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“That is a blatant lie.”

In a long fifty minute public interview tonight on the Tucker Carlson Show, embedded below the fold, a businessman outlined in great documented detail how Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, was lying when he said he had no knowledge and never participated the business dealings of his son Hunter Biden, including a partnership with a Chinese company connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

More details here. The businessman, Tony Bobulinski, was quite clear and convincing. Bobulinski outlined in detail two meetings he had with Joe Biden in connection with those Chinese business dealings.

[Carlson]: The former vice-president has said that he was not involved in his son’s business dealings and had no knowledge of them at all. But this sounds like direct involvement in them.

[Bobulinski]: That is a blatant lie. When he states that, that is a blatant lie.

Apparently this man has come forward because he knows Biden is lying, and in the process is smearing his name by accusing him of being a party to Russian disinformation. Bobulinski however is a Navy veteran who had top secret clearance. To be accused of literally being a traitor was too much for him to take, which is why he has gone public with his knowledge.

Watch the interview below. It is worth your time, especially now only a week before election day. Joe Biden is not only a liar, he has been willing to make deals with Chinese businesses that work for the Chinese Communist Party, and as Bobulinski notes, is very seriously compromised by all standards of national security. As president it will be very difficult for him to defend the nation’s interests, exposed as he is now as someone with deep financial ties to Chinese government interests.

Even worse, the willingness of almost every major news organization to bury this story condemns them forever as true partisan hacks with zero loyalty to the United States itself. They deserve nothing but of utter contempt and disgust from every American.


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  • MadRocketSci

    Off topic:
    Do you have your DNS records set up correctly? I’ve noticed that with many browsers I can’t seem to reach your site. Also, some of them are particular about the exact URL entry I use to reach your site. leads to a 404 error. works.

  • MadRocketSci

    Firefox works, waterfox (old style firefox clone) and my phone browser do not.

  • Diane Wilson

    To borrow a phrase, every word out of Biden’s mouth is a lie, including “and” and “the.”

  • Steve Richter

    here is the downside of fighting with the press the last 4 years. Not sponsoring people in social media who can appear on CNN to make the conservative case. Now when this story breaks, there is no one willing to mention it on democrat channels, and the story dies.

  • John

    “Even worse, the willingness of almost every major news organization to bury this story condemns them forever as true partisan hacks with zero loyalty to the United States itself. They deserve nothing but of utter contempt and disgust from every American.”

    What he said.

    Actual evidence, and a credible witness who was there…. nothing but crickets and censorship. Not one follow up question to the candidate for president of the United States.

    The Russians did this? What? How? What? What is wrong with those people?

    The FBI had the laptop for a long time. It was nothing but a means to blackmail the future executive branch to them. That is wrong enough, but ignore kiddie porn and you are Evil.

  • mkent

    “Video Unavailable: This video contains content from FOX News Network, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

    Looks like the video is now gone.

  • mkent: A quick search on youtube found it again. I have changed the embed. It is now available again.

  • James Street

    “top secret clearance”

    Q level clearance, to be precise.

    He has a former seal team protecting his family and Tony is moving around staying in undisclosed locations. Good reason. These people are that evil.
    Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  • sippin_bourbon

    I thought Q was a DoE clearance.
    Why would a SEAL need that unless he also works on Nuclear projects.

  • Jerry Greenwood

    12:16 Video taken down.

  • Jerry: Found another youtube link and embedded it. This is not a case of censorship, but of Fox protecting its copyright. However, in this case I think they err by stopping reposts of the interview, as it sells the network wonderfully, and will definitely increase its audience share in the future, the more it is seen.

  • David K

    Is it lying if you are in late stages of dementia and are answering the question as if it was 1980? Maybe he wasn’t corrupt then…

    As they say, it would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

  • Rick

    I wonder if they had to pay the Clinton’s a consulting fee?

  • MarcusZ1967

    Here is a backup copy of this vid on BitChute.

  • Marcus

    For what it’s worth, here’s another perspective.

    I believe people from both parties tend to view last minute accusations as politically motivated and tend to ignore them. In order to give the public enough time to make thoughtful decisions, I think it would be better for the country if evidence of wrongdoing was brought forward in a more timely manner when possible.

    The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings are a case in point. Blasey Ford brought credible accusations against Kavanaugh prior to Trump’s nomination, when there was enough time for an investigation to be done, or for Trump to decide to nominate another candidate from his list. But my understanding is that the Democratic leadership held back the information until Kavanaugh was nominated because that was viewed as the stronger political move. This led to a pointlessly polarizing and damaging confirmation process.

    I view the latest accusations against Biden similarly. The accusations are complicated and as far as I can tell all the information could have been released months or years ago, in plenty of time for another Democratic nominee to have been selected. As in the Kavanaugh case, this says nothing about the veracity of the accusations, it just strikes me as a political move not motivated by doing what is best for the country.

    (It does seem to be the case that both political parties are under the impression that beating out the other party at whatever cost IS in the best interest of the country, but I disagree)

    I like looking at primary sources whenever I have the time, so does anyone know if the Biden emails are actually available anywhere? I’ve only seen incredibly short snippets that don’t really prove anything. That is one thing I really appreciated about the Trump impeachment process. I could read the transcript of his phone call and make up my own mind. This would have been impossible if only a few selective snippets of the transcript had been released.

  • Cotour


    I generally agree with you, but these acts that we all witness are timed for maximum effect in the negative. And why is that?

    Because we, the audience, the American people are witness to the political realm and those political gladiators who have been empowered and those who strive to be politically empowered and the ongoing political warfare that is structured by our Constitution.

    “This led to a pointlessly polarizing and damaging confirmation process.” Its not pointless, its political warfare strategy.”

    Ideally we are all privy to all of the information that we need from both sides to make a reasonable and informed decision, ideally. But we do not live in an ideal world, we live in the real world where everything is fair in love and war. And make no mistake, this is war.

    Political warfare structured by our Constitution in the pursuit of a peaceful and bloodless transfer of power.

    And there is plenty that exists regarding the Hunter Biden computer that reveals what we all intuitively understand that was going on in Joe Biden’s world and his immediate orbit. 30 plus years of self serving and selling out his fiduciary responsibilities, a first class abuse of power.

    Let us not be naive, or idealistic.

  • Cotour

    Reasons to get used to saying, president Joe Biden?

    Come on man!

  • sippin_bourbon



    I disagree with calling them “credible”.
    Kavanaugh was not nominated out of the blue. He has been through the confirmation processes twice before. No allegations were made then. Dr Ford is a very well educated woman, so it is unlikely she had no idea.

    The “other” person she said she told did not support her story. When she did not support her, Dr Ford threw her under the bus and told the Senate she was mentally ill.

    She said she just wanted to say something anonymously, but her 2nd call was to the Washington Post. Not very honest.

    She says she told her therapist, who has notes on the subject, but refused to release them. She would have been able to release only the relative portions. This would be instant full corroboration. Kavanaugh would not get 3 votes after that, regardless of how late she came forward. Nope. She didn’t.
    Here is a good take down of her credibility:
    The most damning is that her story changed. It was four boy, then two, then one while one watched.
    Do I think she was assaulted. Very likely. Do I think she chose to take this event from her past to try to sink a nominee? Yes.

  • Cotour

    Significant: Glen Greenwald, who is a more Left leaning journalist, but I respect him as a journalist, resigns from the Intercept, a news organization that he founded.

    Why? Because he was being censored related to the Joe Biden / Hunter Biden scandal. An outrage.

    Greenwald and the several other younger journalists who are still journalists are the future of the news business. Those younger journalists that are on Youtube and similar are the future of journalism and NOT the massive corporate owned media interests that threatens all our freedom.

    Well done Glen Greenwald, this is not looking good, Joe.

  • Cotour

    What other journalists of note have had to resign because of the insanity of the Left and the Democrats they shill for?

    Matt Taibi.

    Taibi says, “The American Left has lost its mind”:

    Bari Weiss:

    And these reporters can in no way be considered Right wing or Conservative by a long stretch. Yes, the American Left and the democrat party that they shill for has become so “Politically correct” and so immersed in “Woke”, Leftist, “Social justice” agenda that they are being revealed for what they are. What are they? They are the real and present threat and the danger to our country.

    There play has been apparent to me and many others for the longest time, and they are being revealed now for exactly what they are. And who has forced it all to come to fruition?

    President, D.J. Trump. (Its not looking good, Joe and your Leftist / Marxist army that see this all as their chance to take over government and the country. Not this year.)

  • Cotour


    Below, this guy, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, who looks like a wizard character from the “Hobbit”, and the young, mostly Left leaning, “Politically Correct”, “Social Justice Warrior” employees that Twitter and the several other massive Social Media company’s that dominate the Social Media internet universe are actively censoring the American people and what they are ALLOWED to know and ALLOWED to communicate. All in the interests of their own political positions and candidates. All under the protections of Congress who has up until now protected them from being able to be held liable for what is transmitted over their platforms.

    This to me is a form of treason and clandestine sedition.

    This legal protection was implemented by the Congress in order to foster a more even competition in a young and very competitive internet environment. But like all things where human beings detect an advantage in business (And politics) these protected businesses are now in the process of abusing their power and they threaten in real terms the First Amendment and the American peoples ability to, 1. Freely communicate. And, 2. To be able to form their own opinions. A clear and massive offense to the spirit and intent of the Constitution. (They know best what anyone should be able to know)

    This growing threat to the Constitution and free speech must be dealt with by the Congress and those several protections that these growing and now very powerful Social Media company’s enjoy must now be removed. This is what now threatens your freedom America.

    (Mr. Dorsey, seen here just the other day testifying before the Senate is to me transmitting a not so subliminal degree of disrespect and contempt for the Senate and the Senators who dare to question him and his Left leaning at the minimum minions actions. He appears dirty, un showered and unkempt, and to me that is the major takeaway here. Prepare for battle America, that is unless they just buy everyone in Washington D.C. off.)×635.png

  • Questioner

    Neo-reactionary Curtis Yarvin (” Mencius Moldbug”) and Tucker Carlson speak very extensively and openly about the hidden, real power structures in America (keyword: Deep State).

  • wayne


    Dave Smith and Michael Malice
    on The Red Pill (December 2020)

    “Everything you perceive to be reality, is {expletive}. The entire meta-narrative that is constructed around you, is {expletive}. It’s not {expletive} to help you, it’s {expletive} designed to enslave you.”

  • wayne

    “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice
    Episode 167, August 2021.
    Curtis Yarvin

    “American far-right blogger and student of history Curtis Yarvin, once known as Mencius Moldbug, joins Michael in studio this week for a discussion on how he colonized “the red pill” from the Wachowskis, severe culture shock phenomena like Paris syndrome, our collective ignorance to the state of human degradation and order being violated by ugliness, why Curtis is more right-wing than Eric Weinstein, who will save the roads when the Roman Empire falls, a useful euphemism on Voltaire’s trip to Egypt, why Stalin won and whether or not the ruling class in America to have a more Stalinistic approach, the shallow floor of false sympathy exhibited by the Left, plus the children’s book that was too anti-Semitic for the Nazis, and so much more!

  • Questioner


    Thank you! Have you listened to exactly what Curtis Yarvin said in that linked interview with M. Malice (btw, both men are Jews) about Hitler, Stalin, FDR and the second world war (about at minute 40)? That should be an eye opener for you.

  • wayne

    I listen to Michael Malice on a regular basis, but I couldn’t tell you what they talked about in August.
    Ref Malice–When I think Malice, I think anarchist, not too concerned about his religious ancestry.
    (When I think Moldbug, I’m still not thinking about his religious ancestry.)

    Lex Fridman Podcast 200 (July 2021)
    Michael Malice

  • wayne

    Who is Curtis Yarvin?
    Malice /Fridman

  • Questioner


    I think Malice’s and Moldbug’s Jewish ancestry is important because it allows them to discuss certain controversial issues more openly without being attacked than if they did not have that ancestry. Both remain unsuspicious in a certain way. It gives them a kind of protective shield or a special freedom of discussion.

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