Taxing both the rich and the sick to pay for Obamacare.

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Finding out what’s in it: Taxing both the rich and the sick to pay for Obamacare.

Key quotes:

The change will negatively impact parents who have special needs children and who use FSA funds to help pay for tuition in special needs schools, says Xavier Epps, owner of XNE Financial Advising.


For the more than 10 million individuals and families that claim medical expenses in 2011, there’s more bad news. In order to claim medical expense deductions in 2013, the claims must be at least 10% of AGI, up from 7.5% in the past. There’s an exception for people who are age 65 and older at the end of the year and for married taxpayers with only one spouse age 65 or over. Their threshold will remain at 7.5% until the 2017 tax year.

Y’know, I have yet to find any documented evidence of Obamacare lowering costs or improving health coverage anywhere. So far, this law has done nothing but balloon costs, limit options, and reduce the ability of people to either get health insurance they can afford or healthcare they need.

But that’s all right. The Democrats passed it! It must be good! Let’s vote for them again so they can do this kind of masterwork in many other places. (Right now, the Middle East and Syria comes to mind.)

Update: Obamacare will hike the cost of healthcare in Wisconsin as much as 125%, while forcing almost 100,000 people to lose their health insurance.



  • wodun

    I have a number of liberal friends that voted for Obama and as recently as a few weeks ago were shocked to learn they have to buy insurance. They had no idea how they could fit it in to their already strained budgets. Short of a generous subsidy, they will just pay the tax.

  • “limit options . . .”

    A drugstore chain in the area is running ads telling people that after 1 January, they “may not be able to order diabetes supplies through the mail.” I’m fairly certain that Obamacare supporters didn’t know that mail-order medical supplies would be banned. Finding out what’s in it, indeed.

  • Pzatchok

    They can’t let you get around that nice medical equipment tax they passed, so of course mail order is not allowed.

    Or order it from someplace cheaper.

    No No, taxes only work if they can keep people from getting around them, no matter why or how.

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