The coming Obamacare chaos

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The coming Obamacare chaos.

The article is a very detailed summary of the many problems caused by Obamacare, from increased unemployment to loss of healthcare insurance to higher premiums to higher debt. Everyone should read it. However, the most important question is laid out in the very first paragraph:

The biggest political problem faced by so-called “liberals” and so-called “progressives” in President Obama’s second term is how to prevent voters from holding them politically responsible as the public comes to realize how badly they were lied to during the first Obama term to win passage of Obamacare.

It is going to be the number one priority of all Democratic politicians and their allies in the mainstream press to somehow find a way to blame Republicans for Obamacare. The question will be whether they will succeed.



  • wodun

    They will blame big pharma, insurance companies, and greedy doctors. The only solution will be more government mandates and regulations.

  • D. K. Williams

    This article only scratches the surface of the mess this law is creating.

  • Publius 2

    Whatever arguments they make, they cannot deny their assertions at the time — echoed by the compliant media and their uncritical supporters — that Obamacare would lower healthcare costs for all Americans. That was the biggest lie. Given that no Republicans voted for Obamacare, that the bipartisan vote was against Obamacare, and that the White House and the Democrats insisted on shoving this monster down our throats, they are going to find themselves at a complete loss to explain what happened — other than they lied, they knew they were lying, and they didn’t care about the lie. Methinks the country’s state of slap-happiness is about to come crashing to a halt. The only worry: the persistent cowardice among the GOP leadership. Example: Speaker Boehner has the power, right now, to defund Obamacare completely. Republicans everywhere should be asking, why has this not been done?

  • We know they lied, but an alternate explanation would be stupidity.

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