“The debate is indeed over. The side that lies loses.”

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Guess what debate is over and for what reason. Link here.


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  • Max

    Debates? Fascist don’t debate. Facts are not relevant when you’re debating with a loaded gun. Whether it be Executive Order / IRS / fathwah it doesn’t matter, whoever has the biggest gun wins. How else can they say over and over again that the debate is over? Obviously we have not got the message so now the talk is of penalizing global warming deniers. Yes, the thought police are starting to arise! I hope they don’t excommunicate me, that would be terrible…
    At the worst, they would deny me my carbon tax exemption make me pay full price. Not just for hydrocarbons, carbohydrates are carbon as well.
    Cap and trade does not just apply to Manufacturing, Theoretically if you do not pay for your carbon offset, they can stop your carbon dioxide release!
    That may seem crazy, or extreme. So let’s do a side-by-side comparison:
    How many people have died due to carbon dioxide or sea level rise In the last century. Now how many tens of millions have died just because their government wanted to get rid of useless eaters? You human nature deniers are doomed to repeat history.
    As for Arctic ice, Ice Age is said to have ended 16,000 years ago. The original buildings erected at the South Pole 60 years ago are buried 60 feet under the surface. That’s an average of 12 inches of new ice a year. Is it just a coincidence that 3 miles of ice is nearly 16,000 feet thick?

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