The arrival of the legal dictator.

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The government you deserve: The arrival of the legal dictator.

The real problem here is not that the state government in Michigan is trying to impose on Detroit an appointed manager with great powers, but that for generations the voters refused to fire the incompetent and corrupt elected officials (all Democrats as is usual in the big urban cities). The result is a city in ruins.


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  • Pzatchok

    Republicans need to STOP trying to save the people from the problems they themselves propagate by electing the very same people over and over again that got them into the trouble they are in now.

    They wanted democrats in charge leave the democrats in charge. In fact make sure democrats are the ONLY people they get a chance to elect.

    Just keep reminding them that republican ran areas are prospering. Well at least doing better.

    The best way to win a war is to let the enemy defeat themselves. Help them do it.

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