Texas Republican Party ousts leader to give Allen West the job

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The Texas Republican Party yesterday ousted its chairman to give former congressman and hard-nosed conservative Allen West the job.

Conservative firebrand and former Florida congressman Allen West will lead the Texas Republican Party into the 2020 election, after ousting the current chairman early Monday during a convention marred by technical difficulties. He vowed to use his post to push back against Democrats’ “progressive socialism.”

“I am sick and tired of Republicans being on their heels, being on the defense, always being reactionary with a party that as we see right now– they don’t stand up for the rule of law, they stand for rule of the mob,” he said during a victory lap on conservative media.

If anything, this decision indicates the continuing shift in the Republican Party from the milquetoast go-along-to-get-along types to those willing to fight the Democrats on all fronts. One of the reasons West lost his seat in Congress is because past Republican leadership looked at him with distaste, refusing to give him the kind of support he needed. That is now changing.


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  • Cotour

    Should have read: “Former Congressman and future president, Allen West”.

    My top pick for president, 2024 and beyond.

  • commodude

    Typo, ousted its chairman to GIVE…

    heaven knows I’m guilty of enough of them.

  • commodude: Fixed. Thank you.

  • commodude

    I’d vote for Mr. West over nay of the swamp creatures. He has a spine, where most of the swampdwellers just have a hand out for donations.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Splendid news!

    I’m with Cotour. West in the White House 2025 – 2033. Then Dan Crenshaw 2033 – 2041.

  • sippin_bourbon

    I have not had the opportunity to vote for Col West.

    However, if given the opportunity, I would without hesitation.

    Regardless of the results this November, there should be a an effort to draft him.
    Based on my understanding of GOPe politics, this position is a test. If he can hold/deliver Texas, they will consider him for higher office. Sadly, the GOPe would rather see him in a Senate seat, or return to the House. He goes a little too far off the reservation for the GOPe tastes. Too bellicose.

    This is also part of the problem with the GOPe. They do not like people bucking the system. You run for President when it is your turn. If you do wait your turn, they will protect you in the primaries, because it is your turn. That is how we ended up with Dole and Romney, why Reagan had to wait until 1980. They “punched their tickets”, and waited their turn. And the party stuck with them all the way to the concession speech.

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