the Trump / Russia investigation, which has just been completed and judged by the Intelligence Committee as there being no evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians.

  • Cotour

    Sunny Hostin: “Trump had little to do with it”

    And on and on it will roll, how can Trump be further diminished instead of further empowered by the Left leaning media?

    Who is Sunny Hostin?

    And louder and louder the protests will grow as the left becomes more and more desperate to not have the public stop and think for a moment about what is and is not actually going on. Their narrative and their movement is dying in front of everyone’s eyes in real time.

  • Kirk

    In contrast, last Friday on NPR (yes, National Public Radio), Jack J. Beatty, senior editor of The Atlantic and news analyst for On Point, the national NPR news program, said, “Trump is on a path that could lead to a Nobel Peace Prize, impeachment insurance, and re-election. If peace comes to Korea, along the lines that is now being talked about, and ways that couldn’t even be imagined, Mr. Trump is going to get and deserve immense credit, unlike President Obama who really didn’t deserve his Nobel Peace Prize. Mr. Trump will deserve it.”

  • Cotour

    And this is where this is all going:

    No matter the real accomplishments that might benefit America these Leftist operatives mean business and will not be surrendering any ground without it being forcefully taken from them. This is political warfare.

  • Cotour

    The demonstration of where the violence is feared to come from as things really heat up in the political realm.

    History teaches that here is nothing more dangerous than a leftist zealot.

    As their power is degraded they will become more and more dangerous.

  • m d mill

    I found the etiquette of your initial post to be completely reasonable,
    and , if anything, RZ’s response to you to be condescending and churlish.

  • Cotour

    m d mill:

    Thank you for your comment of support.

    I know that I can rub the Zman the wrong way sometimes and so I really do attempt to write within his stated parameters of operation. Afterwards I did remember that he does not like the use of all caps, he reads it as yelling, my bad.

    As far as his thought that no one likes to exchange with me due to my more aggressive style you seem to disprove that to some degree. At least I am fairly certain that many are reading my observations and comments even if they are less likely to comment. It does not bother me, that is not the primary reason that I read and participate in BTB.

    I see the long time regular participants here as having evolved in how and when they comment and I have also endeavored to evolve in how I interact with them and that has been a part of my purpose in participating here, to refine how I formulate my thoughts and communicate them effectively.

    Sometimes I am more successful than others. Anyone can feel free to let everyone know if they see things similarly or not.

    Good weekend to you, m d mill.

  • Orion314

    The Chinese have a phrase–
    ‘Don’t [deleted] in your own rice bowl”
    A simple truth we must all revisit from time to time , because , after all , were only human.

  • Orion314: I have made this clear numerous times. No obscenities are allowed on Behind the Black. You are a regular reader and should know this. You should also know that I made it clear that I would suspend people for a week for violating that rule the first time. I have now invoked that rule.

    I hope you come back in a week. Your comments are worthwhile and appreciated. However, everyone should reread my post, linked above. I mean it.

  • Orion314

    mea culpa, apologies to all..

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