The big money for climate alarmism

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Want to make some big cash? Win some big government grants? Get some corporations to give you money? Become a global warming alarmist!

The article details the long list of government agencies, political organizations, and corporations eager, ready, and willing to provide money to anyone who will say we are all going to die because of human-caused global warming. And the amounts are not trivial.

Shell Oil since 1999 handed out $8.5 million in environmental grants. Like ExxonMobil, many grants flowed to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, but $1.2 million went to the Nature Conservancy; the remainder was spread to several different environmentally-minded groups. According to The Washington Times British Petroleum regularly gave to several environmental groups, such as “Nature Conservancy, the World Wildlife Fund, the World Resources Institute, various branches of the Audubon Society, the Wildlife Habitat Council.” It’s important to understand that these groups accepted the money BP gave them. The Washington Post confirms the Nature Conservancy pocketed over “$10 million in cash and land contributions from BP and affiliated corporations.”

Joanne Nova has documented the massive amount of money pouring from government into the pockets of individuals and groups associated with the environment. “The U.S. government has provided over $79 billion since 1989 on policies related to climate change, including science and technology research, foreign aid, and tax breaks.” $79 billion.

And how much has the author of this article, a scientist and skeptic of global warming, gotten for his skeptical position from big oil? The same as me.

In the interest of full disclosure, the total amount of any consideration I have ever received from any oil company, or any oil company affiliate, is, rounded to the nearest dollar, $0. But it was in cash. Skepticism of environmental apocalypse does not pay.



  • “The U.S. government has provided over $79 billion since 1989 on policies related to climate change, including science and technology research, foreign aid, and tax breaks.”

    To paraphrase Hillary Clinton: “Government spending has been cut to the bone.”

  • Cotour

    This may be the more betterer way to deal with this planet that we humans find ourselves living on and are in the process of “destroying”.

  • hondo

    “Repent – the end is near!”
    Who amongst us (old enough) can forget the iconic image of the robed bearded man with sandals wearing that placard during the 50s-60s.

    The goal wasn’t “the end” – it was the “repenting” – accepting the religious belief system of the man. “The end” was the convenient sales pitch.

    Nothings changed. Now we must accept the socio-political belief system of the new “man” (and all it entails) – or we will die.

    In the end – it’s all about the power to control people – for our own good of course and with the best intentions.

    I happen to own a bridge in Brooklyn, and willing to sell for a good price.

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