The crooked politics behind the Obamatrade deal

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And the crooked politics are coming mostly from Republicans, including Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin).

The problem here isn’t the bill itself, it is the manner in which Obamatrade is being enacted, written in secret and classified so that the public cannot read it. No elected official should vote for any bill or law that is not available for the public to read and review. Yet these guys are pushing it, a law that apparently will cede more power to the President at the expense of Congress. Knowing the language of such a law is critical.

It does appear that a growing number of Republicans in the House are going to oppose this travesty. I pray that enough come forward to stop it. And if the vote is taken and there are any Republicans who vote for it, such as did Cruz and Rubio (who hadn’t even read it), they will reveal themselves to be wolves in sheep’s clothing, not to be trusted.



  • Cotour

    I gave up on Paul Ryan long ago, he is a chosen one who is steeped in the numbers, Cruz surprises me (not really, nothing happening in Washington now surprises me) and it was established that Rubio is an in experienced tool that is had been successfully manipulated by his seniors, although in the end he or Scott Walker will probably wind up being the republican candidate for president.

    This is where such things as this trade arrangement where American politicians agree to surrender American sovereignty comes from and from where the next president of the United States will be anointed and emerge. We will see which candidates attend next years meeting.

    Pure Strategy Over Morality (S.O.M.), George Washington no where to be found. What politicians are saying and doing does not make sense? Seems 180 degrees from what a reasonable American thinks they should be promoting? Things at this level of power do not “just happen”. The concept of the One World Government is no longer something that is to be laughed at and those who say it are called crazy. Not so crazy now is it? We are on the verge of living it.

  • Cotour

    Paul Ryan Channels Nancy Pelosi ? He proves my previous point, maybe he sees that empowering this president will translate to a Republican president having the same power? I do not want to further empower any president of any party, I want the Congress to actually do its job, have restraint and reason and America in mind as they counter balance the power of the president. As is the design laid out in the document that they all apparently have grown past.

    Multinational corporations awash in cash, buying what ever and whom ever they need, middle class Americans income falling or stagnant as they loose their jobs or have two or three jobs to live, healthcare industry purposefully destroyed, most politicians willing to surrender their fiduciary responsibility for money in some form, etc, etc. Don’t look good.

    That is of course assuming that we Liliputions have no vision and can not see or understand the wonders of this brave new world and possibly inevitable new paradigm in world organization. Is it just me or am I being a bit paranoid with cause?

  • Cotour

    How close do these activities come to being labeled treason? And, seeing that Denny Hastert has been revealed to be paying 3.5 million dollars hush money (blackmail?) for his past indiscretions, who among the law makers is also being pressured in a similar way either by fellow law makers or foreign powers?

  • joe

    To me, it seems as if the agenda of the U.N. mission has been a one world order, agenda 21 being just one example, this has been more of an open conspiracy with most saying you are nuts for even mentioning such a thing. Paul Ryan has been a large disappointment to any rational conservative voter as is Ted Cruz if he does indeed support this unconstitutional bill. I am torn with regards to Hastert’s issues, on one hand its his money and he was being blackmailed, on the other hand he attained this wealth in what fashion and he abused his position of authority even before he became a politician, and just how did he gain this wealth?

  • Cotour

    We will know Friday after the vote whether Cruz is what he says he is or that he is just a talking head that attempts to distract those who are looking for true American leadership. He will have one hell of a lot to explain to his followers that he was willing to jam a secret agreement that would effectively usurp American sovereignty down the throats of the American people as was Nancy Pelosi, a vial woman IMO, willing to embarrassingly explain to everyone about the Obamacare vote. (Her honesty actually opened the eyes of many of us, me being one of them.) I would suspect that Cruz’s support of this agreement would realistically end his presidential run since it would be so counter to what he says is his philosophy.

    Hastert just demonstrates that most all of us would come to such high positions of power with certain vulnerabilities and those vulnerabilities can become tools of manipulation to those who would use such information to their own ends. And “THEY”, who ever they are, and Im sure there are many, would use it if they though they had to. At this level of power they all Im sure live in fear for their own health and safety as well as their family’s when going against the real powers on the planet.

    I call it Strategy Over Morality, S.O.M.. We The People because we live with each other have a moral perspective, it ensures continuity, those who operate at these levels of power either have no morality or morality is optional as a function of their position. When we believe that they are operating using the same rules playing in the same game as we are then we are being too subjective and naive and we have the counter intuitive things going on in our own government that we are witnessing today.

  • Frank

    Rather than take a stand, so many republicans appear afraid of crossing Obama, the democrats and/or the MSM. The goal has become “getting along” or to make compromises with those across the isle to get reelected, as opposed to standing up for the constitution whatever the cost. Get a spine or get out!

    Who will lead?

  • David M. Cook

    We The People are supposed to lead!!! Too many of us have chosen to remain out of “Politics” for various reasons and now these choices are resulting in disaster! We need to put the pressure on any and all politicians who are making these decisions, because they are deciding to enlarge their bank accounts at our expense.
    Cotour has it right – the middle class is being systematically destroyed. This is the class where people have enough money & “clout” to actually put pressure on our elected officials, which is why they are under attack, from both sides! Dems want poor people who clamor for gov’t handouts and the Reps want cheap labor in order to put more money in their pockets! The whole thing STINKS!

  • Cotour

    The economy may really be so fragile and our military may be so disemboweled that no one wants to rock the boat, or instability is what is threatened and no Republican wants to be tagged with that responsibility.

    I am sick of it all, you can only react for so long, then you must act.

  • Um, Cruz is a senator. He has already voted for the fast track legislation when the Senate approved it. The vote on Friday (should it happen) is in the House.

  • james lavalle

    Well then I want to hear how he justified that vote. I want to hear how any of them justify further empowering this president or any other president in this way.

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