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Instead, they wish to shut you up, and oppress you if you happen to disagree with them or have the wrong skin color. This evil must be exposed.


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The fascist face of the left

If you have any doubts at the violent, destructive, and hateful goals of the new left and the anti-Trump protests, just take a look at this detailed report of the UC-Berkeley riots two nights ago, including videos and many pictures. Your doubts will disappear.

The second video is most disturbing, first because of the very paramilitary and organized manner in which the protesters acted, and second in the complete and total lack of police presence to maintain order. Peaceful protest is one thing. Violence and the organized destruction of property is another. That Berkeley has only arrested one person for these riots tells us that the government in that city sides with these fascist rioters, and wants to see them harm their opponents.

Make sure you also watch the other videos showing these protesters run down and beat people. Truly inspiring!

Pioneer cover

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Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

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He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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  • Cotour

    Now is it you that are spreading “Fake News” or is it Robert Reich? The Berkley protesters were right wing agitators? Really?

    Which Robert is it?

    I will bet on Reich, the Democrats are sooo far down the losing road they can no longer help themselves, they must sell some other interpretation of reality to their true believers.

  • wayne

    Heard Rush deal with the Robert Reichhhhhh ‘thing earlier today. These people will say or do, anything to further their twisted cause.
    >That makes them dangerous.

    as I’m often want to do, that reminds me of a movie…

    Freedom Speech from Easy Rider

  • wayne

    totally off-thread—

    Saw a most enlightening Joe Rogan Experience podcast yesterday (Show #911) where Rogan interviewed Alex Jones for 3 hours.
    >I was actually…. impressed by Alex, and have altered my views of him to a more favorable light.
    – His Content remains a bit too Whack, for my taste, but I no longer think he “might benefit from psychiatric intervention.”
    >He’s far more talented than I ever assumed, and I freely admit to sampling him at least weekly.

  • Cotour

    They seek the “more perfect” economic system, the problem is that there is no “more perfect” economic system model other than Capitalism. They must continue their agenda, selling this socialist / communal dream. This socialist dream is the things that modern nightmares are made of. Just ask the people of Sweden, Norway, France, Venezuela etc, etc. These are the representative “more perfect” societies of the world, no thank you please.

    I listened to the Socialist / Leftist Richard Wolf today on WBAI, he insists the young people of today will in time see the light and insist on the socialist model. Given enough time to indoctrinate them as has been going on in the schools of America he is more likely to be right than wrong………..for a while anyway.

    Liberals / leftists / socialists / Marxists/ Anarchists what ever name they operate under are to a man and a woman intellectually dishonest as a requirement. That is my personal observation and I have never been proven wrong, and I test it every day.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z.– great website (

  • Wayne: Yes, Zombie has been doing stellar journalism now for about a decade. Zombie’s identity remains completely unknown. We do not even know whether he/she is a she/he. The reasons are obvious, as this allows he/she to go places and photograph things that otherwise would not be possible.

  • Cotour

    Yes, a lot of Alex IMO is about drama and pandering to those who love drama, he consistently goes just a bit too far in his narrative. On the edge too much to ever be considered a reliable news source, but that is his niche and he fills it well. He basically invented the “alt right”. He is an intelligent man who knows his history, I believe his mom was a history teacher.

  • wayne

    Highly recommend that Joe Rogan show w/ Alex.
    Joe Rogan Experience #911 – Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo
    It’s long, but it really gives an insight into Alex that just isn’t evident in his show persona. –They break out the whiskey and giggle-smoke, about 30 minutes in and then you really get a glimpse, of a more-relaxed Alex in action. And Rogan slows him down considerably and makes Alex explain himself far more clearly than is his usual delivery.

    You’re absolutely correct about “drama” and I’d add “theater,” and he does it very well. I never had any doubt about that. (I do consider it all, entertainment.)

    I would quibble slightly with “invented alt-right,” he’s definitely “alt-media,” but I wouldn’t classify Alex as “alt right,” –but no matter, it’s a definitional thing rather than substance.

  • Edward

    Cotour asked: “The Berkley protesters were right wing agitators? Really?
    Yes, really.

    It is well known that for decades the right wing has had a well organized set of agitators who have joined many of the right wing’s events and started chaos, violence, and rioting. This is what happened at the Tea Party events throughout the country.

    Reich is a very smart professor at Berkeley, and if he were wrong, he would know it. After all, he has never before seen people dressed in black and covering their faces with black masks, so they couldn’t possibly be students, at least not students that attend his classes.

    As Reich knows very well, Occam’s Razor tells us that the side with the well-known, well-organized anarchists is the most likely side to appear at their protest events, so with the right wingers protesting against the gay homophobic Milo, well, it just follows that the men in black are right wingers, too.

    Oh, wait.

    I got that wrong. It is the left wing that organized that protest, and it is the left wing that has the well-known, well-organized anarchists dressed in black who attend left wing protests and make them violent.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Maybe Reich isn’t as smart as Berkeley thinks he is. After all, his evidence that Berkeley supports free speech is that they closed the right wing event because it would have been full of hate speech that incites peaceful students to protest and incites liberal Democrats and anarchists (Reich called these two groups “outsiders,” which I guess means that they did their violence outside of the building) to violence.

    If the purpose of holding an event that rubs the campus administration the wrong way is a way to show that there is no free speech on the Berkeley campus, then the students, administrators, and the “outsiders” fell right into the trap. Just as several other campuses have shut down Milo and David Horowitz talks, Berkeley has predictably done so, too.

    If the campuses were so speaker-friendly, then why would the purpose of the Milo talk be to entrap the university?

    I think I linked this one a few days ago, but it applies here, too: (7 Minutes, Bill Whittle: “American Fascists”)
    “But it is interesting, isn’t it, how the left will disrupt a peaceful expression of differing opinions with violence, and then accuse the people holding those differing opinions of starting the whole thing.”

    Hah! Reich fell into Whittle’s trap! Whittle said those words just to that Reich, ten months later, would do exactly as Whittle said.

    Soon the left will blame the right for Reich being so unsmart.

  • wodun

    Alex Jones used to be the darling of the left when he went to Bohemian Grove.

  • Cotour


    You have to admit that the Bohemian Grove video was and is disturbing. Our highest politicos participating in devil worship? Some kind of hazing ritual designed to promote a cohesive force? Alex is “crazy” to some but the evidence he brings to the table interesting to say the least. Most of them have participated in them.

    You tell me, I generally trust none of them.

  • wayne

    You stumbled upon it with–
    “Some kind of hazing ritual designed to promote a cohesive force?”
    It’s just an elaborate, theatrical, extension of their homoerotic fraternity/sorority days in their elite schools, when they “bound themselves together” in all sorts of unusual ways.

    I’ve lightened up on Alex considerably in the past 72 hours, but his Content remains whack.
    These people don’t “need” to “conspire” amongst themselves;
    — they all live next to each other, join the same fraternities/sororities, attend all the same College’s, send their children to the same schools, marry exclusively among themselves, work at the same places, believe all the same crazy stuff, ad infinitum.

  • Cotour

    Its weird, its juvenile and I have to believe that some of them really believe some of this devil worship crap. “Elites” really see things differently than the rest of us, especially when they attain power of the kind we are discussing. You can really take a step off the edge if you tend to be a true believer, and then they have something over you for participating in such things. Elite thinking EFS with your head and things that were unthinkable become doable.

    Things like this enter into the “secret” sexual activities / rituals that some of the rumors being thrown around about the Clintons and Pedesta, at the foundation of some of these “rumors” lies some degree of truth IMO and this Bohemian Grove video establishes this. So no matter how outrageous things may sound look further into what is not believable.

  • wayne

    I don’t entirely disagree.
    We do however, sorta start down a Rabbit Hole, with the conspiracy-esque tinge, and that’s where I get off the train. I just think that overlay, rightly or wrongly, just defeats the bigger message.
    I shouldn’t paint all “elites” in a bad light. I use that as an insult word, but I also realize not everyone with money & power, is a scumbag, or engages in weird behavior.
    (I am fairly Libertarian with what they do, if it’s not illegal, I’m ok with it, don’t necessarily approve, but to each his own.)
    Anthony Weiner, et al– they aren’t the only one’s doing weird-stuff (which is most likely highly illegal, unethical, and immoral,) but they are a small subset of the “elite.” But as well, they have an inordinate amount of power over us, so when they go off the rails, we all suffer.


    I’m not concerned with DJT going all “American-fascist” on everyone. He’s not that-guy.
    Whatever he might be, he’s not an America-hater.
    What I do worry about, is the potential for an unholy alliance between Corporatists and Statists (the usual suspects at the RNC & the Chamber of Commerce) to go all hardcore cronyism, and totally discredit free-market capitalism & representative-republicanism in the process.

    I’d sum up Alex, broadly, as highly-improbable but not completely impossible.

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