The 707 turns 60

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The sixtieth anniversary of Boeing’s 707 passenger jet and how it changed aviation history.

The pictures are cool, but read it for the history. Sixty years ago the ability of ordinary citizens to span the globe quickly and easily suddenly became possible, and that ability has changed the world.



  • joe

    This is what happens when you say to hell with it, we can do this and to hell with the bean counters, this was a can do moment! great find Robert!

  • mpthompson

    Very nice story. I love reading about such history.

  • Thanks for the link; it’s a great story. Flew on the 707 Frankfurt – Boston in 1975. I’m still looking to check off the 747 (!?), 777, and 787 on my ‘bucket’ list of Boeing airliners.

    Fun anecdote: Had the opportunity to fly on Hawaiian Airlines first flight of their first 717 in 2000. It still had the new plane smell.

  • Pzatchok

    To me the speed and range of transport and communications is the limiting size to a single societies size.

    The radio and jet aircraft have made the idea of a one world society or even government possible.
    Language is the next barrier. Break that barrier and all culture will start to meld into one at a far more rapid pace and more completely.

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