Supreme Court upholds voter ID again

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The Supreme Court today turned down a challenge to Wisconsin’s new voter ID law, essentially allowing it to become fully effective.

This is not the first time the court has upheld voter ID. Moreover, the decision today is another political victory for Scott Walker, who pushed the legislation through, and a defeat for Democrats and the left, which for some reason fear a system that will make sure voter fraud is difficult if not impossible.



  • geoffc

    Goodness, a conservative who can win, and has won, and continues to win. What will they think of next?

  • Chris Kirkendall

    The Dems/Libs claim that a) there’s really not much voter fraud, so there’s no reason to address it, b) both parties are equally guilty of it, so it’s a wash anyway, and c) it prevents minorities from voting. All three points are easily destroyed with even the most basic logical analysis.

    James O’Keefe has repeatedly shown how easy it is to commit vote fraud & how prevalent it is, utterly destroying a). We also saw in the 2012 election literally hundreds of examples of Democrat counties & precincts in OH, PA & other states where the voter turnout was OVER 100% – clearly an impossibility unless there was massive fraud. Argument a)? Don’t make me laugh !!

    As for b) – if both parties are equally guilty of vote fraud, why are virtually 100% of Dems opposed to stopping it & 100% of GOPers/ Conservatives support measures to stop it? Would GOPers want to stop something they benefit from? Of course not! Obviously, Dems DO benefit from vote fraud, and that’s why they oppose any effort to defeat it – so much for argument b)!

    As for c) – these minority voters that supposedly have so much difficulty obtaining a photo ID nevertheless have jobs, drive cars, board airplanes and buy liquor – all of which require some form of photo ID, obliterating that argument as well.

    The bottom line is Photo ID does NOT prevent LEGAL voters from voting – it only prevents ILLEGAL ones from voting. It’s encouraging that – finally – the USSC has upheld a good law.

    Final thought: You can always tell who benefits from a policy or law & who doesn’t by who supports or opposes it…

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