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The Arizona election audit found significant issues that could easily have changed the final result

Maricopa County election audit
Click for full graph.

Now that the election audit of the biggest county in Arizona is complete and released, it is necessary to look at what it found. This article does a nice job of summarizing the audit’s conclusions, which in total make it very clear that a lot of corruption and incompetence occurred in the 2020 election in Maricopa County, some of it possibly bordering on outright election fraud.

The graph to the right, from the audit, illustrates this. In twenty-two different categories the audit found votes that should not have been counted because they were illegal or invalid in some manner. Of those, seven categories described illegal or invalid votes totaling more than 53,000 votes, five times the 10,457 vote margin of Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

Does this meant Trump won Arizona? Who knows? The audit did not determine the number of illegal or invalid votes that went to either candidate. What it did find, however, is that the entire voting system is corrupted and untrustworthy, and must be fixed.

The audit results have also revealed why the election officials in Maricopa County have been fighting this audit from day one. They clearly knew the election system was untrustworthy, and wanted to hide this fact, either to protect themselves from prosecution or to maintain their ability to defraud the voters.

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  • John

    But when you count the very likely fraudulent votes, biden clearly won.

  • Mark

    Eric Clapton last month came out with the stirring Anti Vaccine Anthem “This Has Gotta Stop”.
    There’s a rumor that upon hearing Eric perform that, and seeing that a new Culture War was brewing, Paul Simon wanted to write a new Protest song that would rival his ‘Peace like a River’ anthem in which Simon imagined himself under Martial Law. So he did some quick brainstorming and updated that song, and while he was at it also revised one of his 1975 Top ten hits. A few of these new lyrics leaked which you can see below. Simon now is looking into buying some Mexican property in order to create the Free Maricopa Pirate Radio station and start broadcasting the truth across the border.

    Votes like a River

    Stolen Votes like a river ran through our County
    Long past the midnight curfew
    We sat starry-eyed
    Oh, we were satisfied

    And I remember
    Misinformation followed us like a plague
    Nobody knew from time to time
    If the Votes were changed
    Oh, if the Votes were changed

    22 Ways To Cheat your Voters

    “The problem is all inside your head”
    She said to me
    “The answer is easy if you
    Take it logically
    I’d like to help you in your struggle
    To be free
    There must be twenty two ways to cheat your Voters
    Twenty two ways to cheat your Voters”

    She said, “It’s really not my habit to intrude
    Furthermore, I hope my meaning
    Won’t be lost or misconstrued
    But I’ll repeat myself
    At the risk of being crude
    There must be twenty two ways
    to cheat your Voters
    Twenty two ways to cheat your Voters”

  • Never let anyone forget: the burden of proof of the integrity of an election, is borne by those officials conducting the election. As a government entity, they do not enjoy a presumption of innocence (though the individuals themselves do enjoy that, with regards to criminality).

    And in the case of 2020, the integrity of the election has NOT been conclusively proven … nor is it likely that it ever could be conclusively proven, given the compromises in election processes implemented as a result of WuFlu panic-demic.

    The burden is NOT upon those questioning the integrity of the election.

    Let us not allow our elites to sweep this under the rug.

  • Mark

    Bob – the dearth of responses to your diplomatically worded Post on the obviously corrupt election system in Maricopa County is disturbing. My first reply was based on parody because openly discussing a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer is difficult, and humor sometimes can be helpful in our struggles.

    Imagine those 22 categories you mention in your post as 22 rushing tributaries of potential vote manipulations merging together into a swollen Mississippi like River of fraud. The ongoing media coverup of this real flood of fraud is an incredible magician’s trick.

    Looking into the mirror the day after an election and honestly entertaining the possibility that one’s vote has been stolen is disconcerting, and what is even more sickening is the thought that those who stole it consider you as an enemy to be crushed like subhuman trash. Maybe you should have titled your post “Is there Anybody out there that gives a damn that my vote was probably stolen?”

  • Mark … some are so assured, in their self-righteousness, that their cause is good and just, they are willing to cheat, and/or condone the cheating of allies, to further it.

    Others, who equate the “smooth” operations of our public institutions with effective protection of our liberty, don’t want to admit that those institutions have been compromised … and enable the cheaters to get away with the cheat.

    And there are millions more in both camps, than the 535 in Congress and the few thousand in state governments who facilitated this compromised election. Our government is a reflection of us, as our host keeps pointing out.

    To change that reflection to one that reflects the truth, respects our rights, and is capable of sustaining civilization, we have to go beyond backing one horse or another in a political horse race. Ordinary people must begin to QUESTION the world around them, then build trust in their own insights and NOT delegate their decisions to others – even if that looks like more risk and effort for them.

    This is essential to diminish the power of the self-righteous and their governmental enablers, and plug all our distributed intellect back in to solve the problems around us.

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