The Feds steal cars

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Theft by government: Homeland Security agents confiscate forty vehicles because they think they violate the Clean Air Act.

The story has this very interesting tidbit: According to the owner of one vehicle “had spent considerable money ensuring her vehicle would pass inspection laws and that it was in compliance with emission rules.” Nonetheless, the feds showed up at her door and took the vehicle.



  • Edward

    I’m confused. The article did not explain how a puny, potential source of pollution is a threat to homeland security.

    The next time my car does not pass a smog check, will DHS confiscate it, too?

  • joe

    While I deplore what the feds did here, there is more to this story, it appears that these vehicles were imported under suspicious circumstances, what happens is that an importer will try to fake the age of the vehicle by assigning an older vin to a newer vehicle to circumvent the 25 year rule,(25 years and older and it doesn’t have to meet emissions and safety criteria), these are newer vehicles and it is against the law. a certain importer got caught doing this and this is the fallout, here is an article from car and driver that helps clear this up Most people who are into a certain model or niche type vehicle are hip to this and understand the consequences of this questionable practice and will import a legit 25 year old vehicle and do a proper restoration on it, I know that others have gotten away with it, If it were my self, I do not find the risk acceptable, it seems like the lady in the article was not hip to this practice and has lost a sizable sum, she is without recourse. My personal view is that the manufacturers lobbied for this law to protect sales of new vehicles.

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