The first and second launch of the Space Launch System are likely to be delayed due to budget issues.

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The first and second launch of the Space Launch System are likely to be delayed due to budget issues.

“It’s very clear that we could have slips of a year or two,” said [deputy administrator Lori] Garver, referring to both the 2017 launch — which won’t have a crew — and the first planned flight of NASA astronauts aboard the SLS rocket in 2021.

Garver claims that it is insufficient funds for SLS that will cause the delays, despite getting $3 billion per year, or ten times the money the private commercial program is getting.

I’m on a hike today, but so any additional comments about this insanity will have to wait.



  • wade

    just see my Comments from nearly 2 years ago. then look at my comments from when the SLS was introduced. and then gag on my comments Recently

  • wade

    this bird Will Never Fly. its Design is to funnel money into Other Programs

  • wodun

    I think you mean funnel money from other programs. It is going to suck up all the available money and cannibalize the budgets of other NASA efforts :(

  • Pzatchok

    The more I look at this whole launch system they have envisioned the more I am starting to think it not exactly for what they say it is.

    What military payload would this system allow to be launched that isn’t already being sent to space?

    Any word on if something is in the works that will need launched in the time frame they are talking about? Something big and heavy like some super spy satellite system.

  • Pzatchok

    The initial Block 1 version of the SLS is designed to lift over 154 thousand pounds into orbit.

    The COIL system on the Boeing YAL-1 only weighed in at 40 thousand pounds and had enough fuel for 20 shots or high powered laser shots.

    The SLS could carry something just like the COIL and have enough extra lift capacity for maybe 60 rounds or shots instead of the 20 originally carried on the plane.

    At 50 or 60 rounds it would make a viable space based anti missile system. They would need less than 10 to cover 90% of the Earth. Well at least it would cover the areas that a viable launch would come from.

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