The disaster that is in Obamacare in 15 charts.

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The disaster that is in Obamacare in 15 charts.

The charts are very comprehensive, covering everything from the rise in premiums to the economic damage the law is causing.



  • joe

    This is not insurance, this is a massive tax increase, next will be a carbon tax on all fuels, motor and heating/cooling, the increases in premiums amount to a new car payment and the deductibles insure that for the most part the insurance company pays nothing, yet they will still go bankrupt and we will again foot the bill for a bailout because you know, they are too big too fail!

  • Thunderbunny

    Totally unrelated but-

    You might tell John Batchelor that his website is down- some kind of error. (I have no idea how one would go about contacting him.) :P

    Anyway- I love your site Robert! Keep up your skeptical criticism of agenda-driven pseudoscience and of our clueless leaders in government!


  • Kevin R.

    Not to mention the precedent it sets destroying freedom of association and right to contract.

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