T Rex fossils suggest it was covered with scales, not feathers

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The uncertainty of science: The only known fossils of a T Rex’s skin suggest that the dinosaur was covered with scales, not feathers as recent research has theorized.

[I]f these large tyrannosaurs had any feathers at all, says the team, their fluff would have been limited to their backs—the only body part for which they were lacking fossil impressions. Because their earlier cousins did have feathers, it’s likely that the large tyrannosaurs lost them somewhere along the way, the team suggests.



  • BSJ

    If I remember correctly; As animals get bigger, shedding heat become more of an issue than retaining it.

    Perhaps only the juveniles or smaller individuals had feathers.

  • BSJ

    Do’h! Sort of like the last sentence says…

  • pzatchok

    It was all dictated by their individual environments.

    There are more lizards in Arizona than Ohio. But more birds in Ohio than Arizona.

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