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The corruption in Washington DC

If you think there has been any draining of the swamp in Washington DC with recent elections, think again. The passage this weekend of the new tax package illustrates that the Republican-led Congress really is little different than the Democratic-led Congress that passed Obamacare without reading it.

PJMedia asked Rounds if he would have time to read the full text before casting his vote.

“No, because the entire bill, there’s two separate parts, first of all, there’s a summary of what each of the parts does, that part we’ve been able to read. The actual text itself will be completed and then it will go into a conference committee where it will come back out again. So most of us have looked at all of the analysis of each one of the sections, section-by-section, that part has been completed,” Rounds told PJM on Capitol Hill on Friday evening.

“But there will still be more work to be completed in terms of the actual fine language within the bill itself.”

In other words, we need to pass the law to find out what’s in it.

This stinks. Though there is some evidence that the new tax law will lower taxes (which generally is a good thing), no one really knows what the law’s full consequences will be. A responsible Congress would never pass such a thing. Congresses before the 1960s never did.

Laws are made of words. If you vote for a law but don’t know the words that actually make up the law you guarantee that some of those words will impose tyranny. This process, and the law that results, is no different than Obamacare, and will likely result in similar disasters.


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  • Laurie

    When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice;
    when the wicked rule, the people groan.

  • ken anthony

    Being held accountable is so passe. It didn’t start with the following, but I see it as a turning point when they no longer had to vote to raise their own salary but just made it automatic and no torches and pitch forks emerged.

  • Cotour



    This is what the people of America’s money is being used to keep quiet to the tune of $15 million + dollars, empowered Democrats and Republicans, and of course the Hollywood elite. Do you like knowing that your tax money is secretly going to pay off sexually abused minors or otherwise?

    “Reports that Congressional sexual assault settlements were often billed to taxpayers further reveals an endemic tolerance towards sexual abusers in positions of power. In November 2017, Fox Newsrevealed that between 1997 and 2014, hundreds of women were paid $15.2 million in total in awards and settlements for Capitol Hill workplace violations. This recent episode provides a small glimpse into the ongoing attitude of leniency surrounding unchecked sexual abuses.

  • wodun

    no one really knows what the law’s full consequences will be. A responsible Congress would never pass such a thing.

    I don’t think it can ever be predicted the full range of outcomes when changing tax policy. Not having 100% certainty shouldn’t prevent this or any other legislation from being passed because that would lead to paralysis. Politicians should be up front with uncertainties but most importantly, look at the outcomes of their programs and make changes to their assumptions and policies based on results.

    Everyone in congress should have read the bill. It isn’t nearly as long as Obamacare. In fact, not only should they have read the bill but they should have assigned staff to read different sections and provide analysis. But part of the problem is that bills are always changing. They need a period of time where no changes are introduced.

    I suspect what we will see is that some people will pay more in taxes and some people less, but probably not the groups predicted by the DNC media. Some people will pay more due to simplifying the tax code, removing some deductions. This will generally be people making higher than average incomes. But maybe not in all cases if the deduction for state taxes is included.

    These are often people who think we should pay more in taxes anyway, so why would they be upset? Because just like everyone else, people want to keep what they earn. This could put pressure on state governments to get their affairs in order without punative taxation.

    The cries of raising the debt by $1 trillion seem overblown. Numbers like this are usually over ten years, so it really isn’t a lot of money and there is plenty of room for the alarmists to be wrong. Since we are already running deficits, congress should be working on cutting spending regardless of the tax plan.

    I’m always skeptical of anyone who says people getting to keep the fruits of their labor or reducing the ability for congress to waste money is a failure. The only way to reduce the power of government and deep state tyrants is to reduce their funding.

  • Cotour

    There are consequences to elections, and this tax change is one of them if it should be passed.

    If the votes exist, for what ever reason, then its going to happen. Obamacare being an example of one of those instances of the consequences of elections. We will see where it goes.

    Remember, Trump is very different from what has existed in the presidential position for the last 30 years and so throwing the dice on a different path seems a worth while exercise because the path we have been on is a non sustainable nor American one.

  • wodun

    Remember, Trump is very different from what has existed in the presidential position for the last 30 years and so throwing the dice on a different path seems a worth while exercise

    So far, I have been impressed by Trump’s actions, if not his tweets. Our ruling class and their media co-conspirators are a bunch of clowns though, so Trump fits right in.

  • Cotour

    Trumps Tweets are the best part. Why?

    Because it appears that all he is doing is controlling the news cycle, plain and simple.

    And I provide an example of why its does not really seem Trump reacts or tweets based in ego, he responds based in rather fairly carefully chosen issue opportunities. Here Eminem the rapper calls trump out with some nasty rapp lyrics.

    Trump totally ignores him, makes Eminem nuts.

    Lesson? Don’t bet against Trump because he is a natural winner. There is more going on other than “Insanity”.

  • Edward

    So most of us have looked at all of the analysis of each one of the sections, section-by-section, that part has been completed

    What they have looked at is an analysis of something that isn’t what they will vote upon. This is two levels of misdirection (or indirection in C-language pointers).

    I once had a teacher who admonished us not to confuse the map for the territory. It looks like our lawmakers have confused a “map” for a changing “territory.” The analysis is not the bill.

    The analogy to Obamacare may not be exact. Obamacare can hold that president’s name because he modified how it was enforced in ways that were explicitly different from what turned out to be in the law, once we saw what was in it. Historically, Congress has been insistent that budgets — or the spending part of the budgets — be followed exactly. No line item vetoes are allowed, and spending MUST be as specified in the budget. Congress has gone to court over these matters. For Obamacare, Congress let him modify anything that he wanted with hardly a peep. It was the rest of us who complained.

    Congress did ask Obama to exempt them and their staff from Obamacare (without changing the law), because it was too expensive for them, so there was one example of a Congressional peep — in favor of illegally unilaterally modifying the law. If Congress and their well-paid staff cannot afford it, what chance do the rest of us have? (There is even a $50 million athlete who wants healthcare included in his contract. A $50 million employee even thinks that he can’t afford Obamacare!)

  • Cotour



    Its coming.

    Its swirling around in the atmosphere, getting weightier and weightier, awaiting a place and time to alight.

  • Cotour


    The son of former vice president Joe Biden and the step son of former Secretary Of State John Kerry got the Chinese to “Invest” in their hedge fund company to the tune of $1.5 BILLION dollars while on an official trip with vice president Biden to China.

    And Hillary only got $125 million from the Russians for for her OK on the Uranium One deal, what an amature.

    These kinds of perversions and personal enrichment and sell out deals to our frenemies, the Chinese and the Russians are designed to keep everyone happy and at peace. And I am certain that both Joe Biden’s son and John Kerry’s step son redistributed the proceeds from their deal into projects like new houses and big boats in the United States.

    This is what is known in politics as trickle down economics. And you thought that the Democrats did not believe in such things.

    And the same goes for Ivanka Trump receiving several unobtainable trademarks from the Chinese government. Its all good in the family when attempting to garner favor with the powers that be in America.

  • wayne

    Steve Bannon
    “Committee on the Present Danger: China”
    April 2019

  • Cotour

    I happened to notice my post from 2017 from above and found it interesting that things have pretty much played out as per thought at the time related to the actions and in actions related to the FBI leadership.

    The wheels of justice turn slowly.

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