Tea Partiers like “terrorists.”

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Leftwing civility: Joe Biden accused the tea party Republicans today of “acting like terrorists” in the negotiations over the debt limit.

And why? Because they simply refused to back down to those who want to spend us into oblivion.

Then there’s this quote from Mike Doyle (D-Pennsylvania): “We have negotiated with terrorists. This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”

Impossible to spend any money? What kind of fantasy world does this idiot live in? The federal budget has doubled in the past ten years. Meanwhile, this debt ceiling bill does nothing to reduce the size of government. On the contrary, the so-called reductions in the deficit merely slow the growth of government. Under the agreed plan, in each of the next ten years the federal government’s budget will still grow, and it will do so at a rate far exceeding inflation in an dying economy choked by regulation and government interference.

How is it even possible to deal with this problem if you have to deal with people like this, who are so divorced from reality and consider anyone who disagrees with them the worst sort of monster? Sadly, it is impossible. Until we see a wholesale change in government, with most of these idiots thrown from office, we will see no change in how our government is operated.



  • yes professionally speaking, civility is free style points . these people are all crazy . they need to re-read the rules – people in congress represent the people not the party so it doesn’t make sense to claim the person the people chose is evil, then you are calling the people evil too . comon team!

  • Publius II

    Well said, Robert. This vote in the House is a complete giveaway to people who are addicted to spending and are, literally — and as you said, killing our economy. They could not end a single federal program. That is why refusing to raise the debt ceiling, harsh as it would have been, was the most powerful antidote for this situation. It would have derailed this fatal juggernaut in its tracks. Now, this government will continue to steal the future from our children and grandchildren. Only a few, principled men and women had the courage and good sense to vote “No.” They should have our respect and support, while the rest deserve nothing but disgust.

  • LINO

    If we’re going to change the constitution, let’s add a fourth leg to the structure of federal goverment: a third house in congress that deals with
    expense and spending control.

  • i think we need a third party more than a third division of congress . where my bull moose republicans at!?

  • LINO

    But think of how many new jobs a third division of Congress would create. It might not repair our infrastructure, but it would probably deteriorate the civility of the national debate….and wouldn’t that be interesting?

    If we have to have wasteful spending, let’s at least pump it into high paying jobs that can’t be sent overseas!

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