The disaster of state-run Obamacare health exchanges

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Finding out what’s in it: This article, mostly about the impending Supreme Court decision on whether individuals in states with no state-run health exchanges can receive federal health insurance subsidies, contained this significant little bit of information about the overall failure of Obamacare:

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia established state-based exchanges. But more than half of these exchanges are already inoperable or are facing budget shortfalls. Even after spending $4 billion in federal grants, the track records of state-based exchanges have been nothing short of calamitous. In fact, at least three state-based exchange efforts — Maryland, Oregon and Massachusetts — are now the subjects of federal investigations.

This astonishing track record bears repeating: Only 16 out of 50 states chose to create state health exchanges, even though the law stated that by not doing the citizens of the remaining 34 states would not get federal subsidies (the whole point of the Supreme Court case). Yet, of those 16 that did create exchanges, more than half have failed to work or have gone over budget, after wasting more than $4 billion in federal funds. On top of that, three are now under investigation.

And obviously, according to many mainstream press reports, if the Supreme Court upholds the actual language of the Obamacare law — written and voted for solely by Democrats — and voids federal subsidies in the remaining 34 states, it must be the Republicans fault. They had the nerve to not agree to this law, and refused to vote for it!

But then, this all fits in with the modern logic of our cultural elites, who also think a man can be a women and a white person black, merely because they say so.



  • Cotour

    Given what is going on right now, right in front of everyone’s eyes, by both party’s, in our government, how likely is it that the Supreme Court will rule on the actual words contained in the now law “Obamacare” ?

    I am not confident, maybe they will come to a decision and choose to keep it secret.

  • Dick Eagleson

    maybe they will come to a decision and choose to keep it secret.

    Enough with this dim-witted tinfoil hat/black helicopters crap!

    The Supreme Court doesn’t make secret decisions. There wouldn’t be any point. Given that SCOTUS’s decisions instruct the rest of the government in how to apply particular points of law, there is no way any of their decisions could be secret; as soon as one saw what the government was doing by way of applying a law in dispute one would know what the decision was even if it was never formally published. The SCOTUS can decline to hear cases but it can’t decide them in secret because their decisions have easily traceable consequences.

    Get a friggin’ grip!

  • Cotour

    I think it has been well established here that nerds, NASA and other wise, are sarcasm challenged. Sorry, I did forget my Edward sarcasm alert. Please forgive me.

    Are you an engineer or another variety of nerd?

  • Cotour

    I have not been disappointed (sarcasm) today by the Supreme Court, they are all in.

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