The box that built the modern world.

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The box that built the modern world.

A really fascinating, detailed, and well-written article about something none of us thinks about but has made our lives infinitely better.


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  • joe

    I look at these containers with a sense of ambivalence, in a society that has as much engineering might as ours, the container and container transport would have happened no matter what, it is a double edged sword in that it is great for free markets but not so great for local U.S. manufacturing. I like open markets and free trade, but its almost too easy to have it made somewhere else where pay scales are much less even though American productivity is generally higher than in third world manufacturing centers. However, those pay scales are rising in china and that production will shift to other economies and this cycle will eventually even out at some point with the U.S. getting some of that production back. I think that the container is definitely one of the catalysts that sped up globalization and put many American workers out of a job!, but hopefully Asian workers will unite to press for higher wages and living standards that should come from hard work and advanced engineering at all levels from modern plumbing to modern medicine and modern manufacturing, much of this can only happen if you get rid of despotic governments and the crony capitalists that come with them!

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