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Sweden declares victory over COVID-19

Sweden appears to have successfully weathered the Wuhan virus epidemic, with a current infection rate one of the lowest in the world, and that country did so with no lockdown, no mask mandates, and few restrictions on the lives of its citizens.

The country now has one of the lowest infection rates on the planet, and it’s difficult not to admire how it has handled the past year, with no strict lockdown or compulsory face mask rules. All businesses, schools and public places remained open in Sweden for the duration.

“Sweden has gone from being the country with the most infections in Europe to the safest one,” Sweden’s senior epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tegnell commented to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. “What we see now is that the sustainable policy might be slower in getting results, but it will get results eventually,” Tegnell clarified.

“And then we also hope that the result will be more stable,” he added.

Tegnell previously warned that encouraging people to wear face masks is “very dangerous” because it gives a false sense of security but does not effectively stem the spread of the virus.

To put it more bluntly, Sweden did not panic, looked at the early data, not the junk models, and correctly decided to treat COVID-19 as a variation of the flu. As a result the country’s population has now mostly acquired immunity, killing the epidemic, even as its economy avoided an unnecessary crash and an absurd loss of freedom for its citizens.

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  • Cotour

    Curfew V Marshal law.

    Turns out a mild curfew works the best?

  • LocalFluff

    Haven’t you achieved herd immunity yet? You will, it just takes you longer if you delay it. No other outcome is possible.

  • Edward

    If lockdowns work, then why did the U.S. get a bump in deaths in the middle of summer?

    Do other flus come with mid-summer bumps?

    If masks work, why would such a bump happen so soon after the mask mandate? If masks work, why was there even a bump in deaths? How could anyone look at that bump and conclude that masks work? Doesn’t that bump demonstrate that the reality is that masks are used in such an unsanitary way that their use has actually caused more deaths?

    If lockdowns work, then why did isolated Hawaii get such an increase in cases? If masks work, then why did Hawaii, like all the other mask-mandate states, get an increase in cases and deaths just after imposing their mandate?

    The major differences between reactions to this flu and other flus are the mask mandates and the lockdown, shutdown, smackdown, Great Oppressions. This flu has been reported as worse than any other flu in a century, but it isn’t. Even the Swine flu of 2009 was worse. We are now hearing that Wuhan flu does not spread very easily, which would explain why so few people have been diagnosed with it, compared to the 2009 Swine flu.

    Quarantining the ill is a time tested method of limiting the spread of disease, learned centuries ago and has worked well with recent diseases, such as the Swine flu. Morons are claiming that quarantining the healthy has worked, this time. If it worked so well, why didn’t we successfully reopen the country at the end of May, when we were originally supposed to be able to do so?

    If lockdowns work and not being in lockdown results in rapid spread then states that didn’t lock down should have had the Wuhan flu sweep through them, but this didn’t happen. Sweden did worse than the United States as a whole, but the U.S. is not homogeneous, and Sweden did better than the lockdown states. The liberty states did better, but it is the lockdown states that dragged down the U.S. statistics.

    Vaccines are an interesting topic. Stupid people think that the herd immunity approach has been debunked, but it is the basis of vaccines. If the herd immunity approach has been quite thoroughly debunked, then why are we expediting a vaccine in order to create a herd immunity? It has been known since the American revolution, a quarter millennium ago, that vaccination reduces an individual’s ability to become ill, and it has been known for a century that vaccines create a herd immunity that protects the entire population, even those who have not been vaccinated. Annual flu shots are an attempt to create herd immunity before flu season gets underway. Herd immunity is why there are so very few cases of Polio, when it was such a scourge three quarters of a century ago. Herd immunity across the world is why we were able to eradicate Small Pox half a century ago.

  • mkent

    This flu has been reported as worse than any other flu in a century, but it isn’t. Even the Swine flu of 2009 was worse. We are now hearing that Wuhan flu does not spread very easily, which would explain why so few people have been diagnosed with it, compared to the 2009 Swine flu.

    This is backwards, as usual. The 2009 Swine Flu was nowhere near as bad as COVID-19. There were 491,382 lab-confirmed cases of Swine Flu *worldwide* in 2009 resulting in 18,449 deaths. This compares with the current total of 27,733,330 lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide resulting in 901,822 deaths. COVID-19 is thus far 50 times as bad as the 2009 Swine Flu, and it’s nowhere near done yet.

  • R7 Rocket

    COVID19 death numbers are fake. (Ex. Motorcycle crash deaths being counted as COVID19).

    There needs to be mass arrests of all these public health officials, and their bureaucracies need to be disbanded.

  • mkent

    COVID19 death numbers are fake.

    And the Earth is flat!!!! All the pictures from space are fake!

  • LocalFluff

    No, the data is completely fake nonsense.
    Only those at average lifespan are threatened by this common cold virus. As they always are by any common cold virus. Medically nothing at all has happened. It is naturally to die when at average life length, by definition.

    Criminalizing people in working age (below 65 years old) has no effect at all on the death rate in nursery homes and among other elderly or those who are sensitive to this illness. Lock down kills many many more than it saves lives.

    This is globally so very stoopid that I have downgraded the white race to brain dead small monkeys.

  • Rick

    Media has inflated the numbers since the beginning.
    WRAL in Raleigh recently ran a headline, Record number of daily positive tests, turns out LabCorp screwed up reporting some test from weeks previously, and updated their numbers.
    Numbers in NC have actually been trending downwards for the last several weeks.
    Fake news at its finest.

  • Questioner


    I think it is less of a problem of the white race (at least more indirectly) than of the current “western liberal” type of society (which, under certain particular influences, is a product of the white race). The degeneration, which has been growing for around 100 years, is due to cultural Marxist influences (systematic destruction of values ​​through “criticism”). That is also the reason why the Antifa (storm troopers of the ruling globalist’s elite) vehemently defends a tough course of corona measures and takes a stand against critics of corona measures.

    This degeneration process is accompanied by symptoms such as hyper-moralization (often as double standards), de-solidarization, denationalization, growth of the state, loss of personal freedom, exaggeration of the importance of marginalized groups and an increasing loss of tradition, culture, values ​​and beliefs. Said as one word: Communism.

    In our example here, for example, it means that the natural process of death can no longer be mastered at the level of society as a whole and is suppressed, as emerges from the current Coronoa crisis, which is less medical-biological than one of the ruling political system. Politics (or the state) replaces God. The rejection of the oppression of the individual by the state by the self-confident, free-thinking citizen is viewed as blasphemy.

  • Cotour

    More from the Aussies:

    The vaccine that the Australian government was banking on to remove them from their self imposed isolation has been suspended due to one of the participants becoming ill.

    Marshal law has its extreme down sides.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “And the Earth is flat!!!! All the pictures from space are fake!

    You see, mkent, this is why we are all so glad that you don’t build the airplanes that we fly on or work in a field in which you work with data. You don’t recognize corrupted data when it is pointed out to you. and you treat it so badly that you could corrupt it without realizing it — and you wouldn’t care, perhaps even telling your boss and colleagues that they think the Earth is flat.

  • mkent

    You see, mkent, this is why we are all so glad that you don’t build the airplanes that we fly on or work in a field in which you work with data.

    HA HA HA HA HA! Hee Hee! HA HA HA HA! Whew boy! (snort!) HA HA HA!

    Now that’s funny!

  • LocalFluff

    Elected politicians normally feel that they need to act powerfully to remain popular. That is not the case in Sweden where no one cares the slightest about politics (not even the politicians!). In a crisis Swedish politicians hide and do nothing at all. Since they own all news media they get away with it. Some mid-level bureaucrat is put forward to make all the decisions on his/her own. Which by chance was a good thing this time! Still, the Swedish economy is the hardest hit in northern Europe, because of our great dependency on exports.

  • Edward

    I’m glad you are amused, but seriously, stay out of those fields. You could wind up causing a lot of deaths, just as our politicians have done over this Wuhan flu cluster bleep.

  • m d mill

    Anyone (excluding nursing home “inmates”, or convicts) who wants to lock-down/quarantine themselves can do so VERY effectively without forcing lock-down/quarantines upon others, or devastating the economy/society. Especially since most privately owned shopping/grocery centers voluntarily require masks (these SHOULD be specified as good low leakage masks) of all patrons/employees the probability of getting infected there and then dying is extraordinarily small, much smaller than death from other common means (VERY few infections occur between strangers when reasonable masking and/or social distancing is implemented, even during the PEAK of an outbreak–see Taiwan, S. Korea, Hong Kong, and other “good-mask wearing” societies ), or you can wear an N-95 mask and gloves yourself regardless of the masking of others [unfortunately N-95 masks are not commonly available, which is the greatest failing, and most important response of all during an outbreak]. An even better compromise is that masks are perhaps required between 4 am and noon in public areas specifically for people who are concerned/vulnerable to infection, but not required otherwise for those who are not. Private restaurants/bars etc in particular could be open mask free anytime to anyone who wishes to go, as these are not vital activities…let the patron be free to decide.

    If you are then infected you have no one to blame but your self and the virus. You can quarantine yourself (and safely do necessary shopping, vital engagements,etc.) without dictating the devastation of the economy or broader society with mandated lock-down/quarantine.

    Good-masks do work to reduce transmission rates significantly in all cases (which is why doctors and nurses use them in infection wards, obviously), and they are irritating , and any mandated usage should be discontinued after the local infection rate drops below some reasonable threshold, all without the need for mandated lock-down/quarantines and the resultant economic/social devastation.

    This is a compromise between those who support total societal lock-downs, and those who argue for no extraordinary response at all. Note, the death rate of infected elders is MUCH higher for Covid-19 than “ordinary” flu (over 500%!). The singular spike in total deaths per week throughout 2020 compared to previous years makes this clear.

    The virtually zero death rate/day in Sweden now is a stunning result, all without need of a questionable vaccine or lock-down (vaccines don’t work well in the sick elderly). And their death total could have been greatly reduced by requiring better protocols in their nursing home facilities and private quarantines (as described above) of the extremely sick/elderly. Over 66% of all Swedish Covid-19 deaths were over the age of 80 years, and most in nursing facilities! Most Swedish officials now admit to being a bit too laissez-faire in their initial approach.

  • Edward

    Sweden declares victory while New York City declares defeat and will remain in partial or full lockdown until next spring.

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