Texas law school capitulates to leftist racist dogma

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The coming dark age: Because someone complained about a test question that required law students to write an essay arguing in defense of segregation (in connection with the defenses used prior to the Brown v. Board of Education case in 1954), the University of Texas law school capitulated and allowed any students offended by the question to avoid dealing with the details of this legal issue.

In other words, law students at the University of Texas can now get a degree despite never learning how to understand the opposing point of view. And the ones who will follow this policy are also the most fascistic, desiring to impose their will on all others.

Anyone who is donating to this university should contact its administrators now and tell them donations will cease unless they go back to becoming a real university. And the Texas legislature should reconsider its funding to the fake school.



  • Phill O

    The dark age IS upon us.

    At least you folk south of the 49th, have the guts to complain! That is one thing that makes America great IMHO.

  • Judy

    That’s bad enough! Another thing that surprised me was:

    “The Law School’s curve will then be applied to produce the required distribution of grades in our 1L course.“

    So they are mandated to produce fixed numbers (or percentages) of each grade? Doesn’t sound very objective. Can’t believe that each and every 1L class has students of identical ability.

  • Trajan

    unreal…I wonder, were they required to study or debate Ferguson vs. Plessy? a 7-1 decision in favor of separate but equal, which Brown in affect overturned…..if not that in and of itself is criminal…………

  • eddie willers

    Back in the dark ages, I would pick my doctor on the strength of his (or her) diploma.

    Now you can no longer trust the sheepskin and that throws doubt on the worthiness of minorities (except Asian) or females.

    Thanks, Affirmative Action!

  • Localfluff

    If you’re interested in political liberties, you could have a look at the arrest of Tommy Robinson who was arrested in the UK the other day. For sending a podcast on the street outside of a court building where Pakistani muslims were trialed for extensive child rapes (one of many such cases in the UK in recent years). Tommy was within 6 hours condemned to 13 months jail for that “crime”. He was convicted for a similar “crime” a couple of years earlier too, and was then knife stabbed by his almost 100% muslim jail mates. UK police obviously wants to have him murdered for real this time.

    It is in the UK illegal to report on the muslim pedophile trial or on Tommy Robinson. So the Brits are dependent on the rest of the world doing so.

    Th UK is an islamic state nowadays. They will launch their nukes on Israel any day now.

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