The dying Palestinians in Syria

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Link here. If you want to really understand the corrupt and evil nature of the Palestinian leadership, you need only read this one article.

A Palestinian refugee camp has been under siege for more than 1,660 days. Hundreds of the camp residents have been killed, while tens of thousands have been forced to flee from their homes.

Those who have remained in the camp — mostly the elderly, women and children — live in unspeakable sanitary conditions and drink polluted water. More than 200 Palestinians from the camp, which has been under siege since 2013, have died as a result of lack of food or medicine. The conditions in the refugee camp, by any standard, are horrific.

Why have most of us not heard about the hair-raising “living” conditions that characterize this camp? Because it is not located in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. The name of the camp is Yarmouk, and it is located about five miles from the Syrian capital of Damascus.

More than 100,000 Palestinians used to live in the 2.11 square-kilometer Yarmouk camp before the civil war erupted in Syria in 2011. By the end of 2014, the number of the camp residents had plummeted to 13,000.

And what has Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas done about this?

While his people are being killed, starved, displaced and denied medical treatment in Syria, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas appears to be more concerned about US President Donald Trump’s recent announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Picking a fight with the US administration has become a daily national sport for Abbas and his top officials in Ramallah. Hardly a day passes without another Palestinian Authority statement strongly denouncing Trump and his administration’s policies toward the Palestinians. But when it comes to the suffering of Palestinians in Syria, Ramallah is mute.

Palestinian leaders who hold regular meetings in Ramallah simply ignore the atrocities their people face in the Arab countries, especially Syria. Instead, the leaders devote most of their time to issuing condemnations of Israeli settlements and the Trump administration, as if Palestinians are not being killed by the thousands in an Arab country.

The 82-year-old Abbas, meanwhile, has made clear where his priorities stand. Instead of searching for ways to help his people in Syria and the Gaza Strip, where hospitals are facing a deathly shortage of fuel and medicine, Abbas has just spent $50 million to purchase a “presidential plane.” [emphasis mine]

Remember the last detail highlighted above the next time Trump announces that he is cutting funds to the Palestinian Authority. It is clear that any money given to them is not going where it should, and should therefore be cut off.



  • Laurie

    I have some trepidation posting this, and to to be clear, I support the nation of Israel – and I see what is going on domestically and also with Iran – but this is a perfect opportunity for Israel to (air) drop humanitarian aid rather than simply targeting its enemies in Syria with airstrikes. Israel has frequently extended support in the face of humanitarian crises – for instance offering medical aid to foreign civilians and combatants. I’m sure such action would be applauded by many Israelis, and the optics wouldn’t hurt, either.

    Of course the same goes for Syria, Russia, Iran, Jordan, Turkey – and the US too. I speak literally and figuratively, for “the poor you always have with you,” more so as the world gets smaller.

  • Localfluff

    No no no! Air dropping humanitarian aid on the “refugee” camps would provoke more Palestinian terrorism against Israel and jews all over the world (like in my hometown Malmoe in Sweden which has become uninhabitable for jews because of the threats from local government supported islamists). The purpose of the camps is to make naive people in the West feel sorry for the islamists and donate money to their terror leaders. It has worked extremely well for them during the last 70 years and has always been the Palestinian politicians greatest if not only source of income. Misery is their only “export” income. If the camp situation was solved, it would mean the end of the Palestinian leadership. So because it is not a problem, but a way of extorting money from the naive and uninformed, much like the gypsies also take slaves and mutilate them and force them to beg in public, it will never ever be solved, unless by all of them being killed one way or another.

    You know that the camps were built in 1948, 70 years ago. So all who actually fled have died of old age. So they cannot be called refugee camps anymore. The number of people living in those camps is now estimated at 5 million, while 750,000 fled in 1948, so they are obviously thriving.

  • wayne

    Nazi Collaborators –
    -Mohammad Amin al-Husayni aka the grand mufti

  • Localfluff

    Yeah, well, it is pretty evident that when in war one seeks alliances with every enemy of ones enemy. (That’s why all US Middle East policies have been so humiliatingly defeated ever since the victory in Desert Storm, because the enemy’s enemy is your enemy too). Germany supported Indian revolutionaries too. And not as a payoff for stealing their swastika, but as a method to to weaken the UK. 100,000s of jew-hating islamists fought for France and the UK. Actually, those were the ones to go on and take politically powerful positions in the Middle East we got after the war. There exists no similarities between islam and naziism 1300 years later.

  • wayne

    “ST: Tarsus IV”
    [Conscious of the King]

    “The revolution is successful. But survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. Your lives mean slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore, I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered, signed Kodos, Governor of Tarsus IV.”
    – Kodos, 2246

  • Localfluff

    That’s why Israel is allied with Saudi Arabia and Egypt today, right? Not to enjoy the company of friends, but to attempt survival for the moment. No one in the world are more anti-islamic than the so called neonazis today.

  • Laurie


    I wrote about giving humanitarian aid, not money. It is the refusal to help that emblazons the violent factions – the murderers will continue to murder, regardless. This is about those in a position to help going directly to the people in need, in some small but meaningful way.

    With respect, is it so hard to ask, “What if it were my children starving?”

  • Localfluff

    The terrorism and crimes and oppression against women that arabs conduct, is not a political act. It is how they view the world. Terrorism is am arab peoples grass root movement. Every clan has a military rebel group in Syria, someone counted to a thousand of them. It is not at all as in socialist tyrannies where only one leader is allowed.

    Individual arabs in Malmoe rape children and throw fire bombs at the synagogue, not because there is any real organization or purpose behind it, but because that is how arabs all over the world always behave, and always have. It is their so called “culture”. They have never achieved anything else but ciolence. There is no one to negotiate with, peace is impossible. each individual arape is a violent hater of women, jews and every non-muslim.

  • Andrew_W

    Laurie, I suggest you don’t bother debating Localfluff on this one s/he has created his/her own reality and is not capable of even seeing the hundreds of millions of Muslims who get along fine with the rest of the world, in Localfluff’s mind the tiny minority represents the majority. Such reasoning is akin to pointing at America’s 2.2 million prison population and claiming it’s representative of Americans. Pointing out that hundreds of airliners fly to the US and Europe every week with Muslim flight crews and don’t perform acts of terror by crashing their aircraft is irrelevant to him/her. As he/she says his/her mind: “each individual arape[sic] is a violent hater of women, jews and every non-muslim.”

    There is no possibility of holding a rational discussion with someone on this topic who is so out of touch with the reality.

  • Andrew_W

    One other point Laurie, I doubt Israel would be in any better a position to get significant aid into the Palestinian refugee camp than the Palestinian authority is. Aircraft dropping aid would be targeted by those SAMs and trucks would be hijacked by others – probably Assad’s soldiers.

  • Laurie

    If you will:

    My trepidation was rooted in the fear of portraying a sense of smug moral superiority on my part, all the while being confronted with the somber reality that I’m powerless to offer words that hold a greater moral character than those of a hypocrite.

    I well understand feelings of hatred, perhaps differing from the most base only in scale or resolve to consume.

    Still, if the one option is to be silent, and so to exude a tacit ambivalence, the reality of such suffering – whatever the tangled cause – demands one opt for more than mere reflection. Hence my grasping, “the poor you have with you always:” the faceless poor witnessed only in encountering the face of the individual.

    “Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these…”

    The answer simply cannot be “to hell with them.”

  • Localfluff

    What examples do you have of how to un-islamify a society that once has gotten infected by arapes? What method of cure back to democracy and equal rights and women’s rights do you recommend to cure for example Sweden and France and the UK from sharia laws today?

    Note how the communist and pro-islamist “Andrew_W” here perpetuates and protects the slavery of all women and the extermination of all jews that his socialists and islamists practice. I see it every day in my home town Malmoe, Sweden. A majority of the school pupils are muslims here. The socialist government finances islamist palestine terrorists to violently drive out all jews from my home town. And they have succeeded. The islamic terror violence is present everyday everywhere there are arapes. There’s nothing political about it at all. It is just how arapes “behave” wherever they are. All other people hate the arapes for very good reasons.

    Except for the muslim speaking parts of the world, where are there wars and violence in the world today?

    Like the communist pro-islamist Andrew_W says:
    “Don’t read what LocalFluff writes!”

  • Andrew_W

    Localfluff provides us with fascinating window into the mind of a fanatic. I’m not a Communist, and any even half rational person who’s followed my comments for any length of time would know this – and I’ve had discussions with localfluff on this site over a couple of years. Regarding Islam, Muslims are people and act as other people do in similar situations, as Laurie points out, people should always be treated fairly and reasonably, a philosophy that Localfluff doesn’t believe should be applied to people who upset him/her. No rational person would conclude that my pointing out the above were evidence that I “perpetuate and protect the slavery of all women and the extermination of all jews”, but I’ve no doubt that Localfluff actually believes what s/he says, that s/he doesn’t see his/her comment as an ad homenim attack but rather a statement of fact.

    Localfluff goes on to claim that: “The socialist government finances islamist palestine terrorists to violently drive out all jews from my home town. And they have succeeded.” Now that statement clearly indicates that Localfluff believes that that is the intent of the “socialist government” is that realistic? I don’t think so, Sweden’s Social Democrat government displays the naivety common in left of center governments in assuming that they’re so wonderful that everyone else is going to love them and quickly abandon the culture they were reared in and then rapidly integrate with the Social Democratic system. That, not surprisingly, hasn’t happened. But being naive is not the same as intent. So again we have an example of Localfluff creating a reality for him/herself that desn’t actually exist.

    Localfluff goes on: “The islamic terror violence is present everyday everywhere there are arapes. There’s nothing political about it at all. It is just how arapes “behave” wherever they are.”

    Again this just doesn’t fit with reality, there are millions of Muslims living in the US terror violence committed by those Muslims is incredibly rare, the rate of murders committed by American Muslims is no higher than the rate of murders committed by members of the larger US population, and the same can be said of other Western countries that have not been so foolish as European Social Democrats in their immigration policies.

    “All other people hate the arapes for very good reasons.”

    But all other people don’t hate Muslims (I’ve been assuming that Localfluff’s “arapes” means “arabs” and that in his mind “arabs” and “muslims” are synonymous, though there are uncertainties there given that the majority of middle eastern immigrants to Sweden aren’t Muslims, perhaps “arapes” mean all Muslims and all people of Middle Eastern ethnicity presumably excluding Jewish people – who can be confident even with educated guesses when it comes to the minds of people like Localfluff?), Localfluff is projecting his/her own hatred on to others and assuming they share it.

    “Except for the muslim speaking parts of the world, where are there wars and violence in the world today?”

    Lets take a reasonable sample model and ask “where have there been major wars and violence in the world over the last fifty years? (I assume that Localfluff isn’t suggesting that the phenomenon of “arape” violence isn’t limited to 13 – 14 February 2018) ” The answer is pretty much everywhere, Liberia, Rwanda, South East Asia, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Central America and many other places have seen violence at level that are similar to, or in some cases, far exceed those seen in the Muslim world.

    Localfluff says: “my home town Malmoe, Sweden”.
    In Sweden it’s spelt “MALMÖ” and in English it’s always “MALMO”.

  • wayne

    Malmo Sweden Muslims chant death to Jews
    Dec 8 2017

  • Andrew_W

    Like the communist pro-islamist Andrew_W says:
    “Don’t read what LocalFluff writes!”

    Anyone with even basic reading comprehension can see that I didn’t say that or suggest it, which just demonstrates the low opinion that Localfluff has, not just for “arapes”, but also for the people reading these comments.

    Please read localfluff’s comments, they’re a fascinating insight into the minds of fanatics: Islamists, Fascists, Communists or whatever, they all have this extreme and unhinged view of their fellow humans.

  • wayne

    “Swedes want to know….”
    Journalist Ivar Arpi from Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet interviews Jordan Peterson
    December 2, 2017

  • Andrew_W

    Fanaticism comes in many forms and from many sources, sensible people can separate the fanatics and extremists from their “base population”. It’s actually other fanatics, fanatics of an opposing ideology, who cannot differentiate people who hold an extreme ideological belief from people who promote or commit violence in the name of that belief.

  • Laurie: You should do some research about the endless humanitarian aid that Israel has been providing to the West Bank and Gaza, for decades. From electrical power to ambulance services to innumerable other services, the help has been endless. And all of it has accomplished what exactly?

  • Localfluff: I would like you to stop using the term “arapes” for “arabs”. You are being cute, but not very impressive. Its use works against you, even when you are right.

  • Localfluff

    Most communists = socialists don’t like to be called what they are. They have given themselves a bad reputation because of the mass murders and violence and oppression and poverty that all forms of socialism always has led to everywhere all of the time. Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Maduro and many other mass murdering socialists come to everyone’s mind when one hear the word “socialist”, and some pretty boys don’t twhant that association written on the ir forehead, because it reveals their true values and intentions.

    Swedish socialists have totally destroyed also Sweden. In five years Sweden will become the poorest and most violent country in European and it will only keep on getting worse without end because of the “socialists values” that people have been indoctrinated with. They are programmed to get killed by denying the realities. They will all be murdered by the islamists they have imported, socialists are atheists and have no chance to survive by converting to slaves under islam. Unfortunately, since they are socialists they use force to take everyone else down to Hell with themselves. The social democrats since the war have extinguished the family, looted all savings, forbidden all entrepreneurship, turned the school into a violent lord of the flies-game, depopulated the country side and small towns. Just such a “detail” that the Swedish socialists tore down all inner cities, built the most horrible and unhuman concrete ghettos which are today populated almost exclusively by islamists where they now run their autonomous Islamic states. Even socialist architecture is the architecture of death.

    All socialists are pro-islamization of the Western world. Precisely because islam does the job for them to exterminate family, individual freedom and all forms of culture and science.

    I cannot read the subjective thoughts of anyone but myself. If you call socialists “naive”, so be it. Obviously Maduro would’ve profited more if he ruled his country in a way that it didn’t collapse and make him turn up shot to death in some ditch any day now. So it is indeed necessary to very very stupid in order to be a socialist. They are as lethal to society and civilization anyway. It doesn’t matter what they imagine in their fantasies, it is impossible to survive in a socialist society.

    The Israelis scared the muslims away in 1948, that’s the most humanitarian de-islamification I know of (with those camps as a result of arabs taking care of each other). Other among the very few and limited examples, are the torture chambers in Spain during the inquisition, the partitioning of India and maybe in a small scale the wars in Jugoslavia in the 1990s. It has never happened peacefully. Otherwise islamification all over the world has been permanent, for thousands of years without any cultural evolution.

  • wayne

    Do us all a favor and ID your clips.

    “300 right wing incidents of violence in a year”
    >We have 320 million people in the USA. (including 30 million people who broke in
    For comparison–roughly 125 people per day, die on our highways, due to accidents.

    There’s maybe 2K “Nazi’s” in the whole country. (on a good day)
    For comparison– the membership of La Raza is considerably more than 2K.

    We don’t have a “right-wing problem” in the US, we have an America-Hating Marxist Problem, in the US.

    Red Ryder
    “Lunatic Fringe” mashup

  • Andrew_W

    Localfluff, the failed examples of Socialism you offer are cases of true socialism (an economic system) under the control of undemocratic government. What exists in Sweden is social democracy, which is not “socialism” (the economic system) and it’s under democratic government.

    So you immediately have two huge problems likening Sweden today with the examples you give. Perhaps if you could give examples of social democracies evolving into authoritarian dictatorships we could talk about that as a possible future of Sweden.

    The other problem you have is, OK, you don’t like Sweden’s social democracy , what’s the strategy you’re going to use to swing the economic/political system to one more to your liking? The only answer I see is to persuade people to vote for more reasonable right leaning governments, and I don’t think that’s achievable with extreme rhetoric, which, if it’s successful in swinging the middle ground, inevitably ends up leading to extremist “right” government – fascism, extreme rhetoric was Hitlers forte. If you want to win the middle voters you need to provide a message that they can identify with but not misrepresent your case, as Bob suggests with the example he gives above, extremist language often works against you – or else in using it you just become the dishonest autocrat you claim to abhor.

  • Localfluff

    Sweden is a totalitarian democracy. The Reichstag has unlimited powers, there exists no constitution and no local independence and no higher court than the parliament itself. It is exactly like DDR, , East Germany. When the Germans were defeated in Stalingrad, it was decided that Sweden would be in Stalin’s control and so it was. He appointed his politruck Erlander to reign Sweden for 23 years.

    Whether people vote or not is irrelevant. It is the effects of what they vote for that causes the consequences. And for Sweden’s sake, just like for Venezuela, it’s no good. Yes, the majority voted for it. But that doesn’t help. It still doesn’t work. Everyone dies when they run out of other peoples monies to steal.

  • Laurie


    You asked, “all of it has accomplished what exactly?” Of course, it is impossible to quantity, or to answer in concrete terms. Perhaps it has only served to highlight the depravity and barbarity of the Palestinian and other regimes, but I expect it has meant – and continues to mean – far more than that.

  • Andrew_W

    Localfluff, from what I’ve read Sweden has a similar parliamentary system to that here in New Zealand, though perhaps you can tell me where the systems differ, in NZ:

    There are 120 seats in a unicameral parliament, 60 seats are electorate seats with those MP’s elected from 60 geographical electorates, the other 60 seats are selected from party lists and those seats distributed on a proportional basis.

    So, voters get two votes, one electorate vote and one party vote, a party needs 5% of the total party vote to win seats, unless they win an electorate seat, in which case the 5% threshold for additional seats is removed.

    After the elections the leader of whichever of the larger parties can gain enough allies to govern (be ensured of enough support to win parliamentary votes on “Confidence and Supply”) so informs the Queens representative (the Governor General) who then accepts that persons warrant to be PM.

    And the new Government is formed. Currently we have a Labour Party – New Zealand First Party coalition supported by the Green Party on Confidence and Supply.

    I don’t consider NZ to have a Totalitarian Democracy – even though I voted for the other side – the NZ National party, which is a classical liberal/conservative party (I think more classical Liberal compared to the US Republicans which I see as more conservative). So what makes Sweden, in your eyes, a totalitarian democracy?

    Other facts about the NZ system:
    3 year terms
    Cabinet selected from MP’s of the ruling party/parties.
    No Constitution, or to be technical the Constitution is the sum of various laws and statutory obligations.
    Parliament is the highest court.

    Typically in representative democracies the succession of governments swing back and forth between the right and left, perhaps Sweden at the moment is a little further left and next election, or the following one, voters will switch to a government more on the right – but don’t expect a dramatic swing, when the system pivots around the preference of the center voters (not quite what exists in the US) democratic governments don’t usually make big changes in direction – though there is an exception to that rule preference falsification::

    We had a great example of this in NZ about 34 years ago, We had a leader of the National party, Robert Muldoon, who had such a domineering personality that he was able to steer the party quite a long way left over 3 x 3 year terms contrary to what his gutless MP’s genuinely wanted. He was only defeated in 1984 because the countries foremost Libertarian millionaire of the time (Bob Jones) formed a party with the intention of bringing him down. The problem arose because Muldoon was offering lots of lollies to natural left voters and winning their votes, while natural right voters, until Jones came along, felt they had no choice other than to stick with “their” party. The irony was, with the split right vote, Labour got in and then made itself the most classical liberal government NZ has ever seen – passing anti-nuclear legislation on the one hand, but sweeping away leftist policies with government asset sales, floating the currency, laws promoting business competition and reducing business compliance costs freeing up the economy to an unprecedented degree, very much like Reagan and Thatcher.

    So, if Sweden has drifted as far left as you claim, I’d expect preference falsification to kick in very soon.

  • Laurie: You are right. And this help has also probably created good will among the general populace, if they know about it and are willing to pay attention.

    None the less, it has not helped Israel as much as it should, considering the decades of help.

  • Localfluff

    New Zeeland was founded as a state after the era of enlightenment (in the 18th century). Without knowing anything more about NZ’s constitution, I can point out a few things that makes Sweden av very different kind of state, a totalitarian democracy.

    You have a legal system, based on the British tradition, which has proven itself to be the best ever, in competition only with the US that inherited and improved it. Sweden does not have any legal system, we have totalitarian democracy instead. Law is whatever the Reichstag dictates that it is. It literally has totalitarian power. If the Reichstag decides that it is now the eternal Reichstag and that there never will be any new election again, then so be it. That is then the law. There exists no court that could try anything that the Reichstag has dictated. The parties in the Reichstag actually appoints the judges in the courts! Uneducated politicians. There exists no difference between legislation, executive and courts in Sweden. The Reichstag appoints a prime minister who is free to do anything as long as the majority of the Reichstag doesn’t disapprove of him. Hitler wouldn’t have needed the “Notverordnung” of the Weimar constitution, Sweden has always been ruled with such a Notverordning. There is no local self rule, there are no individual rights, there’s no court system besides the purely political courts. If the Riechstag ordered to kill a person for no reason, that is the law and there is no way to appeal that law, other than to parliament itself.

    It is a totalitarian democracy, because there are no limits to the powers of those elected to the Reichstag. A perfect pure democracy without any single kink. When an insane king inherited the throne in the then totalitarian monarchy of Sweden, and lost Finland in a war against Russia in 1809, the Reichstag simply made the dictator king’s totalitarian powers their own. We never had a revolution (since the 16th century). We don’t have stripes on our flag, but the old medieval cross (ironically since we now are an islamic state) to show that Sweden is a primitive totalitarian democracy/monarchy. Much like Saudi Arabia has the quran as its constitution.

    The consequences are horrendous! Sweden has the highest taxes in the world and the highest immigration of islamists. We have no military defense and no civil defense as in no shelters, no storages of food, no reserves to mobilize, no plans for evacuation, not any kind of preparedness for any kind of crisis. Aside from Palestina, Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. Sweden has no friends in the world, our government calls all our neighboring countries “nazis” because they don’t want to import as many islamic terrorists as Sweden does and has practically declared war on the presidents of Russia and the US. The mass murder on the Swedish people is well prepared. Without any kind of legal system, without any kind of balance of power and limits to government powers, madness can rage until it has killed everyone.

    The next 5 years in Sweden will be much like the 5 last years in Venezuela. Iran shows an active interest in all failed states. Sweden’s government recently expressed their deep admiration for the democracy and freedom of Iran, the holy nation of the peace and love-religion, and supports their fight against Great Satan and the jews. Sweden is the only country in Europe with a foreign minister that is persona non grata in Israel, after she accused Israel for illegal executions after a policeman in self-defense had shot a terrorist to death during a knife attack against civilians. In Sweden the police on site would’ve let the murdering go on and tried to enter into a dialogue with the poor criminal (via an arabic interpreter). “Who knows what this poor fellow has gone through in his life?” as the highest chief of police in a TV interview recently expressed his sympathies for the *murderer* in a case of extremely brutal violence against a poor child. For socialists the political truth is that there exists no individuals. All crime is to be blamed on the society as a whole. Individuals have no responsibilities, the politicians are God and will take care of everything. Consequences are not the results of any action, but just shift around randomly just like the weather (which of course is getting so hot, so very hot and is the greatest threat and challenge and the total focus of all politics is to dig ditches to fight it(?)) This is the mentality of nearly all Swedes, a dying sick people.

  • wayne

    Andrew_W- thanks for the rundown on the political-organization of NZ. Why am I not surprised you have a unicameral parliament?
    Anyway— if you can locate & submit an appropriate Article, to Mr. Z., he might very well feature it.

    Thanks for the update on Sweden. (har… we have practically a whole State devoted to your ex-Countrymen, we call it Minnesota, it’s very ‘progressive’ there.)

    LocalFluff brings up many good points (and I’ve come to appreciate his Flair, quite a bit.)

    Any time you have 51% of the populace vote to enslave the other 49%, that’s a totalitarian democracy. The Key word being, totalitarian.

    The United States is supposed to be a Representative-Republic, at least those were the OEM specifications, but there’s been a lot ‘re-design’ of the schematics by people

    Our (Federal) Senators, for example– they now serve zero purpose, except to borrow & spend my grandchildren’s money, and destroy my current purchasing power.
    -If we repealed the 17th Amendment, we wouldn’t have all these people with dementia & brain-damage running the show. (has anyone heard from Thad recently? He doesn’t know what year it is.) Mitch can barely walk, Pelosi can barely talk, and I wouldn’t let McCain watch my cat, just to name a few masterminds.)
    A vast Administrative State has fully entrenched itself into our (federal) government, and they exist & continue perpetually, despite elections. Whatever happens, they always get paid.
    -We are no longer able to get-at these people with elections, which leaves kinetic action as the only stop-gap measure, to put the fear of death into these masterminds.

    (I do support an Article 5 as our last legal remedy, but sadly (and tragically) these people won’t ever go away, unless & until, we physically drag them into the street and deal with them.

    As well, The Internal Revenue Service was totally unconstitutional, prior to the 16th Amendment; “taxes” were only to be levied and apportioned to the individual States and the population, based on the Census.
    Now, my money is taken from me by force and given to my neighbor, and he thinks it’s his “right” to exist, on my dime. That fuels hatred, polarization, and resentment. Meanwhile our mastermind overlords have free medical-care & pensions for life. They don’t even know how to pump their own gas, they are so darn “entitled to everything.”

    As for the Islamic whack-jobs wherever they may be; “You people need to cut the crap-o-la, immediately, or we WILL take you all outa’ the game, permanently and forever.” (and I don’t care how that is mechanically accomplished, whatsoever.)

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