Taking a close look at the peaceful nature of Islam in Great Britain

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Want to get a real look at Islam, rather than the peaceful and tolerant politically correct version pushed on us by the bankrupt elite intellectual culture of our time? Take a gander at the video below the fold of a young British woman attending an Islamic demonstration in Great Britain. It will chill your bones.



  • Cotour

    The great liberal societies of the West must follow the lead of the Dutch:


  • JWing

    I want a bill passed into law that states clearly, in no uncertain terms, that the United States of America was founded on the Constitition and will NEVER allow sharia law to be practiced in this country as it is antithetical to our fundamental American way of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I also believe that Obama would love sharia law to be tolerated, instituted and spread here.

  • danae

    She says she feels gutted by what she’s witnessing. If sharia law were to be adopted as the law of the land in the UK, the punishment meted out to any British woman who dared to dress and speak as she does might be nearly as horrific as evisceration.

  • Cotour

    This is how the current administration of the American government defines “radical” or “violent extremism”, and the definition does not mention Islam or Muslims.


    I have defined this president as a “Moral Literalist”, my definition of such a person is someone who sees only their interpretation of reality as being valid based only in their version or interpretation of morality. Mr Obama’s perspective, from what I observe, is from the Islamic view of the world, that is what he grew up immersed in, he was born a Muslim, studied Islam, understands Islam, and that perspective is counter intuitive to the American Constitution and sensibilities. And this counter intuitive perspective is expressed in how he and his underlings approach their jobs. In other words they quite literally become the enemy within from most other American’s perspectives. I do not apologize for my perspective, nor does he, this must be rectified in the coming elections with extreme prejudice.

  • Jake

    Islam is not a religion. It is a political organization. It is probably too late for the UK, which, at current rates, will become a primarily Muslim country in two or three generations.

  • You would think that this is understood but when you have supreme ct justices citing European law when doing rulings and telling other countries when developing constitutions not to model there’s on the US Houston we have a problem. In a recent NYC trial muslim immigrant killed his wife because she made a different dinner than the one he wanted, his lawyer said he’s from a different culture & disciplining a wife his his right. Thankfully the jury didnt fall for this BS.

    The founders are rolling in their graves.

  • If the protesters are so unhappy with England why don’t they go back where they came from

  • Cotour

    They don’t like it there because they have no freedom to express themselves as they wish, but the catch 22 is they bring what it is that they must flee with them, ISLAM!

    You may have heard people from California complain when people say that they have a crazy view on politics, they will tell you that “its not the people who are originally from California, its the people who come here and bring their Liberal politics with them”.

    We must at some point draw a legal and Constitutional line between our Western culture and Islam in America, they are fundamentally incompatible.

  • Pzatchok

    I do believe that in England Sharia law is only allowed in local communities that vote for it.

    Think of them as local ordinances.

    They are allowed as long as they do not conflict with national law. And punishments can not be greater than fines or community service.

    Anything that might involve jail time must go through a local magistrate or court system.

    The problem with this idea is the old idea of ‘the camels nose under the tent’ idea, pretty soon you have the whole of the camel in the tent.

    To start making Sharia law a more wide spread system they will have to get Muslim judges appointed to the bench. Then those judges can start handing out greater and greater punishments that are closer to Sharia law.

    This slow incremental takeover of the system can happen anyplace equal opportunity is allowed in a democratic government.

    To stop this takeover you MUST either outlaw Islam and no western nation will let that happen or you end up physically fighting them.

    Just thought of something last night at work concerning the women moving to the middle east to become wives of Isis members.
    They are not only providing some labor for their cause, some children for their cause, but they are providing something far more valuable to Isis in the future.
    These women are NOT giving up their original nations citizenship. So in almost every case they are providing these children citizenship and free passes back into their home nations. Even if the children have been radicalized they can not be denied citizenship.
    The next generation of terrorists is being conceived now. In 15 to 20 years watch for them.

    They can not be stopped unless laws are changed NOW.

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