The FCC now claims it will not send monitors into newsrooms.

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The FCC now claims it will not send monitors into newsrooms.

Though I am sure they are backing off this particular project, I would not get nonchalant about the goals of these government fascists. If they think they can get away with imposing their control on the news, they will do it.



  • joe

    the left pretty much already owns a large portion of the media, this isn’t aimed at abc, cbs, or nbc, this is aimed at that small percentage that wont tow the line, like Drudge, Breitbart, The Blaze, and Behind the Black!

  • Samsa

    Don’t trust them! They will just use the NSA to do their spying for them!

  • mpthompson

    “The FCC now claims it will not send monitors into newsrooms.”

    Come on, we know they are like cockroaches. They’ll be back as soon as the lights are off.

  • Edward

    “The FCC now claims it will not send monitors into newsrooms.”

    I’m not sure that this is true. The article just says that some questions will be dropped and that individual reporters won’t be questioned (at least not in the pilot study), but that means that the political officers will still be there to harass and monitor the editorial staff with the remaining questions.

    From the article: “Any suggestion the Commission intends to regulate the speech of news media is false.” Of course, if they had no intention of regulating the speech, they would not be concerned whether the “media is meeting the public’s ‘critical information needs’ on subjects like public health, politics, transportation and the environment.” Their concern is proof that regulating speech is their intention.

    They have officially stated that they *do* intend to regulate “critical information,” by making sure that the media is meeting the needs (whatever that means). This necessarily would overrule any contrary speech that the news media would have otherwise used. Once they are concerned about critical information, contrary views become unwelcome, as those views would “mislead” the public on such critical topics.

    Who decides what information is critical, and what the correct information is? That’s right, the government’s FCC would decide. It sounds exactly as though they intend to make sure that the government’s opinion on politics (and other critical topics) is stated but not opposing opinions.

    The FCC has failed to announce how long the political officers will remain in the newsrooms. This gives the impression that this survey would last as long as Obama is still in office.

    And with Obama changing the federal laws so freely (without Congressional input, oversight, or votes), why would we think that the lowly rules on political harassment of newsrooms won’t likewise change on a whim (as the article announced that they just did)?

  • Pzatchok

    These burgeoning fascists had better watch themselves and the laws they pass.

    Eventually the people the they do not like will have power again and then these new laws could be used against them.

    The first rule of governing should be to never enact a law you don’t want enforced against yourself.

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