The dismal predictions of the future from the first Earth Day in 1970.

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Chicken Little report: The dismal predictions of the future from the first Earth Day in 1970.

I especially like the last two predictions, since I expect them to sooner or later become popular again.



  • JGL

    I always remember George Carlin’s judgment on what man’s purpose is on the earth:

    The earth just wanted plastic and the only way it could get it was to invent man to produce it. After that has been accomplished to the necessary quantities the earth will just shake us off, we have served our purpose.

    Carlin was a master observer of the hubris of man.

  • jwing

    Well, one prediction of the 70’s thankfully came true….disco died. Yea!

    The ozone hole scare amounted to just that…a big hole.

    The alar scare whimpered out.

    Bell bottoms, polysester leisure suits and large-collared colorful satin shirts went to way of the 8-track tape.

    Central Park and the N.Y.C. subways were cleaned up and renovated so as to be safe and beautiful again.

    In spite of the doom and gloom from the left and enviromentalists lo these many years…they are now truly sounding like broken records of….Disco.

  • As for #8 on the list, have you seen the air over a major Chinese city?

    Many of the items on the list have the qualifier “if present trends continue” or some variation thereof. Progressives see a snapshot and think it’s the whole movie.

  • joe

    In my grandmothers first sixtyfive years, she said that we were supposed to run out of oil at least 4 times, this was in the early 1970’s she lived to 102, we never did run out of oil or gas!

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