SWAT teams kill another innocent citizen in raid

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Another late night raid of a citizen’s home, based on the lies of a drug user, has resulted in the death of that innocent citizen.

The police entered the home without knocking or identifying themselves. Their warrant apparently required them to knock first. The home had been burglered two nights earlier by the drug user, so the homeowner’s were understandably on edge.

This is nothing more than murder. It is also unconstitutional. Every police SWAT team in the nation should be dismantled now. We managed for 200 years without them, and can do so again.



  • Cotour

    Law enforcement will argue (internally) that because there was danger of them being injured (they all want to go to their family’s) that they were being prudent in not knocking or announcing their intent. Anything can be argued and justified using this strategy, including the Constitution.

    Its like when Clinton, or any other politician, mentions “the children” at that point any and all things can be justified including the accidental killing of a person or the abandonment of the Constitution.

    Actions must have consequences, consequences makes a person consider what they are about to do.

  • Pzatchok

    At least they didn’t shoot his dog.

  • Rick Edwards

    Too bad they aren’t concerned about the children when it comes to Ebola

  • Cotour

    Ebola will just justify the further spending of outrageous amounts of money to further fund some government agencies when it could all have been managed in a much more common sense way. And if children are involved it will be used as a political tool of division.

  • Cotour

    I just heard a clip of John Kerry stating that in Africa and I suppose here that we “need to keep the boarders open” related to the spreading of Ebola. Why does that sound counter intuitive to me? I would think that in some instances it would be prudent to close boarders and limit access to certain areas until the illness dies down and or a reliable therapy or vaccine is developed.

    Is it me? These people may have the belief systems that says that its better for everyone to have the threat of the virus than to limit its spread. Again, counter intuitive to me.

  • DK Williams

    34 innocents killed by police. This is insane. I detest druggies but I would rather see all drugs legalized than see this slaughter continue.

  • Pzatchok

    No I don’t like drug legalization.

    Just look at the trouble we are having with the Dope derivatives in Denver.
    As soon as it was legalized they came out with concentrates and artificials that are sending people to the hospital.
    Even dope is no longer safe, if it ever was.

    No just find a way to assign a citizen board to oversee the police actions and tactics.
    A board to find a way to improve Police tactics while still keeping EVERYONE safe.
    Such as no more dynamic entries like this one until after an attempt to talk to the occupants and hand issue the search warrant has need tried during day light hours.
    You could park a cop outside the home until the SWAT team gets there if the occupants refuse entry to the officer. He could watch and detain anyone trying to leave the premises until then.
    I don’t care if the occupants flush all the drugs they had down the crapper. The drugs are now gone and the occupants have to pay someone for them, and he might just be REAL mad.

    Its not like they can flush guns and other things down the drain. Those items will still be there.

    Force the cops to asses the situation instead of guess and assume the situation.

  • Pzatchok

    Liberals think we have a cure.

    Or they think that if White Americans have to deal with it then we will find and fund a cure.

    I guess they have forgotten about aids. Millions still infected and dying in Africa and no cure insight.
    But in America its fairly contained.
    Its our society. We tend to follow doctors orders and try to stay safe. In Africa not so much.

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