The assembly of Boeing’s CST-100 manned spacecraft is expected to begin soon.

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The competition heats up: The assembly of Boeing’s CST-100 manned spacecraft is expected to begin soon.

Boeing takes over the OPF-3 lease in late June 2014 following an official handover ceremony from Space Florida. Assembly begins soon thereafter. … “The pieces are coming one by one from all over the country,” Ferguson explained. “Parts from our vendors are already starting to show up for our test article. “Assembly of the test article in Florida starts soon.”

Granted, Boeing’s lease for its assembly space at Kennedy has not yet started, but the vagueness of the assembly start date is a bit curious, and suggests that Boeing won’t begin assembly until they know they have won the contract from NASA, the announcement of which is presently scheduled for late summer 2014.



  • Pzatchok

    I like how they say they have not started building it yet but all the parts and sud assemblies are showing up already.

    Back in WWII transport ship builders would hold contests between each other and even their own shifts to see who could build and launch a ship faster.
    They eventually ended up putting all the sub assemblies on the dock and then racing to assemble them in under 24 hours. ( don’t remember the final fastest time)
    The whole time claiming they were building the whole ship in those few hours. But if you added all the time it took to build and deliver all the sub assemblies it took months.

    Now Boeing is doing pretty much the same thing. Getting everything this far has taken years of work and expense.
    But soon they will be able to claim it only took them a year to actually build the ship and it only cost a years worth of money.
    Then they will use those number to try to claim they can do the same job as other private companies only better and for the same low price.

    They are still using the most expensive manufacturing process on the planet for something that could be redesigned to be built cheaper.
    As long as that good government money is coming in they are going to charge like a good government contractor. Out the wazoo.

  • Pithole Hermit

    I’ve been wondering why I am seeing lots of Boeing commercials on Hulu. Seems strange to advertise to me since I have no plans on buying anything from Boeing. Maybe it is a government contract thing.

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