Ted Cruz introduces bill outlawing political targeting of citizens.

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As Jazz Shaw notes at the link, “You mean that wasn’t already illegal?” Though Shaw does carefully analyze the political ramifications of making Democrats vote for or against these bills, ramifications that will likely weaken the power-hungry in government, my first thought when I read this was instead, “This is more evidence why I am increasingly not a big fan of Ted Cruz.”

You see, how does one really increase freedom and weaken the power of government by passing another law? You really don’t. This law might be politically effective, but if it should happen to pass and Obama actually sign it, all it will accomplish is create another law that can be used as a wedge to pry more power into government.

Cruz does this kind of showboating a lot. Though I almost always agree with him, the behavior illustrates why a senator is not the best choice for President. We don’t need a showboat right now. We need a conservative President who understands how to run a hostile executive branch even as he cuts its power and influence and still wins elections.

Sounds like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker or Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, doesn’t it? Both have the right qualifications, winning elections even as they were being slimed by the left wing union, media, and Democratic Party attack machine for actually cutting the power of these power-hungry groups.

As a senator Ted Cruz does not have and cannot get that track record. Worse, he has made me doubt his tea party sincerity with his talk of rebuilding NASA and going to Mars. Instead of trimming the waste in NASA, it appears he wants to keep feeding the Texas pork that NASA sends his way.


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  • Cotour

    NASA like the military is a works / pork program to Senators and Congress men. After Jeb and Mitt are shown the door its Scott Walker for me, he’s a winner that gets it done. I think Jindal really sounds great but if I have to choose between the two I choose Walker because of his experience in dealing in the belly of the liberal beast that is Wisconsin. It seems to me that the governors are better qualified and are not caught, like Cruz and Rubio blatantly playing on both sides of the ideological fence.

    The first thing that must occur is that Jeb and Mitt have to be dispatched and they must understand that the base that they seem to despise will not vote for them. people see them for what they are, Constitutional sellouts of American soveregnity . They may have the money but that will not in this case translate into votes (if votes actually really count today). both jeb and Mitt ensure the election of Hillary, if you can stomach that. I can not.

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