“The Democrats in 2014 should by all means be asked relentlessly to defend their monster.”

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“The Democrats in 2014 should by all means be asked relentlessly to defend their monster.”

As its Oct. 1 implementation date arrives, ObamaCare is the biggest bet that American liberalism has made in 80 years on its foundational beliefs. This thing called “ObamaCare” carries on its back all the justifications, hopes and dreams of the entitlement state. The chance is at hand to let its political underpinnings collapse, perhaps permanently.
If ObamaCare fails, or seriously falters, the entitlement state will suffer a historic loss of credibility with the American people. It will finally be vulnerable to challenge and fundamental change.

Still in New Mexico.


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  • R. Cotour

    Perverted laws such as this one IMO are attempts by the liberal / socialist, under the label of compassion and equalization of economic advantage to ensure / enshrine their power structure in any government. Their intention, under the label is to create dependency and not equality. This is the biggest fraud and disrespect that is perpetrated on the masses, specifically in this example, the American people.

    Their must be a reasonable parting line established where reasonable compassion is separated from the creation of a dependency class and that class as a part of the strategy is transmitted from one generation to the next. There by ensuring their continuation in power and relevance. These schemes are bound for failure at an extreme cost to both the individual and the culture / society. This is an illness!

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