“Taking the red pill”

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Link here. The article gives us a hint that the oppressive, thug-like, brownshirt behavior coming from many on the left is actually backfiring, and backfiring in a big way.

The term “taking the red pill” derives from the movie “The Matrix,” the trippy sci-fi classic. Morpheus, the resistance leader played by Laurence Fishburne offers Neo, the movie’s hero played by Keanu Reeves, a choice: He can take the blue pill and remain in the repressive artificial world known as the Matrix where “you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.” Or he can take the red pill and tumble down the “rabbit hole” where he will come to realize that everything about his life was a lie.

The left’s intensifying war on free speech has produced a surge of red pill videos. Some take Owens’ in-your-face approach. Others are meandering, hipster confessionals delivered with the wordy earnestness of characters in a Duplass brothers movie.

Read it. It provides a lot of examples of former leftists suddenly realizing that they have little in common with the modern left.

Is this happening? I suspect it is, but it is doing so very far below the radar of the mainstream press and our bankrupt intelligentsia.


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  • Garry

    Anytime I see someone thinking for him/herself, it’s good, even if their views end up being counter to mine.

    I hate the facade called the 2-party system, which has turned many people into black-and-white thinkers; they think that if you express your belief in one social or economic issue, then the automatically know your beliefs on all social and economic issues. “Oh, you don’t believe late-term abortion should be allowed? Then I just know you own 200 guns and are against free trade.”

    In many aspects of our lives, entertainment, food, sports, etc., the Internet and other factors have led to splintering of the once dominant players.

    For example, it used to be that the local liquor store offered Budweiser, Miller, and maybe a few others, and now many liquor stores offer hundreds of beers from dozens of breweries, many of them microbrews.

    TV is no longer dominated by the 3 networks; they are still there, but there are other networks, as well as standalone tv stations.

    I hope we are seeing the start of the same trend in politics; I’m sick of the binary political world.

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