The coming shrinkage in the healthcare industry because of Obamacare.

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The new America: The impending shrinkage in the healthcare industry because of Obamacare.



  • My wife and I were speculating today how long it would be before our health insurer is forced out of business by Obamacare.

  • Patrick

    Well since the laws and rules were written by the health insurers lobbyists I would think that industry will be the last to be taken over by the government.

    The first to go will the hospitals and the doctors, they supposedly control the prices, or at least that is who will be blamed. As doctors and hospitals slowly refuse to take government patients because they doesn’t pay enough for the bills the hospitals will be taken over by the government.
    Then medical students will be offered a nice deal. Work in the government hospitals and have your school loans paid off. Doctors and nurses who do this will then be offered the chance to become government employees. (so the gov doesn’t have to pay that other unions wage rates.)
    They will be offered a great retirement to offset the lower wage.

    Eventually the insurance industry will be blamed like the rest of the healthcare industry will be, and at that time they too will be taken down.

    The insurance industry was conned into Obama care and they are just hoping that enough money into the right hands will keep them alive.
    They have been played.

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