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The fifteen most popular search engines

Link here. Considering the increasingly fascist attitude of Google towards its employees and its users, I thought it worthwhile to provide this list of alternatives. I use Startpage, which isn’t listed because it is actually a slightly different version of Ixquick.

There is no reason to blindly and mindlessly depend on Google. There are many choices out there. Use your freedom and choose. It is our own personal responsibility to do so.

Pioneer cover

From the press release: From the moment he is handed a possibility of making the first alien contact, Saunders Maxwell decides he will do it, even if doing so takes him through hell and back.

Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

The vision that Zimmerman paints of vibrant human colonies on the Moon, Mars, the asteroids, and beyond, indomitably fighting the harsh lifeless environment of space to build new societies, captures perfectly the emerging space race we see today.

He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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  • Edward

    I didn’t know that WebCrawler still existed. That is the first web browser that I ever saw, way back in ’93 or ’94 (although I am not that old), when a colleague of mine showed me this new internet thing called The World Wide Web. It was supposed to be much better than FTP.

  • wayne

    Edward- good stuff.
    The home page of my ISP (circa 1998) consisted of search boxes for 10 different services. Alta Vista comes to mind as one that functioned fairly well on my dial-up connection.

    Google’s Entirely Far Left Leadership!
    -Louder With Crowder 8-8-17
    “Following Google’s viral debacle and the firing of James Damore’s “anti-woman manifesto”, we decided to do some digging to find out just how “diverse” Google’s leadership actually is! Hint: they’re all hard core liberal SJW activists.”

  • wayne

    I’d like to get into Search deeper from a purely user end perspective, but for right now I’d pivot back to the google “diversity” stuff, with a highly interesting podcast from Richard Epstein at Hoover:

  • Joe

    Switched my safari os to default to DuckDuckGo, will be experimenting with others, very tired of all of the diversity crud, you should succeed on merit, not your skin color or chromosones.

  • Brendan

    Duck duck go and StartPage are derivative browsers. Neither has their own search engine. They use google, bing, yahoo (and done others) but give you privacy when you search

    Ms bing is pretty good. I don’t think the leftist disease has infected them… much.

  • Brendan

    Some! Not done! Stupid autocorrect!

  • wayne

    Good point, ref- derivative search servives.

  • DougSpace

    I use Google News because it gives me a variety of news sources on each topic. But I find that the top results are highly biased towards the left with WaPo, HuffPo, and The Hill being listed far more than it seems that they should and their headlines highly biased against conservatives.

    Can you all suggest an alternate news aggregator?

  • DougSpace

    Both Bing and Yahoo record and suggest my previous search results on my iPhone. Is there a way of turning that off?

  • Bill

    I agree, start using a search other than Google. Another I use Google feature is maps. How about a list of alternative map sites, and don’t say bing, I refuse to use MS alternatives.

  • wayne

    It’s going to depend heavily on what you need from a mapping standpoint– personally, I access my State’s GIS database for “maps,” (in State). But that will not give you directions, total time/mileage, etc.
    I’d be interested in hearing HOW people use search; what sort of steps do people take, to search for something?

  • wayne

    For my fellow Michiganian’s–

    “State of Michigan GIS Open Data”

  • Brendan

    A majority of Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon employees surveyed also opposed Google’s decision by margins of 57-43, 56-44, and 54-46, respectively. Nearly two-thirds of Uber’s employees surveyed also opposed the choice to terminate Damore.

    Lyft, LinkedIn, and Apple, however, all favored Google’s decision by margins of 65-35, 53-47, and 51-49, respectively.

    I think that the MS and Amazon results are good news. Washington State is still relatively not crazed.

    I use the Brave browser with StartPage It uses google but scrubs my identity. But I’ll be using other browsers for non pc results. Google gives pc answers. Not wrong , but weirdly presented. The example I’ve seen is American Inventors. Tried in a Spanish google browser and us you get different results.

  • DougSpace: The important thing is to use many different news sources. I would suggest Free Republic,, and Drudge as three good conservative alternatives.

  • DougSpace

    Thanks Bob. I wish that there was an aggregator site that brought both sides of the debate together rather than having to bring together biased sites. I do routinely view Drudge as he has links that are interesting and no one else seems to know about.

    Question: What should be the top-line objective of good journalism apart from maximizing revenue?

  • wodun


    I recommend Instapundit for a good libertarian(ish) pov. It is run by a law professor with a handful of contributors. Usually low on commentary and high on links, addictive!

    Philip DeFranco on YouTube also does a daily rundown of the day’s news and controversies. His stated goal is to explore all sides of an issue.

    Good journalism should just be honest. Everyone has their own biases, don’t hide them. And just be ethical in reporting. Simple concept but our current journalist class is a massive sinkhole of dishonesty and lack of ethics.

  • wayne

    Not my specific bailiwick, but historically in the United States [newspapers being the dominant medium] our Media was always partisan, but they didn’t lie about it or pretend otherwise. (Political affiliation was even in the Titles of most newspapers.)
    My understanding is the whole “journalism as neutral player’s” thing’, (and “journalism as a Profession”) was an outgrowth of Progressive thought transferred to “news and information.” And the more overly educated “journalists” have become, they less they apparently know about a whole lot of things.

    The transition from physical-print to on-line digital distribution, totally up-ended their advertising Models, and is a huge issue unto itself. For that I have no easy answer.
    — My personal preference is that Reputational-attributes drive and self-correct “journalist.” Present facts in a logical order, don’t editorialize unless it’s an opinion piece, etc.

    I would like to hear what Mr. Z thinks, ( and especially as it relates to Colonial America and our heritage.)

  • wodun

    Not my specific bailiwick, but historically in the United States [newspapers being the dominant medium] our Media was always partisan

    Journalists used to be regarded as the lowest of the low. It wasn’t until recently that they claimed they were a branch of government but unelected and unaccountable. Many think of themselves as a medieval priestly caste, unquestionable. But they are also very corrupt.

  • DougSpace: Wishing for an objective news source is a vain pointless effort. When the news made believe it was non-partisan (for most of the 20th century), it used that fake preening to successfully hide its leftist tendencies.

    I much prefer the situation today. I know the agenda of these sites, and can thus appraise the news they push intelligently. To make it work, however, you must make the extra effort to visit a wide range of sites, with different agendas. That way you get a wide perspective on the news, and can judge what is happening with some real understanding.

    The only sad part of this cultural change is that the most of the leftist sites (such as the New York Times) refuse to admit that they are partisan. The political culture would breath easier and be healthier if they finally did so. And it might actually improve their reputations (and their reporting), because it would show everyone that they are finally being honest with us, and themselves.

  • wayne

    wodun/Mr. Z.–
    Good, stuff!

  • wayne

    This has nothing to do with Search.
    -Often called the father of the pulp-magazine format, Frank Munsey (among others) brought inexpensive magazines to mass nationwide audiences at the start of the previous century.
    Where-upon the Ruling Elite declared it all junk and low-brow. Only their select newspapers & “slick” magazines were true Culture and enlightened (progressive) thinking
    Love him or hate him, and most everyone hated him apparently, if you read any of his newspapers you knew exactly which “side” they were on in any given city.

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