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The corruption centered on Mueller and Comey

President Trump might have his ethical issues, but at this point the questions surrounding him don’t hold a candle to the corruption revealed in two stories in the past two days about former FBI director James Comey and Special Council Robert Mueller.

The first story describes in enormous detail the flat-out whitewash that Comey and the FBI did in its investigation of the classified Clinton emails that had been found on an unclassified laptop owned by former Democratic congressman and convicted child molester Anthony Weiner. That whitewash included outright lies by Comey before Comgress.

When then-FBI Director James Comey announced he was closing the Hillary Clinton email investigation for a second time just days before the 2016 election, he certified to Congress that his agency had “reviewed all of the communications” discovered on a personal laptop used by Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, and her husband, Anthony Weiner.

At the time, many wondered how investigators managed over the course of one week to read the “hundreds of thousands” of emails residing on the machine, which had been a focus of a sex-crimes investigation of Weiner, a former Congressman.

Comey later told Congress that “thanks to the wizardry of our technology,” the FBI was able to eliminate the vast majority of messages as “duplicates” of emails they’d previously seen. Tireless agents, he claimed, then worked “night after night after night” to scrutinize the remaining material.

But virtually none of his account was true, a growing body of evidence reveals.

In fact, a technical glitch prevented FBI technicians from accurately comparing the new emails with the old emails. Only 3,077 of the 694,000 emails were directly reviewed for classified or incriminating information. Three FBI officials completed that work in a single 12-hour spurt the day before Comey again cleared Clinton of criminal charges. “Most of the emails were never examined, even though they made up potentially 10 times the evidence” of what was reviewed in the original year-long case that Comey closed in July 2016, said a law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the investigation.

Yet even the “extremely narrow” search that was finally conducted, after more than a month of delay, uncovered more classified material sent and/or received by Clinton through her unauthorized basement server, the official said. Contradicting Comey’s testimony, this included highly sensitive information dealing with Israel and the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas. The former secretary of state, however, was never confronted with the sensitive new information and it was never analyzed for damage to national security.

Read it all. It clearly shows how corrupt and partisan Comey and the FBI have been in their investigations of Clinton and Trump. They were and are working for the Democratic Party, and have been willing to do practically anything to depose a legally elected Republican president.

The second story shows how Mueller and Comey used their positions of power in the Washington government to funnel millions into their pockets by favoring Lockheed Martin in contract awards in exchange for big payoffs.

And yet we are supposed to believe what these guys say, and impeach Trump based on their opinions? The intellectual dishonesty that pushes this insane idea appalls me.

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  • Cotour

    There is only one solution to the many seen overt and unseen covert problems before us.


  • Orion314

    All chapters of the Democratic party. The american people have ran out of cheeks to turn.
    Being reasonable is no longer an option we can afford. The DNC cries out for blood. Hoping they swim in it.

  • Cotour

    Spinning, spinning and more spinning.

    Lanny Davis, long time lawyer to the Clinton’s (And that in itself tells everyone what this is really all about), is representing Michael Cohen, knowingly makes erroneous claims that in this case attempt to paint a particular type of picture using the media co conspirator media against the president. This is political death by a thousand cuts method of attempting to take someone out.

    Lanny Davis, like any lawyer worth his salt would not know the truth if it ran him over. Why? Because non of this is about truth or morality, its about politics and some how acquiring and or retaining power.

    Lanny Davis “Misspoke” and then clawed back his slanderous statement, a slanderous statement that by design can not be unheard by the public. At least one side of the public anyway.

    In the end everything comes down to the two sets of laws that have been crafted for Hillary Clinton by the Obama DOJ and Loretta Lynch and James Comey, and these actions by the FBI and DOJ players must all be to some great extent reconciled and in addition at some point Hillary must face the music. Period.

  • Col Beausabre

    Cotour – Lanny Davis, like any lawyer worth his salt would not know the truth if it ran him over. Why? Because non of this is about truth or morality

    Welcome to the legal world ! I once dated a lawyer – a democrat no less – (we met when she had been Maid of Honor and I was Best Man at a wedding) for about a year. Anyway, I once mentioned something about a trial getting to the truth of the matter. Robin looked at me with pity. “A trial has nothing to do with the truth – it is only concerned with what the law is” And I learned that’s not a viewpoint unique to her or the Left. Any first year law student gets any notions of “truth” hammered out of them. That’s the reason we seem what seem like nonsensical verdicts and sentences and trials turning on loopholes

  • Cotour

    Its a heart warming story :) And it only lasted a year (dodged that bullet), I am certain that she was delightful.

    My general and continuing point about lawyers and politicians here on BTB, who are mostly lawyers, is that many who are not lawyers apply their everyday moral and truth standards to the things that lawyers say and do. This is part of the constant confusion and conflation that gets people to apply rules to something that those rules do not apply to. Two conversations are created, one running under one set of rules and the other does not matter.

    I have a lawyer friend who I recently pointed out that during the French revolution they came to understand how to deal with lawyers when their rhetoric and general activities became intolerable. He had no comment.

    And I have to admit that he is a self loathing lawyer, at least he has the sense to despise himself for what it is that pays his bills. But they do serve their purpose now and then.

  • wodun

    The Obama administration literally rigged the investigation into Hillary. It wasn’t just the FBI, text messages show that Obama wanted to be informed about everything.

    The same people who rigged the Hillary investigation were put in charge of spying on the Trump campaign and now are investigating him with the Special Counsel.

    Stormy Daniels lawyer is a Democrat political operative who got his start doing opposition research in Chicago for the Democrats. Lanny Davis is a long time Clinton lawyer. Many of the women accused by Trump during the campaign were paid by the Democrats and represented by Lisa Bloom, a political operative.

    The special counsel is packed with people with conflicts of interest, even including a lawyer who defended the IT worker who destroyed Hillary’s server. Mueller himself isn’t just conflicted because of his relationship to Comey but because he was head of the FBI and covered up numerous Obama scandals.

    Even many media outlets are tied up in this through active participation with the corrupt politicians and government workers.

    The more we know, the more rigged the entire things looks.

  • Cotour

    “She made a bad mistake” (Hillary’s entire career?).

    Lanny Davis is what he is a Hillary partisan and spin meister, always has been and always will be, a true believer and now he is buried in the Cohen defense. What changed Cohen’s mind about Trump? According to Davis it was, Helsinki? Helsinki.

    And believe it or not there are people eating and digesting this crap and calling it good. I think its those chicklet like teeth that say it all about Lanny Davis, car sales man, the very worst kind. Every word that he chooses is painstakingly chosen specifically to further the big lie, Hillary just made a mistake. Just one mistake.

  • BSJ

    “Might have his ethical issues.” Really, you’re unsure about this Bob?

    The man is nothing but an “ethical issue”!

  • Cotour

    With this trajectory of digging into things that have no business being dug into this will develop to a point where both sides are going to have to come to a political compromise or the majority of Washington power players will all be taken down, arrested and jailed.

    Both Mueller and Comey would be at the top of this list and as it obviously leads to Hillary that will be the tipping point if she goes down, she will ensure that they all go down.

    And I am not sure that this can be reigned in at this point, it may have reached a critical mass point and it must all come out and result in a true cleansing. We can only hope. What will drive it? The absolute desperation of the Left, they are not able to dial it back.

    We may have come to the point where S.O.M. is no longer able to justify itself and remain covert. This accumulation of 70 years of corruption and incestuous and unchecked perverted anti Constitutional behavior in Washington may just be cleansed and reset. (?)

    And if it does it has the potential to go very deep, from revealing details and truths about JFK, to 911, to Russia, to China corruption and more, there is the potential to be a cascading effect. How deep will all of this go if there is a true melt down?

    I suspect we are all going to find out the answer to that terrifying question fairly soon. And it will be good in the end when the smoke clears.

  • Cotour

    Mueller a Bush facilitator and legal system hit man?

    This is a very interesting history video, any of this sound familiar? The deal was done as soon as Trump B slapped G.Bush sr’s little boy Jeb and made him NOT the president. (?)

    S.O.M. in full operation.

  • Cotour

    Keep piling it up, pile it high.

    Why the Mueller investigation is going away, fraudulent from the jump, chocked full of the fruit of the poison tree. An overt abuse of power to the max. Government agents / employees working for the Democrat party to effect their choice for president and fraudulently initiating secret FISA warrants violating several Americans civil rights to do so.

    It don’t get much bigger than this.

  • Cotour

    Q: If all four FISA warrants, which has further been established to be fraudulent and fictitious through the Ohr testimony, and the Mueller special council investigation being based solely on those FISA warrants (And the discredited lie that is the “Dossier”) why is Mueller still continuing his investigation? (Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. Sessions)

    And, continuing the logic to end the fraud, all of the many, many conflicts of interests all of the high level law enforcement players in the FBI and DOJ have and have plainly been demonstrated, including Muellers. A total outrage that in the end will bite them in the ass, if not in court in the court of public opinion at the ballot box in the mid term elections.

    Every American, no matter their political affiliations, should be outraged at this revealed real and actual conspiracy by their own government that has violated several American citizens civil and Constitutional rights and the outright fraud being perpetrated on the public.

    Why do we not hear for this fraudulent investigation and the resulting legal consequences of it and the tainted fruit of this entirely poisonous tree be ended? Or, an even better question is: Why has Mr. Mueller not directed this fraudulent investigation towards the obvious direction that is this the demonstrated fraud?

    I think the only position to take for anyone who has been subpoenaed by Mueller is to refuse to respond and to question the root justification of Muellers special council investigation and take it to court, right up to the Supreme Court. No one at this point should be participating in it based on the many revealed facts that are known, forget about what we do not know.

    (The questions about Mueller and what he is doing and not doing is a rhetorical question, the answer is obvious)

  • Jwing

    Their ultimate alibi continues to be their “prosecutorial discretion” and that they cannot disclose anything due to the “ongoing investigation”!
    So, they get to chose who they investigate and then hide behind the investigation so the public is kept ignorant.
    Not this time Robert and James!

  • Cotour

    Every email sent and received by Hillary Clinton has been revealed recently to have been sent at the same time to the Chinese while she used her own illegal server system. Every top secret message.

    AND it is being proposed that this may have been an arrangement (?) with the Chinese. I would have to have the real hard evidence before me to believe that it was more than just plain stupidity. But the Globalization of the world model, a model that the Chinese would easily have dominated is the Democrat / Soros model. Anything is possible at this point.

    H. Clinton: “If that EFR wins we will all hang by nooses!”. Maybe its even bigger than we think it is? She has to know what she is talking about.

    Could it have been as arranged instead of mere stupidity? Now that is a question worth answering. So we ask the question: Mr. Mueller do you have any interest in this subject now? No?

  • Cotour


    Today the FBI made a public statement countering president Trumps claim that the Chinese hacked Hillary’s illegal email server system by inserting a program that forwarded every email, secure and top secret that she sent and received.

    One problem, the FBI and the DOJ leadership, government employee’s all, have traded their credibility as established by ever increasing amounts of evidence after they chose to become a political weapon for the previous administration. How? By fabricating secret FISA warrant justifications in order to spy on NOT their presidential choice. Clearly an offense to the Constitution and their job description and fiduciary responsibilities.

    The president, based on several individuals in the know which would include Congressman Louie Gohmert and other security professionals proposes that the Chinese indeed did hack all of Hillary’s emails while she was the Secretary Of State and the FBI was warned of it and they did NOTHING.

    Q: Were they instructed to do nothing? Would it have just made Hillary look too incompetent just before the presidential election that she was sure to win?

    Who do you believe? For me, not the FBI. The FBI and the DOJ leadership today is in protect mode, the leadership of the FBI and the DOJ has allowed themselves to become too partisan when they are required to be neutral. And again through accumulating testimony and evidence they no longer have credibility. And THAT is a BIG problem.

    All of this at some point will have to be revealed and reconciled, right along with Hillarys many offenses, I mean “mistakes”. And I further ask the reasonable question. Q: After Hillarys unexpected loss and in the days before he left office did Obama pardon Hillary and her cohorts and we all are not aware of it? Can a pardon be kept secret?

  • Cotour


    Documented instances of Russian collusion including: Christopher Steele, foreign spy, Brice Ohr, #4 man at the DOJ and, wait for it………………..Special Council and political executioner, Robert Mueller! And to add insult to injury Hillary and her campaign was right in the middle of it all and wrote a check for at least $1 million dollars for the now famous and discredited “Dossier”.

    “Recently released documents reveal “confirmed socialist” former spy Christopher Steele “appeared to ask” former fourth-ranked Justice Department official Bruce Ohr for help on behalf of a Russian oligarch who once spent $25 million at the request of then-director Robert Mueller’s FBI.

    Steele famously compiled the opposition research dossier then-FBI Director said contained “personally sensitive aspects” that were “salacious and unverified,” and was paid for by Hillary for America and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

    That dossier cited information drawn from a “senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure,” a “former top-level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin,” a “former senior intelligence officer,” a “former top-level Russian intelligence officer and Kremlin insider,” and a “former top Russian intelligence officer,” indicating Steele colluded with Russians to compile it for the Clinton campaign and DNC.

    Now, in addition, the new documents suggest that Steele approached Ohr on behalf of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska “after rumors the U.S. might impose sanctions.” D. Caller

    Finally, actual instances and evidence of Russian collusion with a Russian Oligarch. What do you think about that?

  • Cotour


    Then will come Stone, Roger Stone, Nixon tatoo and all.

    In the end the Mueller special investigation is IMO going away, fraudulent to the core, a contrived legal tactic where all of the investigators should all be recused and many of them should be investigated for very serious collusion, conspiracy and corruption.

    Yes, going to get very interesting.

  • Cotour

    Listen to a very interesting line of questioning that Lindsey Graham takes with Brett Kavanaugh.

    Beginning at 25:45 Graham beings talking about 911 and that we are still legally at war since 9/14/2001. He then makes a distinction between criminal law and military law. Graham sets up a question and the concept of collaboration with the enemy and the penalties suffered for doing so.

    Is this a set up question and related specifically to the torture issue in the Bush administration and some opinion that Kavanaugh may have written related to it, or is it related as a general narrative question related to people then and now who have in some way collaborated with the enemy or a foreign power against our government?

    A very interesting line of questioning.

  • Cotour


    OH, we have the NYT’s revealing an article written by a supposed mole within the White House strategically coordinated with the release of the Bob Woodward book on the Trump administration, all happening just before the midterm elections. All ever growing desperate attempts by the government within the government and their media co conspirators to retain power as that power is drained from their hands and their own real corruption and really what will turn out to be sedition that is and has been perpetrated against the president and the country and against their own Constitution. A very bad perspective to have chosen to take, should have just sucked it up.

    This abuse of power breakdown that we are witnessing right before our baby blue American eyes is, while it makes many nervous, a very good thing. This chaos is where real change and not some BS political “change” as we are lead down the Socialist / Leftist path to the destruction of freedom emerges from. This is where a true re-founding of sorts of America comes from.

    What is on the horizon will be unbelievable to many, it will scare many to their core, but it will all turn out to be true and will work out best for our freedoms and our country. The true political cleansing is on the horizon.

    As we understand this these revelations must be positioned through legal evidence before the public’s eyes so that they can not be unseen should the power in the Congress in the midterm elections not be held by the Republicans lest it all be buried by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Mr. Rosenstein is going away as is Mr. Mueller and their contrived operation and coup against president Trump is fully revealed.

    Believe little to nothing you hear and see in the media, most are your not your friend but many are your enemy, your own desperate Left leaning and heavily invested in corruption media enemy’s. MAGA

  • Cotour

    Question the existence of a “Deep state” and their intent related to power and who is president and who gets to choose the president? Why does John Podesta essentially recognize one? He certainly should know. (Why is John Podesta daring to have the confidence knowing his involvement is so deep in it all to be tweeting on these subjects may be the more important question. He has no fear of consequences for his actions? Maybe that will change soon and he will fast develop a fear? We can only hope).

    John Podesta Tweet: Sept, 5, 2018: “Real Witch Hunt begins: ‘The sleeper cells have awoken’: Trump and aides shaken by ‘resistance’ op-ed”

    What should logically be coming down the road?

    1. Rod Rosenstein must recuse himself or be fired.
    2. Mueller must recuse himself or be fired.
    3. President Trump will declassify documents that establish the real collusion within that threatens our country.
    4. Sessions and Huber will be revealed as tools of the deep state or true patriots. Could go wither way?

    The New York Times anonymous “resistance” article is but one in the many desperate acts that the Left will attempt to derail Trump. NYT’s = MSM = The Enemy Of The People. These overt actions by the NYT’s are clearly aligned with a particular political philosophy and want and need to have president Trump removed from office or made ineffective. Because he fundamentally threatens their entire model of existence, supporting the Leftist / Socialist / Globalist model of the world where America is JUST another country. This is what Trump means when he says the Main Stream Media is the enemy of the people.

    The NYT’s does not just report the news which would be valid journalism they are active warriors in a particular political philosophy and act in the interests of that philosophy to the detriment of the duly elected by the people and our Constitutional system president.

    Make the distinction, much of the Main Street Media is not your friend they are political operatives in search of securing power for a particular political philosophy.

  • Cotour

    Was the NYT’s Trump White House insider article a USC students essay?

    The Mighty Cassandra, Twitter, Sep 6th:

    “The Op-Ed, in its entirety as you see on the screenshot, comprises the whole essay. I clicked in the settings to delete matches that INCLUDED citation. No student- one presumes-would include an entire essay w/out citation in her own paper. Unless she’s an idiot.”

    “Sep 5, shortly after the release of the Op-Ed, the #Anonymous essay popped on as a 100% match to a USC student essay handed in, surprise, surprise, Sep 5. Now, lest you say, “Maybe a proactive student wrote ABOUT the Op-Ed!” No….”

    The New York Times, enemy of the people?

  • Cotour


    Remember Lindsey Graham at the Kavanaugh hearings went out of his way to establish very specifically that we are technically still at war since 2001 and their are two sets of laws that relate to it, criminal law and military law.

    Graham: “You do not have a Constitutional right to turn on your own government”. What is being established that many in high places in elected positions and appointed positions and employment positions in government have been undertaking in just the past few years? They have been and still are participating in just that.

    Lindsey Graham speaks to and embraces Huma Abadin Weiner at John McCains funeral, and Trump Chief Of Staff General John Kelly gives Graham a sign? I saw that and I am watching you? I am just scratching my eye? (But why is General Kelly so intently staring at Graham all the while and General Mad Dog Mattis also has his eye very specifically focused on Graham during the encounter.) Something? Nothing?

    And then we have John Kasich being interviewed by the CNN genius / Liberal operative Chris Cuomo, what did Kasich just say? (Please repeat that) It does not appear to be a manipulated clip to me. Why would you make such an unusual verbal mistake during an interview? Kasich is an old pro at being interviewed.

    Information or disinformation?

    Getting weirder and weirder, soon it will be weird on steroids, things never before seen or revealed in America and American government history. Soon Trump will have to declassify the supporting and every day more certain fraudulent FBI / DOJ FISA warrant information that allowed Obama to spy on his campaign and then it will roll out from their I am assuming. Rosenstein gone, Mueller gone? Many in the high offices of both the FBI and the DOJ have already been fired or demoted and are preparing to be fired, for no reason?

    There has never been a more important mid term election in American history, 2018 will determine the course of the country and the world for sure.

  • Cotour

    The president will eventually declassify the fraudulent and contrived FISA warrant documentation which allowed Obama and the DNC to spy on the Trump campaign. The White House lawyers council the president to NOT release the information because it will appear that he is attacking the Mueller investigation. DUH! Do you think? (It needs attacking)

    If the information and evidence indicates that the entire Mueller investigation is fraudulent then in time the president must release the information, redacting any compromising information that may threaten any non related secure information.

    Why will this now happen? Because many in the Congress have indicated that they too are frustrated with the evidence that has been uncovered related to the FBI and DOJ leadership involvement in what is clearly a political hit job / coup by that leadership and he is no longer in jeopardy of impeachment if he executes the declassification. Mueller as is Rosenstein are up to their eyeballs in this what can only be characterized as an attack on the Constitution and the people right to choose their president.

    This will probably happen in the next few weeks and before November for the obvious reasons.

    And who paid for most of it? The person who has been the focal point of the entire operation to empower their choice for president, Hillary R. Clinton. And somewhere in this we will all find out whether Obama has clandestinely pardoned her and her cohorts, then we will be on our way.

    I will take a half of a loaf here if necessary, you know what Trumps lawyers must be advising him that the resulting chaos may be detrimental to the country. I say Trump pulls that trigger, its the only way out of this mess.

  • Cotour

    Hannity interviewing Carter Page. Hannity, Sarah Carter, Greg Jarrett and others, like him or them or not really have been the point of the spear throughout this entire episode in American government collusion, corruption and abuse of power and attempt at a bloodless coup.

    Soon, soon.

  • Cotour

    Q: Does anyone have any idea about how large the law suit that Carter Page could be filing against Strzock and Page and the FBI might be?

    I heard Carter Page say that all he would pursue was $1.00, but I have to think that the potential is tremendous. And as this all falls apart for the FBI and the DOJ we understand that the “cleansing” is nigh. As the emails dribble out and then the potential for the president to release the classified FISA details, it does not look good for the “Deep State”.

    Things are progressing as per expectation and the only reason that I have optimism about any of this is because Trump is the president. And that is the only reason.

  • Cotour


    Where is the Manfort deal really going to lead to? To Trump? To collusion with the Russians? To obstruction? To impeachment? To removal? Nooooooooooo, I don’t think so.

    This Manafort deal will lead to the Podesta brothers, will lead to lawyers within the Mueller special council itself, to Rosenstein, Comey, Ohr, Strzock, Page, Mrs. Ohr, Susan Rice and many, many others in the FBI and the DOJ and the DOS leadership. And ultimately after the FISA documents are declassified by the president and Carter Page is compensated for the violation of his civil rights eventually it will rest at the door step of you know who, BHO and HRC and the DNC. Who knew about, inspired it and drove it all. (Or that is where it should land if there was a true sense on justice left in America.)

    The Mueller investigation like I have been pointing out for many months now is going away because it will be / has been demonstrated through evidence that it was a contrived political operation based in the lies of clearly biased political players within the government agencies charged with the investigation. It is essentially the poisonous tree. Then of course it will bleed into………………..Uranium One.

    The question remains: How will they put the brakes on it all? We certainly live in interesting times.

  • Cotour

    Further thinking about this situation a question pops into my head:

    Given that it is being established that the FBI leaks and contrives at least some of their evidence that they present to the court to secure their warrants, how many cases might be able to be appealed based on this new evidence?

    Where does this end once it is set off? The political realm will have to make its deals, it won’t be pretty I am certain.

  • Cotour


    “Fake News” or Shaped News? The American media, formerly journalists (Were they ever true journalists?), have clearly and demonstrably taken sides and it is clearly Liberal and supportive of the Liberal and now Leftist Democrat narrative in its tone and content. There is no question or doubt.

    Everyday American Democrats take note, this is not who you truly are. You may not personally like Trump but these kinds of activities by government agencies subverts our entire system to where we are no longer needed. The FBI and DOJ will be choosing the president from now on? I think not.

    I spoke to a female Democrat today who can be rational and objective albeit grudgingly when it is demonstrated to her facts and reasonable conclusions derived from those facts. She watches Rachel Maddow, Morning Joe, CNN and the like. Hates Trump to the core.

    She has not heard word one about the redacted 21 pages of the Carter Page FISA warrant that the FBI is refusing to allow the Congress to see. And it has been redacted because it is reasonably thought to implicate the FBI leadership in collusion and conspiracy against a sitting U.S. president and a private individual.

    Has not heard word one that the president may well declassify it nor is she aware of the Peter Strzock / Lisa Page emails which clearly lay out an FBI / DOJ conspiracy against Carter Page and D.J.Trump the candidate and D.J.Trump the president. All very serious violations of the Constitution to say nothing of the criminal and seditious aspects of their activities. Has heard nothing on the media she watches. This is not by mistake but by agenda.

    If you are reading this and are also unaware of these facts, and there are many more, I suggest that you begin to look around and see what you can see because in this most extreme example of political warfare your Constitution is in jeopardy.


  • Cotour: Key words: She “hates Trump to the core.” She will never accept any data you tell her. Period. Nor is she alone. It strongly appears to me that she represents a solid half of the country. And that half is planning to support the Democratic Party in the next election so that they will have the power to impose their will on the other half.

  • Cotour

    Follow up:

    How will the political realm limit damage? This may turn into a runaway train.

  • Cotour


    They are now openly promoting treason against president Trump.

    In their desperation the Democrat leadership has crafted and signed a letter to the intel community demanding that they defy the presidents legal order to declassify the Carter Page FISA warrant redactions and the other ordered documents. These redacted documents will no doubt clearly demonstrate where the collusion and corruption has lived, in the previous administration, from the very top down.

    “Your agencies’ review, and any communication with the White House on the substance of the material, should not proceed further until you have briefed the Gang of Eight in person,” the letter orders.

    DC-based lawyer Will Chamberlain called the letter a constitutional crisis and urged the GOP to consider taking action against the lawmakers who signed.

    “The letter was signed by Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senator Mark Warner, and Senator Charles Schumer and sent to Director Coats, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and Director Wray.

    “Your agencies’ review, and any communication with the White House on the substance of the material, should not proceed further until you have briefed the Gang of Eight in person,” the letter orders.

    DC-based lawyer Will Chamberlain called the letter a constitutional crisis and urged the GOP to consider taking action against the lawmakers who signed.”

    These Democrat politicians know where this is all going and its going to be very bad for them. And that is a good thing, their treasonous actions for these many years must be dealt with. MAGA

  • Cotour

    Rod Rosenstein either being fired or resigning today?

  • Cotour


    Someone spoke to me today about the Mueller investigation, they laughed when I told them my position on it so I prepared this for them to keep for future reference.

    Ultimately: These are some basics.

    1. Comey will be indicted for his lies to Congress and his actions related to government property and secure information related to his interactions in his capacity as the director of the FBI with the president in his instigating the special council to be begun. In addition to support this, many other FBI leadership players will also be indicted, many have already been fired for cause and / or demoted.

    2. Mueller himself is conflicted seeing that he oversaw the Uranium One payoff to Hillary & Bill Clinton by the actual Russians, among other things. Remember the Clinton’s received $145 million into their Foundation as a facilitators tip from the Russians. Bill himself went to Moscow to collect $500K for a “speech” from Putin just before or as the deal was completing.

    And no one would have dared stand in the way of the deal knowing that Hillary was going to be “The next president”, it was a lock. But that fear of Hillary does not make it justifiable to surrender your fiduciary responsibilities to your office and look the other way while Hillary sells the country out for her own benefit.

    A conflict of interest means in this case that Mueller himself has an interest in a particular political interpretation of the facts of the case that would favor one side over the other. He is in fact conflicted as established by evidence. Mueller should be no where near this investigation as it is.

    3. The special council investigation is manned only by Democrats and in particular Hillary supporters who worked for her and who have contributed $$$$ to her campaign. Would you want to be investigated by the same? Would you find that fair and impartial? No.

    4. IMO this eventually will be going to the Supreme Court because of these main arguments and after it is decided that from the jump the investigation is fraudulent and the people involved are all conflicted all of the prosecutions as a result of the fraudulent investigations will or should be thrown out, and or the president will justly pardon most if not all of them. Including Cohen? Maybe?

    This is not a criminal investigation, this is a political action as a function of political warfare. Mueller is just a political warrior and is not interested in justice of any kind, not in the context that you see it anyway. This is political warfare.

    In the end the lesson? Do not bet against Trump.

    You might be interested in saving this email for future reference.


  • Cotour


    The special council’s office has taken the very unusual step of making a statement related to a Buzzfeed assertion that the president had Cohen lie for him to Congress.

    How desperate are the media and their Democrat handlers and conspirators, this is very, very desperate and the special councils office is forced to call them liars for the obvious reasons.

  • Cotour

    You just can not make this stuff up.

    “We stand by our reporting and the sources who informed it, and we urge the Special Counsel to make clear what he’s disputing,” BuzzFeed News said in a statement to The Hill. BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith also shared the statement on Twitter.”

    I reiterate, 2019 is going to be anything but a boring year.

  • Cotour

    This is where the salvation of America lies, squarely on the shoulders of Bill Barr.

    DiGenova is trust worthy, he knows Barr well, Barr becomes the bad actors Republicans / Democrats (and Muellers) biggest problem.

    When he is installed as attorney general your great desire for reconciliation and justice in some way shape or form will be fulfilled. Although I can not say to what degree, you will probably get half a loaf and not the entire loaf as you desire. But thats politics and these decisions will have to be made and the down side must be limited to some degree.

    I watched most all of the Barr testimony, a serious dude who understands what has gone on and how desperately America needs a strong attorney general, who will never surrender his fiduciary charge as Attorney General as some Democrat Senators were attempting to set in motion. Barr IMO will appropriately drag those bad operators who clearly have abused their power in government and law enforcement giving cover to the political realm into the legal realm.

    So in the grand scheme of things, half a loaf is better than none.

  • Cotour


    Ex Clinton adviser, Mark Penn, simply explains how and why a special council was created.

    Trump dared to fire FBI boss, St. James Comey. And McCabe, Rod Rosenstein and St. Comey, all employees of the government and not elected officials, were not going to let that stand. Who by the way I am certain will all be indicted, among many others.

    And Comey, an investigator, instead of refusing to do Loretta Lynches job, the head prosecutor, and handing his report on the fraudulent non prosecution recommendation of Ma Barker (Hillary) to the deputy of the DOJ to handle and decide whether or not to prosecute her for her many listed by Comey himself in his bizarre never before seen press conference CRIMINAL security offences that she herself created with her private illegal email server. (“You mean wipe it with a rag?”)

    Comey should have refused and should have resigned if further pressed by Lynch to do her job.

    The Bill Clinton tarmack had its intended effects on the head of the DOJ, Lynch. Just one more woman that Bill Clinton compromised and manipulated to his ends. And not a feminist among the Democrats could detect it.

    And either way whether Hillary won or Trump won the presidency, ST. COMEY WAS GOING TO BE FIRED! Why? Because he was operating outside of his fiduciary responsibilities and he was creating new law and procedures within the agencies that he in fact compromised and badly damaged.

    I have said it before, if it were me the first order of business as president would have been to demand St. Comeys resignation, without doubt.

    That is really what this is all about, Comey, and the creating of two sets of laws, one for Hillary and one for everyone else because she was suppose to win the presidency.

    But failed, thank God.

  • Cotour

    Back up: FBI attorney, James Baker:

    Its all about protecting Ma Barker, every move, every distraction, every lie, every broken agency rule and protocol, every BS press conference, everything, its all about Ma Barker. Why? essentially because of the real fear that she cast over all who came to know her and her ruthless ways. Gengis Khan has nothing on her.

    Fear is a prime / primal motivator and survival tool, and she wielded it like Thor’s hammer. And Im sure she still wields and threatens with it in the shadows she is now hiding in.

    And a point of interest, Ma Barker as the secretary Of State was an appointed position, she was an employee of the administration and not an elected official who has the extra protection and gray area of the political realm. Although she may enjoy some executive protections, she was still an employee, serving up the people of the United States and its Constitution up to the highest bidder, THE RUSSIANS!

    Its coming, one way or another, it is coming.

    And without “IT” happening our country remains at risk.

  • Cotour

    Funny, I see Trump in exactly 180 degrees terms from Jerrold Nadler, Liberal / Leftist Democrat of NY.

    Same time frame, 155 years of history from when Lincoln was the president. I see Trump as the savior of the country because of his lack of political savvy and distruptive nature to the entrenched corruption and perversion that festers in Washington D.C. that manifests in anti and un American policies and actions.

    And Jerrold Nadler also see’s Trump as the disruptor and destroyer in Washington D.C., but he desires to remove him because he wants Washington D.C. to remain status quo.

    Anyone who is able to observe the politics of the day and understands the nature of politics and the nature of man to abuse the power related to that power who is unable to understand that this must change and desires for the satus quo to remain and gain in power, perversion and corruption is IMO a tool of that perversion and corruption. A true enemy.

    The Founders knew so well their task in constructing the counter balance to it all, The mighty Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

    Once again, well done you old, white, slave owning, freedom loving, abusive King hating, history comprehending, nature of man understanding, capitalist men of the thirteen colonies. Brilliant!

    (Can you tell that I have time on my hands today?)

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