The first commercial supersonic business jet?

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The first commercial supersonic business jet?



  • joe

    The number of people that could afford this aircraft could be counted on one hand, furthermore, initial cost of said aircraft is but a fraction of overall costs of such a machine, fuel costs and maintenance issues far exceed initial purchase price, Is this cool, yes! will most mortals ever get a ride in something like this, No!

  • wade

    when i was young , the SST flew supersonic a few times but was then restricted to Offshore flights Only. why do people try and rewrite history ?

  • mpthompson

    The renderings look rather cartoonish. I’ll believe it when they have a prototype flying that represents actual tradeoffs between fantasy and reality.

  • I agree. The reason I put a question mark in the post is because I am very skeptical. Not only does the whole project appear sketchy, they have serious legal obstacles with the sonic boom restrictions that exist for flights over the U.S.

    Nonetheless, there is a real market here that they are trying to tap into, which is why I thought the story worth posting. The corporate aviation charter market is growing partly because it can be cost effective to hire charters. It can also provide faster transportation while avoiding the abuses of the TSA.

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