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The fascist nature of the European Union

The political leaders of both the European Union and the countries that belong to it have consistently defied the voted wishes of the electorate.

“Respect for the outcomes of referendums is perhaps not the most prominent feature of the sorry history of the E.U.,” said Philipp Genschel, a Professor at the Schumann Center for Advanced Studies. “However, the standard way not to respect the outcome of a referendum is not open defiance […] but the repetition of the referendum until it yields the ‘right’ outcome.”

In fact, the European Union as we know it today was built on a series of rejections of public votes. When the Danes in 1992 declined to accept the Maastricht treaty — which paved the way for a more integrated political union — the European Union made some concessions and then staged a second referendum in which voters finally approved of it. The same happened in 2001, when the Irish rejected the so-called Nice treaty as the bloc expanded eastward, and in 2008 when they opposed another treaty over further E.U. integration. Last year, Greek voters rejected bailout conditions proposed to the country by the European Union. But the leftist government in Athens ended up agreeing to most of those conditions anyway. Earlier this year, the Dutch voted against closer ties between the E.U. and Ukraine — a decision which was interpreted as a backlash against the hard-line stances of many E.U. governments toward Russia. The Dutch government is now considering to simply ignore the outcome of this referendum.

In other words, according to these preening self-righteous and power-hungry bureaucrats, to hell with democracy. We are your betters, and we will decide what you get, regardless of how you vote.

I suspect that, more than any other factor, it is this sorry history that drove the citizens of the UK to reject the European Union last week.


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  • Cotour

    “The political leaders of both the European Union and the countries that belong to it have consistently defied the voted wishes of the electorate.”

    Sounds just like the United States Congress, you know the “you have to vote for it before you can know whats in it Congress” and the Boehner / Mitchell giving Obama pretty much anything that he wants, all against the interests of the country. Both party’s, just the the EU think that the peoples wishes and interests are a second thought.

    The two are one in the same, and their agendas are the same as evidenced by their purposeful ignoring of the people who they are suppose to be serving.

    The Brexit is the indicator of the changing zeitgeist in the world so lets see the same happen in America.

    Related: Bill Clinton has a private meeting with Loretta Lynch on her plane (you know Obama’s Attorney General) the other day, what do you think they spoke about? Lynch said when asked about it that “she had not seen Clinton in a long while and they spoke about grand children. Its always about the children you know.

  • Des

    You devalue the word fascism and it’s millions of victims by using it so frequently when it often isn’t justified. How do you define fascism?

    In the case of the Danish and Irish votes it was the national governments that ran the second referendums after gaining concessions from the other governments in the EU. How is that fascist? In the case of the Greek referendum the Greek voters basically voted that the other European countries should bail them out and forgive their debts. Why does the wish of the Greek people outweigh the wishes of other citizens of the EU? If you lend me 1000 dollars and I have a vote to not pay you back, are you a fascist if you continue to demand repayment?

    The Greek mess had been very badly handled by the EU. Greece should never have been allowed in to the Euro to start with. The only sane solution now is debt relief, but that is simply unacceptable to other European voters who would have to fit the bill. The current fudge is just kicking the can down the road and will only result in a larger bill to sort out the mess, but it isn’t fascist.

  • Edward

    I define fascism the dictionary way:
    noun 1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

    In the cases of the EU and the US, the leaders act as dictators, ignoring the wishes of the people and their representatives and doing as they please.

    In both regions of the world, opposition, criticism, and alternate ideas are suppressed through intimidation and governmental force.

    Industry and commerce in both regions are also subject to strict regimentation. In Europe, they even regulate the shape of bananas — talk about over-regulation. In the United States, they over-regulate health insurance and mandate its purchase. (What other fascist tyranny in all of history has ever directed its population as to how to spend its own money? This is not a rhetorical question, I truly want to know.)

    Despite decades of getting along together, racism has been reintroduced, fostered, and inflamed by the leadership at least in the US. I’m not sure how race relations are going in Europe, but it sounds like the Jews have reason to be nervous, again.

    Until a century ago, European countries were led by monarchs. They graduated into democracies and republics, but with the devolution of the European Union, they are now led by central committees, just like communist countries. Votes of the people are ignored, overruled, or re-voted until the oligarchical ruling class gets its way, making their rule “legal” under what now passes for democracy. Talk about aggressive nationalism!

    In America, oligarchical judges now dictate fundamental changes to law and culture, ignoring the Constitution upon which their rulings are supposed to be based. Despite two democratic elections in California against it, same-sex marriage is now allowed due to a judicial ruling. In many locations in America, participation in such weddings can be mandatory, merely at the request of the grooms or brides, despite the (previously) constitutionally protected rights of those victimized participants and with crippling punishments if they disobey orders, complete with a brownshirt news media that hunts down some of those who would choose to not participate.

    They are all creating rules and regulations that other people, the rest of us, have to live by. The elite oligarchists are telling us how to lead our lives. What Bill Whittle says here of the US also applies to the EU — you know far more about what is right for you and your own life than the intelligent elitists in the central committees: (9 minutes)

    We are all now being told what we must do, when we must do it, how we must do it, and what we must no longer do or say. Or think.

    It all sounds pretty fascistic to me.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.


    Welcome to the European Union, land of former democracies.

  • wayne

    For people who might like to see the 7 minute clip of Nigel Farage that Alex references, without going near Facebook–

  • wayne

    Great wordsmithing, once again!

    “Best-of, Nigel Farage Vs. the EU establishment”

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