The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on ISS has detected a surplus of positrons, anti-matter electrons, that physicists believe are caused by the existence of dark matter.

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The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on ISS has detected a surplus of positrons, anti-matter electrons, that physicists believe are caused by the existence of dark matter.

The lead scientist of the experiment also emphasized that dark matter is not the only possible explanation, and that “The detailed interpretation of our data probably will have many theories.”



  • Thomas

    This could all just be more science fraud. Corrupt Cosmology scientists, in their never ending search for more funding, have to make ever more elaborate hoaxes- and “Dark Matter’ is just the latest. Taking their cue from phony global warming, they have made up an entire category of invisible matter, and now invent the numbers to justifiy spending over a billion dollars of taxpayer money. These scientists need to be investigated for fraud. Felonies may even have been committed.


    It could be cosmologists doing their job without having to put up with half truths, outrageous lies, mudslinging and smears by allies of fossil fuel companies. Unlike Climatologists they get to conduct actual science.

  • You might want to read this essay, Faster than Light?, something I wrote back in September 2011 soon after a team of physicists at CERN made the claim — since proven false — that they had detected evidence that neutrinos could move faster than light. I was struck by the open-minded reaction of physicists to this extraordinary claim, compared to the close-mindedness of global warming climate scientists to any challenges to their theories.

    That open-mindedness among physicists was and continues to be very inspiring. The minute such open-minded disappears, however, I will be the first to point it out.

  • Thomas

    Thanks Robert, I just read your essay, Faster than Light. I I do remember when the research was published, and you are correct, other physicists were open minded about the results from CERN. Thats because CERN is a world class, highly respected physics lab. So when they release data, its taken seriously- and also subject to peer review. As it turned out, they went back, did further research, and found out they were wrong. The point is they were allowed to conduct their research with dignity. No one accused them of being fraudulent, which is ALWAYS the charge, whenever any climate research is amended. Their were no charges of corruption. No ones name was dragged thru the mud.

    You claim climate science is close minded to criticism. You give the example of ‘other scientists’ trying to get data and being refused, and name Stephen McIntyre. But Stephen McIntyre is not a scientist. He is a consultant who worked in the mining business for many years. He has no training as a scientist, and no training as a climatologist. He is therefore UNQUALIFIED. If you look at the field of climate skeptics, it is filled with people such as Stephen McIntyre- people who are allies of fossil fuel industry, without scientific credentials, who nonetheless feel entitled to smear climate scientists.

    But to say climatology is not open to new data , or to criticism is simply untrue. The peer review process in itself is criticism. But its criticism done by people who are qualified.

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