Support for health care law drops again

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Repeal it, dammit! Support for Obamacare continues to plummet.



  • You’re assuming that the brilliant elite pay any attention to such vulgar things as polls – which only reflect the uneducated opinions of the masses.

    The administration has already decided what’s good for us, and no amount of irrelevant posturing by the conservatives is going to change their worthy aims and goals.

    The only thing that will, however, is if enough of us uneducated hoi polloi can get together come Election Day to bid a fond farewell to the aforementioned elites.

  • LINO

    Do brighter people vote than those that answer polls? I don’t know if I am convinced of that.

    In any case, the nature of democracy puts us at the mercy of the masses. I am not impressed with their recent wisdom. What choice have we got?

    Ultimately, the two party system is just one choice away from a dictatorship.

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