• Chris Kirkendall

    Amazing stuff ! ! It would seem there’s no rational explanation for these strange coincidences. Sometimes you have to wonder if there’s some kind of “current” flowing thru time, or whether God has a hand in some of this. Brings to mind many of the old early 60s TV shows with these kind of themes – One Step Beyond, Twilight Zone, etc. Thanks for posting this ! !

  • mpthompson

    To me, one of the more interesting coincidences is that the Sun and Moon have almost exactly the same angular size as seen from the surface of the Earth. Given these are the only two astronomical objects that one can make out to be spherical with the unaided eye, if they weren’t the same apparent size I wonder if the history of astronomy would have been a bit different.

  • DK Williams

    I’m suspicious that some of these may be faked.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Great point – I have always thought that as well! Being an amateur Astronomer of sorts, I find it rather amazing that the Sun & the Moon, vastly different in size & distance from the Earth, just happen to have almost identical apparent diameters as viewed from our vantage point, and that under the right circumstances, the Moon passes in front of the Sun & and exactly obscures it, producing a total eclipse, but allowing the Sun’s Corona to be seen. If you believe God created the Universe (as I do), maybe that is NOT just a coincidence…

  • Well, the Moon is moving away from the Earth at about 1 1/2 inches annually. Maybe a QC problem that wasn’t addressed prior to production.

  • Pzatchok

    Kennedy was not a civil rights icon.

    Just look into his and his brothers actions against MLK. Everything from interviews of everyone around him to wire taps and bugging the rooms he stayed in.
    They have tapes of his affairs and wanted to use those against him.
    They even sent him nasty notes urging him to quit him activities.

    But death ended a lot of things, leaving all involved as hero’s because nothing came out for the next 25 years and some things are still kept secret.

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