Taking a close look at the political leanings of a global warming rally

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Want to get a feel for the politics of the environmental movement? Take a gander at this detailed report, with numerous pictures, of a global warming rally that took place in San Francisco this weekend.

It was the same in New York at the People’s Climate Rally. Anyone who thinks it is the Earth these people want to save is incredibly naive. It is power they crave, and the ability to use it for their own ends.



  • Jack

    So, how do we fight it.

  • Well, one way we fight these communists is to make sure their intentions and goals are starkly revealed for all to see. Americans generally don’t like anyone who tries to force others to do things they don’t want to do. We especially don’t like it when government force is used to those ends. Communists do this routinely, as have the activists in the environmental and global warming movements. Knowing this is their real goal instead of “saving the Earth” will allow everyone to see through their lies and make them less able to achieve their ends.

    Above all, Americans have got to stop voting for politicians who support this agenda. And sadly that means we have to stop voting for Democrats, as that party has been badly corrupted and needs a big housecleaning to make it sane again.

    This by the way was exactly what I said back in 1973-1975 about the Republicans. Under Nixon the party became corrupted, and needed a housecleaning. The 1974 election did that, with major defeats of the party. Since then the Republican Party has tried very hard to be squeaky clean. They don’t succeed all the time (after all they are politicians and we can’t expect much from them) but they do try.

    The same lesson has to be taught to the Democratic Party. If it isn’t, they are going to commit greater abuses of power that will make the IRS scandal seem tame.

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