The FBI has been stonewalling the House investigation into the IRS scandal.

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The FBI has been stonewalling the House investigation into the IRS scandal.

Obama claimed he was outraged by this scandal and would hunt down the perpetrators. He lied of course. He instead apparently told the FBI to block all investigations wherever possible.



  • JWing

    Federal employees protecting each other. Instead on the thin blue line, this is the thin red, white and blue line of omerta. Despicable…every patriot, founder and honest hard working citizen taxpayer is dishonored.

  • Publius 2

    If the press corps had any backbone at all, they would ask Obama why he has not ordered the FBI to cooperate fully with the congressional investigation. And if he refuses, they should remind him about his expressed outrage (after supposedly learning about the IRS scandal in the media) and his promise to find out who was responsible. But they will not, because they have lost sight of their duty to the American people to seek the truth, wherever that search will lead. Meanwhile, add this to the lengthy and growing list of Obama telling lies and failing to fulfill promises.

  • mpthompson

    I don’t think it is a lack of backbone. Rather it’s that the press believes Obama and they are on the same team. If they were afraid, they might eventually find a spine and go after Obama. On the other hand, going after someone on their own team is a completely different matter. Sadly for us.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    We need more true Patriots in positions of power – in the Military, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. We need folks who will think of their country fiest, not just their own careers. I guess that’s easier said than done – easy for me to say when my job & possibly my whole FUTURE isn’t on the line. But I would think if ENOUGH loyal men & women stood up, they could NOT be blackballed, because they would then have exposed the truth for all to see, and become heroes & heroines, and it would be the perpetrators who were hauled off in chains…

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