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Tennessee’s Republicans move to represent the left, not their constituents

What Tennessee's Republicans are doing
A picture of Tennessee’s Republicans

Capitulating as always: In response to calls from Tennessee’s very small and very minor Democratic Party — including its normal mobs of screaming protesters, some of which routinely threaten violence — the Republican governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, is now demanding new gun laws aimed at making it easier to take guns away from Tennessee citizens.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee called Tuesday for state lawmakers to pass a law aimed at preventing guns from getting in the hands of people who are a danger to themselves or others.

The Republican governor also said he will sign a new executive order later Tuesday aimed at strengthening background checks on firearm purchases. “I’m asking the General Assembly to bring forward an order of protection law,” Lee said in a news conference at a Nashville police station. “A new, strong order of protection law will provide the broader population cover, safety, from those who are a danger to themselves or the population. “This is our moment to lead and to give the people of Tennessee what they deserve.” [emphasis mine]

Yeah, he wants to give it to them, good and hard. And apparently he has support from the Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton, and Republican Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, who is the Senate speaker.

The voters of this state gave the Republicans a 27 to 6 majority in the state’s Senate. That’s an 82% majority. The voters also gave the Republicans a 75 to 24 majority in the state’s House. That’s a 76% majority. The voters also voted Republicans into all statewide elected positions. That’s a 100% majority. Note too that the voters have given the Republicans this total control now for more than a dozen years.

I guarantee those voters did not vote for more gun regulation or control. If anything, those voters wanted less regulation and more freedom. They certainly did not vote for the Republicans to give them Democratic Party policy. Considering the large majorities the voters gave to these Republicans, you would think this Democratic Party policy would be that last thing they would get.

But that is what they are getting, fueled by cowardice, weakness, and a desire to kow-tow to Democrats. In order to force the legislature to pass more gun control in Tennessee, the Democrats first incited a mob to threaten a take-over of the statehouse, including having three elected Democrats in the House violate the House’s rules by leading that protest and illegally shutting down the legislature. Next, the Democrats rallied behind the two Democrats expelled for that illegal action, holding more demonstrations while rallying the press to call the Republicans “white supremacists” and “dictators” and “fascists” for simply upholding the rules of the legislature.

Faced with this outside pressure, the Republicans who control by vast majorities every part of Tennessee’s state government have apparently now decided to act as representatives of the left, not the voters who put them in office, and propose new gun control laws. My contempt for these queslings knows no bounds.

All of this controversy was sparked by the mass murder of six people, including three 9-year-old children, by Audrey Hale, a woman who wanted to make believe she was a man and didn’t like the fact that most normal people thought this was perverse and unhealthy.

I can also guarantee that the law Governor Lee is proposing and the executive order he has imposed will do nothing to prevent any future so-called “trans” person from getting a gun. Under our new leftist overlords, such behavior cannot be considered unhealthy or a symptom of any mental health disorder. Thus, these new regulations will do nothing to prevent the mentally unstable in the queer community from obtaining guns and then using them — as did the queer mass murderer Audrey Hale — while working to rob ordinary and likely very normal people of their second amendment right to defend themselves.

This therefore isn’t an example of Republican failure theater, where these idiots make believe they are giving the voters what they voted for. This is utter failure period. The Republicans are giving the Democrats what they want, and telling their voters to go to hell.

With friends like this, who needs enemies? More to the point, who needs the Republican Party at all, since it won’t do what it was elected to do?

In Tennessee the citizens now face a situation where they no longer have anyone willing to truly represent them, and are saddled with a government that is no longer by, for, and of the people. It is instead a many-armed octopus of power, with both parties teaming up to rob the citizens of their freedom.

The only answer to such an evil power grab has always been violence, rebellion, and revolution. Such things should not be wished for, especially when the U.S. and every single one of its states have a legal system and a constitutional government that should make such rebellion and revolution unnecessary.

But violence, rebellion, and revolution is what is coming, very soon, if the Republicans don’t quickly rethink their behavior.

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  • Jester Naybor

    Without respect for life and individual liberty – prioritized over any other “greater good” or “wrong to be righted” – there is neither liberty nor unity.

    Only dominance of, and submission to, “favored” groups, with no right to dissent from, or even avoid, the imposition of their moral calculus upon you, without regard to the rule of law.

  • wayne

    I find it extremely hard to believe Tennessee doesn’t already have Mental Health laws that cover exactly what they are feigning to do here going forward.

  • Jeff Wright

    Gun control is racist…without stop and frisk it is meaningless. I remember footage of an older African-American man scare off a gang with an AR. The Supreme Court ruling dealt with an African-American woman in Chicago who did anti-gang work-they need to call not Justice Thomas-but the hothead insurrectionist siding with racist gun control, “Ruckas” for siding with the party of slavery.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “With friends like this, who needs enemies? More to the point, who needs the Republican Party at all, since it won’t do what it was elected to do?

    This is why I left the Republican Party seven years ago. The Democrats move farther to the left, and the Republicans move to the left, too, as though it were a race to see which party can be first to turn the U.S. into a tyranny. It isn’t just the elected politicians making the move to the left, the Republican voters elect and reelect those who move to the left.

  • Slingshot

    I guess that’s why the Nashville school shooting hoax was implemented. Even though I’m conservative minded there isn’t an honest Republican to be found. Almost every Republican governor is a RINO. IMO opinion this is intentional, and these people have been groomed well in advance.

  • Have a recall election. Calling yourself a republican, getting elected as a republican and then behaving as a leftist democrat is FRAUD. Remove them. Prosecute them for FRAUD.

  • AbsurdlyCritical

    If Tennessee is so Republican and the Republicans in Tennessee are playing lackey to the Democrats because they are afraid of the names they’ve been called and the mobs Dems have organized then the people that put those Dems in power need to organize recall petitions for every single Republican backstabber in Tennessee office. Remember those videos of parents taking over school board meetings voting now confidence for the existing board and reforming a new representative board? Those politicians need to be reminded they work for the people

  • Jeffrey Williams

    I believe it’s time to start the sub-rosa networks of like minded, sound thinking, logical people. We have to leave the demons behind. And it’s vitally important they not be allowed to censor books or stifle new science discoveries.

  • D3F1ANT

    The GOP ALWAYS buckles and surrenders to the Left. Every time.

  • Cotour


    I would suppose that it all started in earnest with JFK? At that point of action there are no limits. Pure cold dark Strategy.

    Strategy Over Morality: CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Politically empowered Political Realm leadership is ultimately about the fundamental exercise of power and “IT’s” subjective agenda interests and “IT’s” political power prevailing.

    (Can you see past your Pedestrian Realm moral perspective yet? Can you understand that something else is in fact underway?)

    Then it went through to 911 and the Patriot Act and everything that happened in between. Then there was the ill-fated coronation misfire of Hillary (Ma barker). She was supposed to deliver the goods to the New World Order / One World Government model agenda. That would have been her crowning moment and achievement.

    And Trump and a mass of politically fed-up Americans threw a big MAGA monkey wrench into that element of the plan. And you can throw Covid19 and the forced / mandated / you will comply mRNA shot in with this clear to my eyes trajectory we are now one.

    (20/20 hindsight is perfect for sure, but you have got to admit it’s all looking like one big fat duck, no?)

    Then there was Joe Biden, the best mindle$$ hollow tool facade that the now radical Leftist Democrat party machine could buy to have front for them. The perfect lifelong politically and ethically compromised presidential candidate. (Ethics in politics!!! Ha, but one more Pedestrian realm delusion)

    And then if and when there comes into existence the government issued and controlled digital currency that you will have to register with the government to use without any tactile dollars in circulation then it will be all over.

    “Long-awaited Fed digital payment system to launch in July”

    And why do you think Trump is being so put upon and politically destroyed using lawfare? They always tell you who they fear the most.

    Are you paying attention yet America?

  • GOP voters can’t trust their representative. It’s a long running problem. You have to watch them like a hawk. Who has time for that?

    Need a reform movement to address the issue. This requires long term attention. If it doesn’t get fixed then the same outcomes are to be expected.

    If it doesn’t happen it’s because not enough people have the interest or will to act.

  • GOP voters can’t trust their representative. It’s a long running problem. You have to watch them like a hawk. Who has time for that?

    Need a reform movement to address the issue. This requires long term attention. If it doesn’t get fixed then the same outcomes are to be expected.

    If it doesn’t happen it’s because not enough people have the interest or will to act.

  • Sven

    They need to add gender dysphoria to the prohibited list. Let’s see if the left accepts that gun control.

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