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The empty bench of the Democratic Party.

The empty bench of the Democratic Party.

In comparing the potential Presidential candidates from both the Democrat and Republican parties, this article leaves one with the impression that the future is definitely not with the Democratic Party. As admitted by its own membership, its leadership is old, it has very few candidates with national stature, and the depth of the party is shallower than a pond in Tucson in summer. Meanwhile, the Republicans have many young new faces that already have national standing.

Though the article likes to blame this situation on internal forces within the parties, I see it as the result of actual elections and the circumstances of the time. The Democrats have increasingly appeared bankrupt when it comes to dealing with today’s fundamental problems, especially the out-of-control spending of government at all levels. Meanwhile, Republican candidates, especially those associated with the tea party movement, have come forward with some fresh, reasonable, and thoughtful ideas for dealing with these problems.

Faced with such a choice, it is not surprising that the Republicans have a deep bench compared to the Democrats.

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  • wodun

    “Many on the left defend the lack of readily apparent future presidential candidates by saying they’re building a movement, not a cult of personality. “I see the progressive movement as the rising star in the Democratic Party,” Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota said in an interview. ”

    There you have it. The next generation of leaders on the left will rise up out of the militant OWS.

  • Publius 2

    The GOP bench is very deep at the moment — many members with national stature, integrity, love of country and records of achievement: Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, Paul Ryan, Darrell Issa, Rob Portman, to name just the most obvious candidates — not to mention Sarah Palin, who is only getting stronger. There’s enough young talent to serve for more than a generation. Who do the Dems think will carry their banner in 2016? Hillary? I hope they continue to think that. If so, James Carville’s prediction of a 40-year Democrat dynasty will ring as one of the supreme ironies in American political history. It’s the GOP that has a real shot at such an achievement.

  • JGL

    I realized a while ago that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were in the process of installing fourty years of a more conservative

    minded governance in America.

    The American people will soundley reject the president in November, why you might wonder?

    Because he is being forced to define himself.

    In 2008 his power was that he was undefined, he basically stated the obvious, said nothing and allowed people to fill in what they wanted him

    to be, that is a technique.

    Today he now has a record that exists, all of the examples of him “doing what is right” creating law through his will and ignoring the

    inconvienient Constitution, the unConstitutional Obamacare, endorsing gay marriage. People have come to understand that when you have

    nothing of substance and you do not respect the individual the only thing you can do is lie and attempt to force your will on the individual

    because of your “supierior intellect and judgment”. This is exactly why the Constitution was written, the founders understood the nature of

    man when any man has power over another.

    Now, a cleaned out and sober Republican party must rise to the occation and reconnect with the intent of the Constitution.

    The question remains, can and will the Republican party rise to the occation?

  • jwing

    I agree. It’s as if BO was the last chance and only hope for the 1960’s baby-boomer radicals (a la Bill Ayers et al) to finally stick it to Uncle Sam, but he has failed them. Bill Clinton was also a huge dissapointment to them and Hillary just isn’t likeable. Hillary’s big idea was her failed Hillary-Care, and Barrak just doubled down on that with Obamacare, which I predict will be declared unconstitutional due to its mandate and lack of a severability provision. Obama, the first half african-america, half white President, will become liberalism’s “Last Hurrah” and its final accomplishment since insidiously taking control of the Democratic Party, mass media and academia lo these past forty years.

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