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Tens of thousands of Georgia Biden ballots were likely just duplicate copies of one ballot

It appears the reason a Georgia judge decided to unseal all 147,000 mail-in ballots for close inspection were the affidavits from four poll workers stating that tens of thousands of mail-in ballots voting for Biden appeared to be mere photocopies of the same ballot, and should have been invalidated and were not.

Voyles [one of the poll workers] said she noticed that all of the ballots were printed on paper different from others she handled as part of a statewide hand recount of the presidential election.

She also said none were purportedly folded or creased, as she typically observed in mail-in ballots that had been removed from envelopes.

“All of them were strangely pristine,” said Voyles, who for 20 years has monitored elections in Fulton County, which includes much of Atlanta.

The watchdogs suspect as many as tens of thousands of the ballots may have been manufactured in a race that Biden won by just 12,000 votes, in large part because of the late surge in mail-in ballots counted after election monitors were asked to leave State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

This is the same issue that is suspected for many mail-in ballots in other states, thousands of fake ballots that appeared out of nowhere late in the vote counting, all of which were for Biden and all of which appeared very questionable.

If after inspection these allegations are found to be true , it very likely will invalidate the certified results in these states. At a minimum, it will show that the election of Joe Biden was fraudulent.


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  • We have the potential for a major Constitutional Crisis. If these audits find that Biden and Harris were fraudulently elected what will happen? They have both been sworn into office so they are the presumptive legitimate occupiers of those offices. The Congress will take no action as it currently majority Democrat. Even if the audits find that some Senators (cough, cough, Georgia and maybe Michigan) are fraudulently in office, I don’t think they will be unseated. So what are we, the Citizens, supposed to do?

  • David Eastman

    I expect that everything possible will be done to prevent any of these after the fact investigations from reaching any kind of official conclusive end. Our “betters” in both parties, the media, and various levels of government all decided that it was too dangerous to open this can of worms, that we had to accept the election results without even discussing the possibility of fraud. And now we’ve passed the point of no return, the constitution has no acceptable answer for where we find ourselves. In theory we could impeach Biden, but then we get President Harris. Impeach her, and we get Nancy Pelosi. Even assuming our current congress would impeach and convict both Biden and Harris, it’s not like Pelosi would be an acceptable substitute for even a large minority of the country. The only thing I could see that would make everyone equally unhappy and put us on a path back to some kind of normal, is if some middle of the road acceptable choice was found, appointed Vice President, and then we impeach Biden. But I can’t imagine who that person would be, and equally can’t imagine such a concept even being considered by the people we currently have in Washington.

  • Chris

    Poop —-> Blades

  • Should actual, can’t-be-ignored proof of fraud come out , it will now shake this nation to its core, for we are in uncharted territory when it comes to finding an election illegitimate after inauguration. And that could have been avoided, had our leaders adhered to Constitutional requirements and processes – both before the election to avoid the compromises, and once the compromises became evident.

    Insurrection? This is how you motivate an insurrection!

  • Cotour

    Any political actor who after clear hard well documented evidence that reveals fraud and corruption in the presidential election is revealed in a court of law and before a judge and promotes insurrection because they essentially are unhappy that truth has been found and revealed. Will be dealt with appropriately, and no one will be able to say much in the end to counter any of it.

    It will all of course be attempted to be spun, but to no avail.

    That being said, the evidence is going to have to be rock solid and irrefutable and a cold shock.

    I suspect 5 weeks or so from today it will be a very interesting America in America.

  • Steve Richter

    republicans are impossibly lame at making the case for their positions in the public arena.

  • MDN

    Given that 4 independent observers testified via affidavit (and thus subject to the penalties for perjury) the same basic concern, I give this issue decrnt legitimacy.

    That said, and not knowing a thing about their ballot and counting machine architecture, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t dome form of serialization system in place that would A) Preclude multiple ballots with the same S/N to be counted, B) S/Ns to be used that did not match those used in a master distribution database, and C ) S/Ns to be voted in jurisdictions other than for where they were created (for local race tabulation).

    If the system has no such safeguards and is truly susceptible to easy ballot counterfeiting, then it is truly worthless as a piece of democratic infrastructure.

    If this IS true, then I suggest that the easiest answer is simply for an enterprising conservative buccaneer or two to out counterfeit the Ds next cycle and simply drop off about a million extra ballots for the Rs in states vulnerable to this. At least then the Ds will take fixing the problem seriously. I know it’s cheating, but if they’re going to insist on a system vulnerable to such mayhem then desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • republicans are impossibly lame at making the case for their positions in the public arena.

    They reflect the ordinary American’s passive acceptance of the assumptions of social technocracy, and their ignorance of what freedom entails … because social technocracy is all they have known, even though they might think they are “conservative”. Therefore they lack any basis to make a coherent case challenging it.

  • MDN: The issues revealed here are directly related to the either illegal or foolish changes to election laws that allowed the nonchalant use of mail-in ballots. It previously was not this way.

    If Republicans now don’t get it fixed however, it will be this way forever, which means the Democrats will never lose an election ever again.

  • George C

    If it is proven that the election was stolen and this has a major impact on the 2022 election then if some legal theory like a political analog to Sarbanes-Oxley is used to impeach and convict Biden then Harris must appoint a VP that by the 25th amendment must be approved by both houses. This is assuming the 25th amendment is not invoked before the 2022 election to remove a mentally failing Biden. Either way you get a new approved VP. Then the trick would be the legal theory on the second impeachment. Possibly you could see both the Pres and VP impeached and convicted before a new VP can be approved. But I think the people would see that as dangerous. Then getting rid of a VP first is another way to go, as happened with Agnew, which is how we got president Ford.

  • Doubting Thomas

    I think that our political class will do EVERYTHING in their power not to see it. SCOTUS will embark on ensuring that the court calendar is full, most Republicans will decide that now is the time to write the Great American Novel. The Dem’s and the MSM (but I repeat myself) will simply cackle and tell us that ANYBODY that talks about the subject is just crazy.

    What happens after that, I don’t know.

    In another universe, first Harris resigns and someone is appointed (like Gerald Ford long ago), then Biden resigns and that elevates the appointed VP, then another person is appointed to VP (like Nelson Rockefeller). This would require an alternate Universe where the Democrats cared about something besides raw political power.

    So, I don’t happens in the universe we live in.

  • pzatchok

    SSN and a valid finger print to cast any vote.
    Not just a residency but a positive citizenship.

    The fingerprint can be applied to the absentee ballot along with the SSN of the voter.

    People will just have to get over that whole ‘secret ballot’ thing for a little while.
    All counted ballots will be kept in a locked container and then destroyed after a period of time.

  • wayne

    ref: “If these audits find that Biden and Harris were fraudulently elected what will happen?”
    ->Nothing of substance that would impact the status-quo as it exists currently. (the medium and long-term implications remain an open question
    The minute the States (generally known to be in question) certified their electoral votes and transmitted them to the Feds, “we” were essentially doomed. [IMHO, mostly power hunger corrupt sociopaths at every single level.]
    Numerous firewalls were successfully breached at the Local, State, and Federal level, and there just is no do-over in the cards.
    As Mr. Z. notes–>
    “If Republicans now don’t get it fixed however, it will be this way forever, which means the Democrats will never lose an election ever again.”

    “Over Under Sideways Down”

  • MDN


    This audit is over alleged counterfeit ballots, NOT the excess of mail in ballots pushed out on the pretext of a health emergency to anyone and everyone in any and all voter registration banks.

    I did not like these auto mail measures, but they were effected openly, and were in fact limited to registered voters (obsolete or not). Photo copied or counterfeit ballots are something else entirely, and FAR more disturbing if possible to do easily snd/or effected at scale.

    My point is that it is ludicrous to think a system would be approved that did not have some measure of counterfeit proofing engineered in. Ehere I live in CA our ballots are serialized snd you can track that the were received and counted online. Actually, the s/n tears off on receipt to secretize the actual counted results I think so technically Iguess our system only guarantees receipt, and who knows whether my ballot or a counterfeit photo copy is what actually gets processed through the counting machines.

    The fact that all processing isn’t video taped (from a distance to protect the secret ballot) with separated ballots immediately placed into serialized and secure containers for further processing, and the monitoring video broadcast in the open live in this day and age is ridiculous. NO ONE should have unsupervised and unrecorded access to voted ballots, period. And all such recordings should be immediately available to the public, no excuses, EVER.

  • Todd Zickefoose

    invalidated election, Biden and co removed from office, can y’all say “President Pelosi”? Is this the real reason the fraud and resultant coup were so obvious?

  • Herp McDerp

    David Eastman wrote:
    > In theory we could impeach Biden, but then we get President Harris. Impeach her, and we get Nancy Pelosi.

    Alas, I think that’s the most likely possibility. It conforms to the Constitution, and the Democrats can claim that since Pelosi wasn’t elected fraudulently, she is as pure as the driven snow and there is no basis for keeping her out of the line of succession.

    Frankly, I think the second most likely scenario is that even if sufficient fraud to invalidate the presidential election _isn’t_ found, Harris will resign (because Pelosi has dirt on her). Soon after that, Biden will become incapacitated (or worse), both offices will be vacant, and Nancy will ascend to the throne.

    O joy.

  • Stephen Watson

    I’m not sure how the legitimacy of the presidential election is affected by any fraudulence that might be proved in these ballots. The President is actually elected by the members of the Electoral College who are expected to vote for the certified winner of the population-wide balloting (what we normally think of as the Presidential election.) The certification may be legally good even if there was fraud (IANAL,) and the electors can legally do as they please anyway. Both those representatives who were misled into certifying fraudulent results and those electors who were led to vote for the ‘wrong’ candidate might very well feel aggrieved, but it’s not clear what recourse they would have or what would follow from their repudiation of their earlier actions.

  • Mad Max

    Even if proven fraudulent, Biden & Harris will remain in office unless it can be proven that Biden and/or Harris had direct knowledge and involvement in perpetrating the fraud (and then they would have to be impeached in accordance with the Constitution).

    However, if the fraud is proven true in Georgia, in all likelihood, an audit will likely be conducted of the US Senatorial runoff and, if that is found fraudulent, the Senator(s) will be removed from office and their opponents will be seated (via the Federal courts).

    The difference between the Senate seats and President & Vice President is the Electorial College and Congress’s certification on January 6th. Congressional certification, like the Presidential election law plenary powers vested in the State legiskatures, are political, not legal, authority.

    Congress, on January 6th, made a Constitutional political decision to seat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. This Congressional political act is not legally reversible by the courts but Congress still maintains the right to impeach.

  • Bill Francis

    Sadly, we will see even more corruption of the election process. The left will say, it’s just a few errors so it’s ok.

    What should happen is the election in reversed and everything “joe” did is erased.

    I am dreaming because there is already no free speech, no education, no rule of law but a lot of corruption.

    I do hope you all have or will get more guns and ammo while you can.

  • Jimm

    all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.

  • Don Meaker

    It is not uncharted territory. I would refer the poorly educated to the elections of 1876 and 1960. In the 1876 election, Republicans won due to corruption on the part of the Army occupying southern states after the War of the Rebellion. In 1960 Kennedy was installed after massive fraud from west Texas and Chicago, which fraud was necessary to win because the usual corrupt vote machines in Alabama and Mississippi were opposed to Kennedy and shunted their votes to unpledged electors. Standard practice in at least one state back then was to have ‘practice voting machines’ in the front, the ballots from which were discarded, while the ‘real voting machines’ in the back were manipulated as necessary to get the ballots needed.

  • Andi

    ”then Harris must appoint a VP….”

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • Chris

    For true election security there are several items:

    ID of the voter and insuring a single vote per election.

    Security of the ballot be it an electrical “image” or count, or a paper ballot . Paper is preferred for archive.

    Security of the tally devices and the hardware and software therein. Verification that the HW and SW is valid. ALL designs shall be Open Source.

    Security and maintenance of election results for future audit

    I think we often think mostly of the voter and the ballot issues. However the tally device sanctity and keeping secure unaltered direct records is also important – This issue was revealed from the stored ballots themselves – not a record of the ballots.

    If we want to secure the future elections we need to focus on all. This needs to happen at the state level. This is a local issue

  • If enough States rescind their Electors’ certifications to change the result, for reasons of criminal election fraud, then I think the Supreme Court will have to step in and prescribe a solution, as the Constitution does not address it.

    The options could be (a) to require those State Legislatures to appoint new Electors, according to their own devices; (b) to order a new National election with all States appointing new Electors; (c) to argue that the question is moot, since the Electors voted on January 6th, and the current President and Vice President have been duly inaugurated.

    I think (a) would be the most reasonable solution, as it would send the question back to the problem States, and that would help localize popular sentiment. But who knows how the nine Justices will act? —LEJ

  • David

    Like it or not, there is nothing to be done within the four corners of the Constitution.

    This is hardly the first time this has happened. John Quincy Adams prevailed over Andrew Jackson in a four-way contest in 1824 when none of the candidates received a majority of electoral votes and the decision was then passed to the House. Adams made a deal with the fourth-place finisher that was referred to as the “Corrupt Bargain.”

    Rutherford B. Hayes was elected over Samuel J. Tilden by a one-vote electoral college margin in 1876 when every single contested electoral vote was awarded to him by a joint Congressional committee in which the Republicans had an 8-7 majority. He spent his entire term being referred to as “His Fraudulency” and failed of reelection.

    More recently, there is substantial evidence–at least as persuasive as the evidence from 2020–that several states, notably including Illinois and Texas, were awarded to Jack Kennedy based on fake ballots. Kennedy prevailed over Nixon, who chose not to contest the results. Of course it was a different era, and Kennedy was viewed as a sufficiently safe pair of hands by Nixon that he chose to put country ahead of party.

    So this isn’t the first time–not even the second or the third–that the “wrong” candidate was inaugurated as President. None of the previous instances have caused a “Constitutional crisis,” and this one won’t either, even should it be proven beyond doubt that the “wrong man won.”

  • David Telford

    When incontrovertible evidence of outcome altering fraud is finally assembled, a team discretely takes that to Biden with this deal: we impeach and remove Harris, you nominate _our_ candidate, and we leave you alone. Play it out like a Democrat: once that is accomplished, then turn and impeach and remove Biden too. Fun to entertain the thought.

    I don’t think they’ll find anything substantial. We on our side need to be careful about what to believe about election fraud. But if they do find it, it needs to be incontrovertible. And we will need some proper, decent responses to it. (2022 election sees a GOP take of the Congress, Biden & Harris resign in proper shame (yeah, right) after the new Congress is seated, Speaker takes over for the remainder of the term.)

  • wayne

    Very good stuff.

  • jashurley

    If the fraudulent ballots became the grounds for impeaching/removing Biden, VP Harris would also have to be removed because the votes/ballots are not cast separately for President and Vice-President . . . a fraudulent Biden ballot was also counted as a fraudulent vote for Harris.

  • Matthew A Carberry

    To avoid breaking new Constitutional ground or violence, the best path I see is a massive red wave in 2022.

    House gets a new speaker, Biden and Harris are Impeached and removed as illegitimate and Speaker becomes President. Appoints a new VP, maybe Trump, with just a majority vote required in both GOP houses. Speaker returns to the House, VP becomes new Pres and appoints new VP, maybe Pence again, maybe Desantis to set him up for 2024 when Trump really will be a bit old. Gives Trump 1.5 terms and the ability to retire a winner as a kingmaker and gadfly on the establishment GOP.

    If 2020 was fraudulent that gives us the actually properly elected President back via explicit “Will of the People” votes in Congress and using existing Constitutional processes, nothing novel.

  • pzatchok

    What about all the down ballot votes?

    What state laws changed because of these fake ballots? Senators, congressmen, mayors and other local representatives were elected also.

    The Presidential vote was not the only vote on the ballot.

  • ConsciousAgentsMeme

    Fraudulent pieces of paper could STILL me a minor issue(“tip of the iceberg?”) compared to ELECTRONIC shifting of vote-counts on e.g., Dominion voting machines. Is our field of vision being narrowed down, and we’re over-focusing? Are we getting distracted from a far larger vista of corruption? I suspect that 70% -80% of classic Republican power brokers wanted The Donald removed from Washington, no matter what.ConsciousAgents

  • wayne

    I hate to rain on the parade but, Biden & Harris are president and vp, neither one of them will be impeached or removed involuntarily, Trump will not be president again unless he runs & wins in 2024, and the Supreme Court can’t & won’t do anything.

  • Call Me Ishmael

    Stephen Watson: “… those electors who were led to vote for the ‘wrong’ candidate”

    No electors were led to vote for the wrong candidate; the wrong electors were chosen. (That’s what really happens in the November election.) The electors who were chosen in Georgia were Democrat party hacks who would walk over hot coals to vote for anything with a D after its name. (And the ones who were defeated were Republican party hacks, likewise.)

    Chris: “… Security of the tally devices and the hardware and software therein. Verification that the HW and SW is valid. ALL designs shall be Open Source.”

    In my opinion, vote counting is too important to let machines anywhere near it. Votes should be counted using human eyeballs attached to human hands making marks on paper tally sheets, with everybody and his brother watching over their shoulders.

  • Wouldn’t a likely outcome be laws that seek to ensure that such fraud isn’t possible in the future?

  • Max

    If proof of election fraud is submited to the house and senate, they will form a committee on whether to take a vote to do something about the vote in which of their votes may be invalid.
    This vote will be taken, some by computer screen with deep fakes, running a tally on voice votes, so there will be no record, with the Democrats using noisemakers.
    The speaker of the house will ask the most corrupt government ever, for a fair and impartial vote on the seriousness of the future of democracy of the United States…
    She’ll say something like “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”,
    There will be no hesitation as the Republicans will throw their stones at the Democrats, and the Democrats will come prepared with their personal lobbyist providing a pocket full of stones and a few knives to throw back.
    Insurrection will be declared for the second or third time as accusations and impeachment filings will fly through the air like paper airplanes… no, it’s not what you think, they will impeach Trump again.

    What will the people do?

    With the nations power supplies having been destroyed from EMP, sabotage or hackers (from the deep state operatives that WikiLeaks exposed). The grid goes down, food is getting scarce as gasoline is not delivered and semi trucks are being hijacked, if they leave the warehouse at all… (California farmers are being paid 1 1/2 times what their crops would bring in, to destroy the crops and not use the water)
    As the traumatized are watching blank TV screens, praying for the power to come back on, the preppers with their guns and generators are defending themselves from their neighbors neighbor, (no government or UN uniform insight) but just the hungry, after raiding empty shelves at the grocery store. Still clutching their credit cards.

    So will the recount result in the removal of the current president?
    Fraud?, what fraud? The courts, with boxes of evidence on their desk will say, there is no evidence! (as the FBI carts the documents off to the shredder like they did in Georgia)
    The Supreme Court says there is no case, you don’t have “standing” even though they’re standing up to their neck in it…
    The military says they have more important issues, they’re fighting an enemy that is resilient and overwhelming the entire planet… “Climate change!!!”
    Just as President Biden announces,”we are sending millions of doses free to other countries” in the same newscast they say “there’s an emergency meeting tonight to stop the vaccinations because of 200 children having severe life altering heart problems…”
    Did you know the nine newest billionaires are all vaccine related wealth? And you thought the shots were free…
    As the new SARS pandemic begins to overwhelm the surging masses come winter, groping for their next meal, the most important thing to do is to “shut off all the natural gas wells” to prevent the accidental release of any methane.
    The Democrats and the military will find Utopia as the realization sets in, for the green new deal to have “zero carbon emissions” this can only be accomplished with “zero consumers” to emit the carbon… The earth goddess Gaia will be pleased with the faithful for “saving the planet” for a “select few” and reward 70 virgins in Nerdvana. (With an option to catch a ride on a passing comet…)
    Yes, we will have a good laugh when we talk about the good old days when we were fighting over an election, when the entire economy was crashing down around our ears. Bread and Circus ignoring the troops passing over the Rubicon.
    It’s probably too late anyway, there is no safe place to be.

    Bill Francis said it before I could;

    “Sadly, we will see even more corruption of the election process. The left will say, it’s just a few errors so it’s ok.

    What should happen is the election in reversed and everything “joe” did is erased.

    I am dreaming because there is already no free speech, no education, no rule of law but a lot of corruption.

    I do hope you all have or will get more guns and ammo while you can.”

    Without the rule of law, there is no law. There is no constitution. There is no oath to the constitution or to the people that it represents. As the very words of our language become meaningless or changed, no law can be interpreted by any two people in the same way… The words of the constitution become meaningless to the uneducated, soon most of the population will be unable to comprehend anything at all… “it won’t mean what you think it means”. Belief will be stronger than facts, just as the mythical greenhouse is stronger than the second law of thermodynamics.

    I’m feeling very cynical and pessimistic tonight.

    PROOF! Election Fraud – Antrim County, MI.

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