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The coming dark age: The journal Science published on Friday a nice collection of tweets from a lot of scientists expressing their contempt and disgust at the vote by the citizens of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

Two tweets say it all:

Dear Europe – for the record, I didn’t want this to happen. Please don’t judge all Brits by the poisonous rhetoric of the Leave campaign. — Dr Heather Williams (@alrightPET) June 24, 2016

Today is a sad day for science and sanity. #Brexit — Hannah Wakeford (@StellarPlanet) June 24, 2016

In the first the scientist accuses the Leave campaign of expressing “poisonous rhetoric”, while the second (one of many quite similar) declares anyone who disagreed with the Remain campaign to be insane. Does anyone but me see the blind stupidity here?

Not one of these tweeters, all supposedly highly educated scientists, consider for an instant the quite valid and reasonable intellectual arguments of the Leave campaign. Leave is wrong, and don’t you dare think otherwise! Some also suggest that the vote should be ignored, or invalidated, because they don’t like the result. So much for open-mindedness and a respect for democracy.



  • wayne

    As for the 2 scientists—that is exactly the type of stuff which contributes to the massive distrust of “scientists” we have going on today. They are largely Progressive Mastermind’s, funded by the public and with the arrogance to tell everyone else what to do.

    The Referendum is not legally binding on Parliament— it will be extremely interesting to see what actually happens & what Parliament actually does.

  • Rid Packwood

    Bruxelles engineering decrees to the effect that it saved the Planet to boil a kettle with 750w element rather than a 1kw element could only breed cynicism.
    The EU is in fact Communistic, all votes little more than charades. Regulations Rule!
    Some groups were “In” many were “Out”.
    The notion that Scotland loosing a vote was “undemocratic” but a Scottish “veto” would somehow be natural justice says it all.
    I hate politicians!

  • Cotour

    Q: Is it a coincidence / serendipity that you sited the feelings of two scientists that happen to be women?

    And as a further coincidence, they both have the same initials. Interesting.

    As to their individual comments, it is plain to see that they are very objective and would never be influenced by politics (high IQ sarcasm alert).

    I often wonder why individuals who as a general rule need to project some level of objectivity, such as scientists, politicians, judges, etc., often publicly reveal that they are highly emotional, obviously partisan and must have trouble being objective to the point that they reveal that they are willing to surrender their fiduciary responsibility in their professional life in support of their passion.

    Maybe its just the internet and the immediacy of social media?

  • Cotour

    Speaking of the coming dark ages, if people who come here legally to become Americans and happen to be non white are not enlightened or do not realize the fact that if this culture of dependency is allowed to continue and encouraged that it will be THEM that will be the new enslaved class in America.

    People are not stupid by race, when they come to understand that their self interest will be harmed they too will begin to better understand the concepts in the Constitution and how important that it be reconnected with.

  • Edward

    The “Vote by age group” chart is very telling. Those who remember liberty are more eager to regain it than those who have lived most or all of their lives under the tyranny of the EU, controlling everything from terrorist immigration to the shapes of vegetables (maybe next time, the EU can mandate that tomatoes be square so that their slices fit better on sandwiches).

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