The cat who co-authored a physics paper

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Link here. The paper not only was peer-reviewed, the university even considered giving the cat a position as a “visiting distinguished professor”!



  • wayne

    I’m all-in with anything that (safely) involves more-and-better, cats-in-space, but I must draw the line with Physics.

    In another dimension of peer-reviewed papers, this one holds the current record for ‘the most co-authors ever,’ at a whopping 5,154 listed co-authors.
    (No information on how many of them are in fact, cat’s, or work in the cafeteria.)
    “Combined Measurement of the Higgs Boson Mass in pp Collisions at s √ =7 s=7
    and 8 TeV with the ATLAS and CMS Experiments “

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    Perhaps Bob’s cat could add an occasional “Meowsings” article.

  • wayne

    D K– you are on to something!

    (Was sorta hoping Laurie would dive in & construct a pun or turn a humorous phrase from this topic!)

    My wife was a hardcore fan of Lilian Jackson Braun, but I’m not seeing that particular Title in my bookshelf. (“The Cat Who Co-Authored A Physics Paper.”)

    (… )

  • Localfluff

    You might want to make something out of this. How will this work in the debate?

    – (Trump:) I didn’t get what you said. But I’m glad I didn’t get whatever you’ve got!
    (Maybe under the desk in the Oval Office, Bill caught this STD for you? Ejaculating in the non-reproductive end of a woman seems to cause throat cancer. Nature has its ways of selection.)

    I thought that Hillary would be jailed before the election. Now I think she will die before the election! So who’s the (very temporary) vice president now again…

    If I said this before, I repeat it here as the most important advice to enemy Hillary:
    – Hide Hillary hide! Run! Run for the Hills Hillary.
    I bet she will refuse to participate in any debate with Trump. He’d bite her head off live (or almost alive) if she does.

    Did she get an amphetamine pill by an aid in that video clip? Amphetamine was invented to clear throats.

  • wayne

    While I do often enjoy your “flair,” me-thinks you are somewhat over-the-top, on the Hillary vs Trump (cage-match-of-the-century) thought. (just sayin’)

    I’m not a medical-doctor & I refuse to actually diagnose people long-distance, but I’ve completely satisfied myself— Hillary is sick.

    Personally, politics completely aside, I wouldn’t let her watch my g-daughter, or my cat, and I’d never (ever, in a billion years) literally give her the keys to my car.

    Look up “traumatic brain injury,” (and check if her picture is there) & then let your imagination run wild.
    I still maintain, “if cats had thumbs, they’d be (overtly) running the World.” And apparently… they’ve been influencing Physics, since 1975. (that could explain a lot)

  • Frank

    And the cat does not care what his peers think.

  • wayne


    Logan’s Run: Cats (with Peter Ustinov)

    I guess “peer-review,” actually means, “we’ve agreed we’re too busy writing our own paper’s, to actually read anyone else’s.”

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