The best (and worst) concealed carry states for 2013.

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The best (and worst) concealed carry states for 2013.

I am happy to report that my state, Arizona, is number one. And not surprisingly, the states from which I fled, New York and Maryland, are 46 and 43 respectively.

I strongly believe that where a government respects the right of its citizens to possess and bear arms, freedom will be strongly defended. Take a long look at these rankings. That the most heavily regulated blue states tend to be near the bottom and the less regulated red states tend to be near the top lends weight to my belief.



  • Surprised to see Oregon ranked 37th. I think the authors make reciprocity a bigger deal than it is for most people. Oregon is an open-carry state, and I can go into a gun store and walk out with a handgun three days later or a rifle the same day.

  • Pzatchok

    I’m from Ohio and have my CCW license.

    Its not really that hard to get.

    I took the two day class and received the license 20 days later. It was no harder than our hunter safety course and 8 year olds take that.

    It was 12 hours with 2 of them on the range. It turned out that our instructor was the same guy who trains all our local police officers so he was pretty good.
    In fact he informed us that except for the 2 hour shotgun course and 12 more hours of legal class we took the same class and passed the same course as the police do.

    I understand the reasoning behind the belief that we shouldn’t need training to exorcise one of our rights so we shouldn’t need training to carry a firearm.
    But I also can see the very reason we do need some kind of training. We had class members who had NEVER touched a firearm before and I ended up showing them how to handle their weapons just moments before going on the range.
    If we didn’t need firearm training then the CMP program would never have been started and the Appleseed program would never have sprang up.

    Ohio also issues for free CCW hand books for covering the legalities of carrying and actually keeps them updated quite often plus the state maintains a website for the latest CCW legal and rules updates.
    This is an important aspect of the permit.

    After communicating with several other CCW carriers from other states i can see that they NEED a course at least in the legal aspects. These people didn’t even know were and when they could carry inside their own states but they already had their carry permits.
    Thats like baiting a hunting area and taking free shots at anything coming to the bait. Its just setting up the people to fail at some point. To break some insignificant firearm law and lose their permit forever.
    Thats like issuing a drivers license with no training or practice and no final testing.
    And I don’t hear anyone crying about removing driver education courses.

    After running a few anti gun libs through the course myself they are flabbergasted at the shear amount of handgun and firearms law the CCW carrier ends up knowing. They are also surprised when they finally actually learn some firearms law and realize that gun owners are speaking the truth about the liberals who want to restrict guns out of the hands of all citizens.

    It might be unpopular but I see the Ohio 12 hour classes as a good thing in many ways.
    Those very same classes are also the reason Ohio does not acknowledge all other states permits. The states with little to no training requirements are the ones we do not accept.

    And for us to be accepted in Pennsylvania all we have to do is fill out their application, spend 50 bucks and they will issue us a non resident permit. Ohio’s class is accepted as training in almost all other states that require training. For the most part we just have to show our Ohio CCW and request a nonresident permit.

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