Taxpayers paying millions for airfare for illegal immigrants

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Corruption. The State Department and other federal agencies have been providing millions in unsecured loans to illegal immigrants to pay their airfare into the United States.

The program is operated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), an intergovernmental group that assists refugees worldwide with hundreds of millions of dollars from Uncle Sam. The money is channeled through the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM). In fiscal year 2016 the State Department gave IOM $477,257,564, according to the agency’s report on contributions to international organizations. That doesn’t even include millions more that the State Department gives the IOM for special refugee resettlement “platforms” that pop up throughout the year.

…In a federal court document responding to Judicial Watch’s lawsuit, the State Department writes that its “search did not retrieve any records reflecting the number of refugee travel loans furnished per year using U.S. Government funds, the number of such travel loans defaulted on annually, nor the amount of money written off per defaulted loan.” In a footnote the agency writes that it did retrieve some records reflecting IOM’s “general reporting” on refugee travel loans, but none of it contained the “specific information sought” by Judicial Watch. This is outrageous because it suggests that the State Department can’t account for money American taxpayers are lending to foreigners to fly here to declare themselves refugees. A source with inside knowledge of the matter confirmed to Judicial Watch that the records exist and years ago a State Department insider provided figures that show only about half of the travel loans have been repaid since the program was launched in the 1950s, representing a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars to American taxpayers. Judicial Watch viewed the records, which span from 1952 to 2002 and reveal that the IOM issued $1,020,803,910 in “transportation” loans and recovered only $584, 219,453.

This does not include a Health & Human Services program that gives illegals special loans up to $15,000, without keeping track on whether the loans are repaid or not.

Let’s make this very clear: Federal agencies have been providing money to illegal immigrants to make it easier for them to fly into the United States illegally. The program, set up in the 1950s, was likely created to aid refugees escaping from the Soviet bloc. Now it is used to encourage illegal immigration, against the interests of the United States and its citizens.


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  • Richard

    Madness! A total loss of reason.

  • Orion314

    We deserve the government we get. When the citizens of this country let JFK
    get his head blown off in broad day light without a wimper, that was the end of the USA.

  • LocalFluff

    Here’s 35 page book that instructs journalists how to report on migration.
    No further comment, it is as bad as you could imagine. Spend five minutes to have a look!

  • wayne

    What is so great about JFK?

  • LocalFluff

    Here’s a link I hope works to that official governmental instruction on how journalists must lie about migrants:

    All societies worship their leaders from the early post-war era.

    It’s the same with JFK as in Sweden or East Asia, or in Africa with their first leaders as independent countries. The 1960s was a period of extremely destructive mentality. The Soviet Union was the general ideal and the solution to not being the Soviet Union was to become like it. Everything would be “rationalized” by eliminating all influence of those irrational human minds and only go by what is written in the books (the same sentiment as the political establishment had during the pre-scientific age). Kennedy was just a Dandy. He became a hero because it was in the era of Stalinism with Orwellian media when politicians were to be worshiped.

    The Swedish contemporary “Kennedy” had no charm of any kind at all. Still he is worshiped now by even the nationalists who disagree about everything else. Everything the politicians said and did back then is (and was) ignored because of GDP growth (which could happen only before their policies were enacted to stop it, that’s why they are so admired).

  • wayne

    You guys need to dump the European Union!
    “respectwords,” how quaintly Orwellian.

    Old man Kennedy was a gangster and hitler lover. JFK was a hitler lover (like father like son) and addicted to Tuinal, amphetamines, opiates, and steroids.
    Yow– we have a Military base in the middle of the Gulag called Cuba, which is an island, but somehow the commies are still in charge? I don’t get that, at all.
    W-88 warhead detonated at 1,800 feet over Havana– fix everything in 10 seconds. Poof goes the Weasel, all the way.

    Tangentially– is a PT Boat, a ship or a boat? They carry boats, so does that make them a ship?

  • Orion314

    It’s not that JFK was a saint , after all , no one is. It’s that the citizens allowed a coup d’etat without the slightest resistance. Johnson , Nixon , Ford , each one worst than the last . Power at any cost. Drain the swamp? The elite pedophiles run this country. Until they start locking up the ‘leaders” by the busload, well, its business as usual. Cant even throw HRC in jail , a living excrement that no one likes, yet she roams free. POTUS promised to lock her up. When , after shes deanimated?

  • Cotour

    Why you never go down “THAT” road.

    As things accelerate and “IT” approaches and we see through evidence the destruction that has been methodically planned and executed within our own government by our own fellow citizens to destroy what we all understand to be essential to our country’s survival we are able to plainly “SEE” just how close we are to the edge.

    California is going to have to be dealt with in a big way.


  • Cotour

    Many in the media and in the voting public say that there is no correlation between ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and the welfare state. Well the 2014 census begs to differ.

    And the numbers are surely even higher due to other ways that exist within states to access these tax payer paid for social support systems in America. You can not have open or porous borders and a welfare state, the reasons are self apparent.

    The illegal immigrant situation, which is an essential main plank in the Democrat party leadership, one that they see as a solid way to over time build their party numbers and voters is by any measure a plan that is just a bit too practical and in the end un and even anti American.

    And so if you are a Trump hating Democrat voter you more than likely agree that our illegal immigration situation and this open border policy must end and some measure of rational control of the border be attained. And so this is one major issue that you are in agreement with president Trump on even though you personally despise him, like it or not. But its rational action that is needed not someone that you want to date or bring home to daddy for approval.

    And no reasonable American is against LEGAL IMMIGRATION or verified sanctuary and asylum, but this open border policy is a suicide pact with the devil, and the Democrat party leadership, and even many of the Republican party leadership members to be honest are on board with it, but it MUST end.


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